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Oct 17, 2022

Mars to Trump's Prez Bid New Moon

by Jude Cowell

Dear Reader: In view of current events, and with planet Mars in Gemini at perigee (close to Earth) until March 2023, I thought you and I should check out warrior planet Mars in relation to its position in the Trump Prez Bid Horoscope of June 16, 2015 since Mars conjoined the 2015 New Moon on the morning of Trump's downward escalator ride in Trump Tower and his disturbing announcement replete with bigoted insults which set the tone for what became his regime. As you know, Trump was born with Mars rising along with royal Regulus, a star that cautions against taking revenge, plus, his 10th house trio of Uranus-NN-Sun are nearby the Prez Bid New Moon of 2015. Since that morning, these cosmic conditions have worried me on behalf of my country. The following post is a result:

Search for significant events occurring in June 2022 and you'll find a variety from monkeypox outbreaks to vaccines, to the G-7 Summit held in Schloss Elmau, Germany (as in 2015) from June 26 to June 28, 2022 when support was pledged for Ukraine. Astrologically, on June 28, 2022, transit Neptune, slow-mover that it is, stationed retrograde @25Pis26:36, pausing upon the Mercury-Pluto midpoint in Trump's 'Prez Bid' New Moon Horoscope of June 16, 2015 (shown, below).

Therefore, because the orange blighter won't hush up about his loss of the 2020 Election and acts as if he'll run in 2024 (for fund-raising purposes), I'm asking you, dear reader, to consider the rounded-up Sabian Symbol (26Pisces) of lumbering Neptune's station back on June 28th: "A New Moon That Divides Its Influences." Is that similar to the at-best divided loyalty of a US president who thinks more of foreign autocrats than he does the leaders and officials of his own country? He makes it easy to think so.

26Pisces: negative expression: "a completely disruptive vacillation" (M.E. Jones). Well, chaos-creator Trump is nothing if not disruptive. In fact, his vanity basks in it!

So here are the potentials of the midpoint picture formed by transit Neptune June 28, 2022 in relation to Trump's initial step into presidential politics (his golden escalator ride and announcement) with its Mercury-Pluto flavors of cruel words and possibilities of: 'intelligence activities; political talk that offers abrupt changes to some functions; orbital weapons or toxic gases; secrets concerning business or transportation; communications between intelligence gathering agencies; self-destructive impulses in business; road breakdowns (M. Munkasey); R. Ebertin adds: 'a demagogue or plagiarist; the art of persuasion; fraudulent misrepresentation in speaking or writing; a convincing speaker; slyness, cunning, craftiness; hastiness; impatience; irritability; overtaxing one's strength'. Then Noel Tyl chimes in with a rousing, "Overdoing issues drains energy and wears out one's welcome." Sounds like a Trump rally a la 2022 to me. And it's become next to impossible to even read a post about him, hasn't it? Same goes for typing about him!

Prez Bid New Moon June 16, 2015 @25Gem07 = Mars

Meanwhile, in his book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac (#ad), Adriano Carelli doesn't round-up degrees so it's 25Gemini ("A Man Holding An Open Book") to which he adds a very interesting example, "Here is the degree of the point of equidistance" (Sun-Moon) "of the coup-d'etat that overthrew the Fascist regime on July 25, 1943." How fabulous! I want a bunch of that overthrow energy for America circa 2022+! And for all other nations that demand freedom and independence from murderous dictators!

Anyway, above is a bi-wheel of demagogue Trump's prez bid New Moon (inner) and the October 30, 2022 Mars Station @25Gem36 (outer) with Mars conjunct not only Trump's prez bid New Moon ("that divides its influences") in chatty, duplicitous Gemini (@26Gemini: "A Man Trimming Palms" - he did! $50 per audience member!), but the October 30th Halloween-esque Mars station also hits the New Moon's Mars (24Gem35). Warrior planet Mars is perigee right now (close to Earth, heating things up) so it's siognificant that transit Mars returns to his 2015 degree three times (listed center of the bi-wheel: Oct 18, 2022, NOVEMBER 11, 2022, and Mar 13, 2023). Obviously, November 11th is a few days beyond Midterms 2022 but we know election results will extend for who-knows-how-long, and Trump's big mouth is certain to be involved.

Then if we take this significant Gemini New Moon (also conjunct the Discovery Degree of erratic Uranus 1781 - Trump's guiding planet of chaos) as if it's a solar eclipse (power which some lunations can muster) with aggressive Mars conjunct it, we have conditions of headstrong people with violent tendencies who can be prodded into misguided situations intended to settle issues despite any negative karmic indications - and rarely do they undertand the full significance or the ultimate consequences of their actions against society. The ones who do understand, know what they're doing - and they don't care.

In addition, we shouldn't forget a major influence that colored the entire year: the Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse that brought Trump's Prez Bid New Moon which fell into the 17 South Saros Series because 17 South, working through a POTUS-pretending Trump, sure eclipsed America, plus, 17S themes account for at least some of why one third of American voters could be so easily bamboozled by 'agent orange for president' and line up behind his misbegotten regime. For it was good news and success, even for bad actors.

And yes, we've discussed such topics before. Example: Year 2015: Our Trump Troubles Begin.

So as Midterms 2022 arrive in a few days with a Taurus Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus in tow, my hope is that these astro-notes on the 2015 Prez Bid New Moon might inspire a voter or two with Blue Tsunami leanings because it will take a landslide for democracy to vanquish the orange blighter and his cheating, fascist-leaning comrades.

So in closing, I'll say this: for years I've heard that what frightens politicians the most is the large population in the United States - so if that's true, we have the perfect tool that can cast out the anti-government types, the grifters, charletans, wackos, and bigots who work to undermine the US Constitution, often on behalf of foreign governments, while believing they can reverse time!

So let's Vote Blue to Save America in massive numbers! She is, after all, worth the effort.

Mar 7, 2019

Portrait of America 2019: "Two Men Playing Chess"

2019 America Is 243 years old = "3 Sagittarius"

by Jude Cowell

Last evening I played around with America in her 243rd year (2019) which, when translated into the 360-degree circle of the Zodiac (one degree = one year) brings our nation to 3 Sagittarius (243 degrees = 8 signs plus 3 degrees when counted from the Aries Point) because I was curious to see if the degree's Sabian Symbol held significance in relation to current events. Note that using the same method but counting from 13 Cancer, our nation's Sun (leadership) degree, gives 20 Scorpio, yet as it turns out, 3 Sag tells a descriptive 2019 tale of the moment.

Because today as I watched a few morning news shows, the phrase "playing chess" and the concept of a chess game came up more than once out of the mouths of political pundits and reporters (in relation to Mr. Trump, of course) so let's consider 3 Sag in the Sabian Symbols followed by Adriano Carelli's explanation of this degree.

First, Dane Rudhyar's interpretation for 3 Sag = "Two Men Playing Chess".

"Keynote: The transcendent ritualization of conflict" (yin vs yang, dark vs light) "ending in most cases with the checkmating of the king (the ego, the conscious self) a dualistic world such a conflict between forces is omnipresent. The chess game trains men to be more objective, more careful, more aware of whole situations--and less impulsive and intent upon side issues. {} it brings to the objective consciousness the basic realities in interpersonal INTERPLAY." This speaks of the "transmutation of man's natural aggressiveness under most conditions of existence."

In the Jones version for 3 Sag the word picture is the same; here are its positive and negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc) expressions:

"Positive: high sensitiveness to every possibility of accomplishment or broadened self-discovery.

Negative: unsuspected bigotry or foolish exactitude." (I'm not certain how "unsuspected" the bigotry is!)

Now I shall quote from Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac for 3 Sag which has no word picture (not all his degrees do) and perhaps you'll agree that this version of 3 Sag sounds much like the fellow currently under siege in the Oval Office:

"A self-contradictory character: on one hand gentle and sensitive, on the other mettlesome, combative and even aggressive. His sense of charity and altruism can lead him to the hardest sacrifices that border on absolute self-denial, yet there will be something mean in it. Psychic and sexual fecundity, love of family, home and work; an aptitude for arts, engineering and perhaps architecture, though the skill in planning to the least detail be transferred from the field of material buildings to one of feelings and induce a petty scheming and plotting mentality.

People may like, love, even adore, the native, but the concourse of other astrological factors will be needed for this."

For more details see An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar and
The Sabian Symbols in Astrology
by Marc Edmund Jones; also see Lynda Hill's more modern 360 Degrees of Wisdom.

Jun 23, 2018

Cohen, Trump, Pecker, and The National Enquirer

June 22, 2018: Multiple Topics Covered in Ari Melber's The Beat Segment

In case you missed it: check out the segment Avenatti: Trump's Problem Is Cohen Was an Evidence 'Hoarder' from Ari Melber's June 22, 2018 broadcast of The Beat in which The National Enquirer and Donald Trump's control of it figured into his 2016 campaign and his obsession with the health of Hillary Clinton. Or I should say, with Trump's obsession with promoting false assertions and gossip concerning Clinton's health.

As you know, Mr. Trump, a friend of the gossip rag's publisher David Pecker, provided 'Hillary' stories or read/approved them before they were published--quite a cozy arrangement for a political candidate. In fact, only two newspapers endorsed Trump and his run for the presidency--The National Enquirer and a KKK publication that promotes--what else?--white supremacy. And as Vox Media senior producer Liz Plank points out, in a way The Enquirer is 'fake news' because (its) stories were "fed by Trump or by Michael Cohen." So we might say that these co-conspirators were in cahoots in order to shove Trump into the White House. Now I get it!

Oh and here's some related news from a couple of days ago: Publisher David Pecker Subpoenaed in Michael Cohen Criminal Probe. Now his testimony should be interesting--although Mr. Pecker won't want to incriminate himself, one supposes. Yet if all this 'probing' is meant to show Trump as a 'kingpin' mobster fella and fake president, I suspect that many of us already knew it, no probing necessary.

Now another interesting topic in Ari's segment linked above is how Trump's former 'fixer' Michael Cohen has hooked up in some way with one of Trump's celebrity opponents, Tom Arnold, whose interviews are always weird and confusing due to his manner of speaking (similar to Trump's absurd style intended to confuse). Arnold is an interesting character astrologically and even his birth data is in question with two versions available for the curious. Both charts show him with a Sun Pisces-Moon Aquarius personality blend and nervous Mercury in very early Aries. Born on March 6, 1959 in Ottumwa, Iowa, a major difference is that one chart shows Jupiter @1Sag44 rising while the other has quirky Uranus @13Leo03 Rx rising. Jupiter is, of course, the actor or entertainer, while Uranus is...well, there's no telling with Mr. Erratic.

So once again, the square aspect between Donald Trump's natal Mercury (news) and Neptune (fake) shows its prominence in his psyche along with the descriptive analysis of Trump's Mercury degree (8 Cancer) by *Adriano Carelli. Here's an excerpt of a previously published quote along with a link to Carelli's full assessment of the degree of Donald Trump's natal Mercury, planet of various forms of communication including gossip and innuendo:

"...he is too cowardly to face people directly, and delights in publishing spicy gossip about them. He usually likes to entrench himself behind the responsibility of others and to hide the hand that flings the stone. A gazetteer more than a journalist, he might have success with the chronique scandaleux and, if the horoscope helps, he may lead a paper with success; otherwise he will stoop to publishing infamous defamation and anonymous letters." Read more...

Well, I have to say that if a tabloid such as The National Enquirer can't be described as a mere 'gazette', I don't know what can!

A Related Post: On Donald Trump as Clumsy Liar in which Mark Twain makes a cameo!

*8 Cancer from, 'The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac' by Adriano Carelli.

Apr 4, 2018

MLK Assassinated during LBJ's Jupiter Return

April 4, 2018: upon the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's death, here is a bi-wheel of two horoscopes. Center is a chart set for April 4, 1968 9:06 pm ET White House (timed via historical record) when President Johnson ('LBJ') addressed the nation on TV upon the evening of the Martin Luther King assassination. Outer is the natal horoscope of LBJ (August 27, 1908 6:20 am CST Johnson City, Texas) which shows his natal Jupiter @26Leo34 in process of a three-fer Jupiter Return and topping the Midheaven, the Goal Point, at the moment of his address to the nation. As you know, expansive Jupiter returns to natal degree approximately every 12 years and tends to bring rewards (see note in green, lower right).

Also added is the Carelli Degree for the Ascendant (the address itself): '16Scorpio' (Carelli does not round up) = "A knight of the Holy Grail" which suggests secret society involvement and those of a Venus worshiping persuasion. As you see on April 4, 1968, transit Venus in sacrificial Pisces was leading all the planets in a ruthless Locomotive pattern. LBJ's natal Uranus Rx @13Cap12 was his first planet to rise as he spoke tat night and was leader of his own Locomotive pattern--and opposed US natal Sun and goddess star Sirius (The Scorcher).

Both horoscopes--the 1968 address and LBJ's birth chart--occurred during Jupiter Hours and if you can read my notes penned on the charts you can see the dates of LBJ's Saturn Return 1967/1968 (another three-fer) and his Jupiter Return dates ranging from 1967 to 1968. Other chart notes are penned on as well and I hope you can read them. Violent measures and shocks (1968 Mars-Pluto = US natal Sun, the leader) are part of this picture but today I shall not expand upon such tragic themes committed against Dr. King, his family and associates, and against the American people other than to point you toward LBJ's 1968 address planets as transits to his natal horoscope.

Mar 8, 2018

Carelli's Degrees: the natal Mercury of Donald Trump

If you're familiar with Adriano Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac (AFA, 3rd printing 1982) you know that the rounding-up method used for Sabian Symbols is not used for Carelli's Degrees. Therefore, the natal 11th house Mercury of Donald Trump (8Can51) is read in Carelli's explanation of '8Cancer' for which he gives no word picture (symbol). Not all his degrees have such symbols but each degree has an explanation, empirically collected, and often with historical references.

Now as you know, Mr. Trump's natal Mercury, planet of thinking processes, communications, commerce, deals, trades, and trickery has only a square to his natal Neptune (5Libra, 2nd house of Money and Values) to depend on for moderation. As you also know, this square spotlights his pathological lying, incorrect assumptions, lack of discretion, and outright schemes to win the imaginary war he's internally fighting with the entire world. In my experience, Neptune doesn't tend to 'moderate' anything but does tend to dissolve and suggest overblown ideas and plans while undermining thinking processes and judgment, veils motives and actions, confuses issues, and attempts to deflect from the less savory characteristics a person holds. Of course, Neptunian inspiration isn't always negative but it isn't always positive either--motive always counts, such as getting oneself out of a jam via deceit and equivocation.

So let's turn to Adriano Carelli for insights into '8Cancer', the degree of Trump's natal Mercury and if any of the following sounds familiar then we're on the same page! I shall hereby quote in its entirety this Mercurial picture of the very Mercurial wheeler-dealer, Donald Trump, Uranian extraordinaire who brings chaos to whatever he touches while his Libran Jupiter shouts, it's not fair!:

"A lazy and sensuous being, much too prone to self-indulgence and wantonness. But he has horse sense and a mind cut out for life's rough-and-tumble existence and is not totally destitute of that cunning that often replaces intelligence in fools. A general tendency toward aberration and to illicit ties (in a woman this will mean easy seduction) will expose the native to the danger of adulteries or otherwise guilty intercourse threatening his married happiness and renown. As he knows no measure, not even in speaking or writing, he will be led to more or less serious indiscretions which, according to other pointers in the horoscope, may range from petty, mischievous gossip to veritable libel, from the dutiful might be sued for slander, not for abuse (unless other components give him courage enough to voice his opinions openly) as he is too cowardly to face people directly, and delights in publishing spicy gossip about them. He usually likes to entrench himself behind the responsibility of others and to hide the hand that flings the stone. A gazetteer more than a journalist, he might have success with the chronique scandaleux and, if the horoscope helps, he may lead a paper with success; otherwise he will stoop to publishing infamous defamation and anonymous letters.

EXAMPLES: James I, king of England (Sun's degree); Benito Mussolini (degree of the point of *equidistance)." * 'point of equidistance' is the Sun-Moon midpoint. jc

Now I have typed here and there since the 'election' of Donald Trump that I wish him to do well in the role because as POTUS goes, so goes our America. However, the above Mercurial explanation of Mr. Trump more than suggests that he is not in possession of the temperament or the higher ethics that the role of US president requires for best success. And since there are those who 'select' world leaders, as a Child of the Revolution I can only surmise that the undermining--no, the collapse--of America and the 'old order' of 1776 is their ultimate objective in selecting the lewd and wanton Donald J. Trump to be the man now stooping in the White House and befouling our nation by word and deed.

So am I partisan? Yes. Partisan for the common good!

Above NASA photo: planet Mercury

Jul 30, 2017

In the Realms of Jupiter: Anthony Scaramucci

Former Goldman-Sachs agent, investor, and financial empire builder Anthony Scaramucci was born on January 6, 1964 in Long Island New York so apparently he is quite comfortable languishing 'in the realms of Jupiter' since astrologically the planet of largess and expansion is able to play financial roles and now, political ones.

Toss in Jupiter's broadcasting function and we have ourselves a White House Director of Communications and an antic-prone thespian as well although we should note that Jupiter's religious roles are far beyond the scope of this post, applied to this particular Roman Catholic, or not.

We also shall not address here the recent rumor of Mrs. Scaramucci filing for divorce, the filing said to be inspired by her husband's naked ambition to work for the Trump White House. That Scaramucci 'deleted' his past tweets that were anti-Trump seems to support an about-face of his principles for the sake of money and public status so who could blame her for filing if the divorce rumor isn't 'fake news'?

For explanatory notes on this series of Jupiter profiles see Donald Trump: In the Realms of Jupiter.

Astrological Jupiter: January 6, 1964 Long Island, NY

Now Mr. Scaramucci was born when Jupiter was @11Ari17 and in aspect to multiple planets (noon horoscope, no birth time known) which modulate the straightforwardness of his Arien Jupiter. As you know, Mars-ruled Aries is known for many things such as: pioneering, a me-first attitude, impulsiveness, rashness and brashness, initiating but not finishing tasks, fighting in war or in the streets (or from behind a podium), wielding sharp instruments or weapons, and so on. With expansive Jupiter upping the tendencies of Aries we find vigor, magnanimity, and leadership but with potentials for moodiness, a lack of balance, and an urge to prematurely realize plans. Though it may not apply, this reminds me that Scaramucci won't be officially added to the White House payroll until mid-August although he's already been on-air and on-camera (yet laying low this weekend, it seems).

Aries Jupiter vs Libra Jupiter Across the Relationship Axis

The Jupiter of Anthony Scaramucci suggests that he relates to others as a Mars-ruled Aries (as does Donald Trump with Mars rising in royal Leo). Below are the aspects of Scaramucci's natal Jupiter in Aries with a potential opposition by natal Moon which ranged from 9Lib45 to 21Lib56 during the 24-hour period of January 6, 1964. Therefore, Scaramucci's Moon falls somewhere within Mr. Trump's natal Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio (5-18 degrees Libra)--a link between them, but not necessarily a stabilizing connection for the always fluctuating Moon. However, Jupiter in Aries tends toward hero worship, a tendency that would fit comfortably with a lunar (emotional) contact to Trump's trio which includes a strong Station Direct Jupiter @17Lib27 in the 2nd house of Money, Values, and Self-Worth. Note that Mr. Trump is in the midst of a Jupiter Return now with the third of three conjunctions coming up on August 4, 2017.

Anthony Scaramucci's Natal Jupiter Aspects

First, note that all of natal Jupiter's aspects are waning (separating) and thus, unconscious. The only applying aspect involving his natal Jupiter is a possible opposition from the Moon which perfects @11Lib17 at 2:53 am (00A00) so if he was born between 12:00 am and 2:53 am, a Moon-Jupiter opposition applies, otherwise it's waning until the end of the day when a 10-degree orb may be considered too wide to count as an opposition. Implications of a Moon-Jupiter opposition will be listed, below, for chances are, it is within orb.

1. Now his closest Jupiter aspect is actually a square to his Cancer-Capricorn Nodal axis (0S06) which suggests difficulty adjusting to traditional social institutions and disharmony toward current trends and policies of one's culture. As you know, the North Node relates to future direction, public encounters and publicity, and his curse words and other talk have already caused some amount of kerfuffle in those departments. With this square, popularity and public approval may not be quite as glorious as he wishes unless the necessary adjustments are successfully made.

2. Mercury square Jupiter (0S50) suggests many grandiose ideas that too impractical to implement. Wanting to hurriedly achieve great things, this square tends to promise more than it can deliver and though well meaning, a lack of perspective is evident along with mind and feelings being at cross purposes. This is the "fools rush in" aspect which may describe his recent job acquisition into the White House press room. Also denoted is bombast designed to impress others (you've noticed how he often mentions that he spoke to "the president of the United States"--so impressed with himself!), yet this Jupiter aspect suggests that he bites off more than he can chew and thus may not be qualified for the job--he isn't but he "loves" Donald Trump, a man he thinks will be loyal to him! With Mr. Scaramucci, indiscretion is a problem (just as with Trump's Mercury-Neptune square) so they share that unfortunate trait.

3. Jupiter quincunx (inconjunct) Uranus (1S25) also indicates impractical ideas and plans that are far-fetched; personal expectations are high but issues of spilling too much of what he knows supports the above mentioned tendency toward indiscretion. Naturally, such 'spilling' includes leaking to the wrong people, plus, there's his brash talk from the podium and in interviews in which he overreacts and attempts to impress. For best results, self-control is needed but we'll see how it goes.

4. Sun square Jupiter (4S07) is another 'bites off more than he can chew' aspect which leaves him desperately attempting to cope with the consequences as best he can. So determined to succeed he can 'taste it', this square from the expansive planet of relating to the goal-oriented solar orb of ego and pride describes a 'wheeler-dealer' who must be careful to become fully informed before he speaks. (Of course, with the tres impromptu Mr. Trump, this may be impossible.) Not afraid of a good fight, Mr. Scaramucci doesn't mind bending the truth if it helps achieve his (Trump's) objectives and a demand for loyalty may be, as with Trump, a part of his Sun-Jupiter square's expectations.

5. Moon opposite Jupiter (speculative; at noon 4S36) indicates one who appreciates the talents of others and seeks expert advice and reassurance in order to bolster his own sense of competence. Lacking discrimination, his comprehension of what events and situations 'really mean' is a challenge and he prefers to believe what is least painful. Generous and benevolent, Mr. Scaramucci may give more credit than is due to others who don't deserve it for he is susceptible to deception and may be easily misled. If indeed natal Moon in Libra is within orb of opposing Jupiter, direct confrontations with stronger characters who demand that their whims be indulged are best avoided, although I suspect that if not avoided, Trump-watchers can easily guess who will 'win' such a battle.

Now let's close with Adriano Carelli's symbol for Anthony Scaramucci's natal Jupiter degree of '12Aries' but with an additional note on the Sabian Symbol for '11Aries'..."The President of the Country":

An Eagle on Its Nest: It is a degree of "sacred selfishness" in a familiar or national sense. It gives a strong fatherly or motherly instinct, a high conception of one's standing as pater familias or mater familias, a keen sense of one's "I", of personal initiative, of the free individual property; and leads to the attendant danger of clashing against the established order in more or less collectivistic sense, or against the economics of the so-called modern democracies.

If this danger is not borne out by other threads in the astrologic pattern, the native's steady effort to rise higher and to improve his condition may bear honor and distinctions in the social and civic fields.

The native's rugged individualism may let his or her generous and lordly nature appear extravagant. (Example: Elizabeth Tudor, queen of England--Moon's degree).

For more details on Anthony Scaramucci (aka, The Mooch, but anciently, "the skirmisher") see the clownish Scaramouche, pictured, below). Plus, you won't want to miss Twilight Starsong's insightful analysis of the skirmisher.

Jul 28, 2017

In the Realms of Jupiter: Reince Priebus

First, here are a few astro-notes concerning the natal planets of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus which were posted to SO'W prior to RNC 2016 and its Capricorn Full Moon conjunct US natal Pluto if you care to take a peek.

And here are some explanatory details about this series of posts on the natal Jupiters of Mr. Trump and a few of his White House associates.

Of course, you've heard by now of the 'open war' between Priebus and Trump's new Communications Director Anthony 'The Mooch' Scaramucci over 'mystery' leakers lurking within the White House (one of whom is Donald Trump).

Eek! 5:22 pm edt UPDATE: a few minutes after this was posted, I saw a WaPo headline that Trump will replace Reince Priebus. We'll both want to check into that!

If you need it, ABC News has the Priebus-Scaramucci cat fight. Rraowwrr! And here you can view an accurately timed (RR: AA) natal chart for Reince Priebus showing a Scorpio Ascendant ruled by Mars, co-ruled by Pluto, and a Locomotive shape lead by powerful Pluto.

Now, while Priebus is still yoked to Trump, let's consider the natal Jupiter of Reince Priebus born March 18, 1972 in Dover, New Jersey. Natal Jupiter, the planet whose natal sign reveals how we relate to others, is at 6Cap13 and is unaspected--unless we choose to count Jupiter's waning square to Pluto (5S30) which we will consider, below. In earthy Saturn-ruled Capricorn (the authority) is usually uplifted and uplifting but may exhibit a certain lack of bouyancy. And since there are no major aspects to or from sociable Jupiter, its sign and position function quite purely although an 'ivory tower' tendency may be prominent and a detached or disconnected air noticed in his personality (Tierney).

Additionally, Priebus' natal Jupiter is not involved in any midpoint pictures which would have helped attach to some degree the planet and its relational abilities into his psyche via aspected planets. However, a hefty amount of idealism is a primary feature of an unaspected Jupiter and a certain 'far-awayness' aura may be noticed. Yet in Earth signs, Jupiter most often shows good judgment (well measured in Capricorn), reliability, and much interest and talent in financial realms--especially since his natal Jupiter is posited in his 2nd house of Earning Ability, Self-Worth, and Possessions. And although Jupiter rules his 2nd house (cusp 28Sag53), sign Capricorn and Jupiter itself are intercepted (Placidus) which tends to delay or interfere with the ease of the planet's functioning (as does ruler Saturn) and may denote karmic conditions from the past which haunt finances or other realms of Jupiter. These may be due to an ancestral situation or family myth, or perhaps from a natal tendency of his own.

Now if we wish to consider him as having a Jupiter-Pluto square (separating and thus unconscious, and half a degree beyond 5 degrees so not as strong an influence as it would be if closer) we may see Mr. Priebus as a wheeler-dealer engaged in large-scale projects and, being mired in Politics (that 'organized system of hatreds') and having lucrative financial involvements, perhaps he is just that. Expert astrologer Alan Oken gives this aspect as 'misuse of knowledge' and 'an often frustrating drive for power', and says it describes one who is 'rarely satisfied with their place in life and consistently trying to better themselves, often at the expense of others'. Oken labels Jupiter square Pluto as, The False Prophet but I must leave it to others who know Reince Priebus to determine how closely this may or may not describe the man. Whether such misuse of knowledge includes leaking information from the White House I cannot not know.

Natal Jupiter @7Capricorn

The Sabian Symbol for Jupiter at '7Capricorn' = "A Veiled Prophet of Power"...SUPREMACY; positive expression: unerring insight into the motives of men and a consequent gift for organizing their efforts along any given line of accomplishment (yes! as Chairman of the RNC--jc); negative/unconscious/shadow side: inability to distinguish true values from false. Oh my goodness, is Priebus as bad at distinguishing true from false as Donald Trump?!?

So perhaps we should consult the esoteric degrees of Adriano Carelli for '7Capricorn' to gain more insight...

The Sphinx. The whole of the sign Capricorn is a labyrinth, of which this degree especially stresses such scientific and engineering skill as to be really worhty of Daedalus, and drives to the utmost its defects of puzzling and selfish secretiveness.

A labyrinth: will the native be its maker or its victim? Or, like Daedalus, both at the same time? A Sphinx: is the riddle in the native's self, or waylaying him at a bend of the road he is to travel? And will the riddle be of material, intellectual or spiritual nature? Will there be political, or feminine, intrigue?

The Sphinx would rather not be asked questions. She is to ask them herself. As usual, the whole of the nativity will have t help formulate the answer.


Should the native be a man. and he be involved in political intrigue, there is sure to be a woman somewhere. The native may fly high or land in jail, may be exiled or die a tragic death. It is the end that counts. (My italics.)

As you know, in Greek Mythology, Daedalus built the labyrinth, and one of his sons was...Icarus.

Well, those are all the notes I have on the natal Jupiter of Reince Priebus for now but I want to add here a note about his natal asteroid, Icarus (whose wings melted when he flew too close to the Sun): the August 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse conjoins his natal Icarus @15AQ so more leaks may drip out or secrets may be inconveniently revealed, thanks to the Lunar Eclipse (followed by the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017), and it will be interesting to watch as the eclipses approach to see if Mr. Priebus holds onto his White House position, crashes and burns like Icarus...or simply manages to fly away.

Follow Reince Priebus @Reince

'7Cap' info from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; 'The Sphinx' details from The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli.

Oct 17, 2016

Oct 19, 2016: the 'Mars-Pluto Debate' of Clinton and Trump

Image: Walter Crane: The Fate of Persephone (1877);; {public domain}

As Election Day 2016 (November 8th) creeps up on us, one more 'debate' is set to take place Wednesday October 19, 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Nevada (9:00 pm edt). Astrologically, it would be easy to suggest that Mars represents Mr. Trump with his Mars rising along with royal Regulus in egoistic Leo while powerful Pluto represents power player Hillary Clinton who is supported by big banks including the transnational banking syndicate now strangling the world.

And perhaps on some level things are that simple though I hasten to add that Mr. Trump is under the sway, or perhaps thumb, of the foreign banks he has habitually borrowed millions of dollars from. So who can say which planet signifies which candidate? Do they alternate on various levels or at different times? Meanwhile, some folks could say that what amounts to a political scare tactic--the Trump campaign--is being performed for a wider purpose than for Trump to sell books and scam money. It has been to persuade voters toward Mrs. Clinton, a candidate who would have had to limp to Election Day 2016 were it not for the huge, abominable circus act put on by Mr. Trump since June 2015.

Now, dear reader, I don't know where you stand on such issues especially since Stars Over Washington (11 years old this very day!) seldom receives comments or queries on the topics and viewpoints published here. Therefore, the Mars-Pluto encounter shall be allowed to debate for itself on Wednesday evening as Mars, planet of aggression, quarrels, and desire (and still OOBs), conjoins creepy Pluto (aka, Hades, kidnapping god of The Underworld), the puppeteer planet of power grabs, secret manipulation, and the dragon that guards hidden wealth @16 Capricorn.

Plus, as you know, the combo of Mars-Pluto, the 'might makes right' duo, is forceful to the point of brutality, assaults and attacks, chaos, mayhem...and rape. Ask Pluto's victim Persephone about such caddish behavior if you require a refresher concerning the myth. Or maybe it will suffice if Mr. Trump tells us more about his magnetic attraction to beautiful women and how he inappropriately and lustfully reacts very much like Hades toward Persephone.

Additionally, the intense pair of Mars and Pluto prominent on October 19th (in the sign of government, law, and business, Capricorn--the 'old goat') may also indicate that war veterans and/or disabled people may be mentioned during the debate which to some of us, oddly enough, includes the unprepared draft dodger, Donald Trump himself. Perhaps his previous mocking of a disabled reporter at one of his rallies will come up. What a man child! Or, at least, he plays one on TV.

And yet this election remains a 'granny vs grampy' affair with an alleged Global Government fighter on one fist and a shill for the New World Order on the other. Not much of a choice, is it? But I believe this has been the global corporate plan all along--to ruin our election process for good--and if their secret 'trade' deals are shoved into place (as they soon will be due to our own apathy), 2016 will be the end of our democracy and the last US presidential election the American public will ever have to groan through as US sovereignty is tossed into the dust bin of history and corporatism finally takes over the US Government completely.

If this turns out to be the case, will it matter very much who's playing mouthpiece in the White House when America's Great Seal turns over? Maybe, but I know whose voice overly grates upon the ear to be withstood for four long years.

Now if you've already consulted the Sabian Symbol for the Mars-Pluto conjunction degree of 16 Capricorn, you know that it pertains to the "maintenance of a healthy society" (Rudhyar). Sounds good but let us also consult Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac:

16 Capricorn: "A man riding a reinless horse."

This degree and symbol, Carelli says, can produce "The Anointed One" and can indicate "faraway travels and independence." That's the positive side; the negative side points toward "sensuality" of a "carefree epicurean forgetful of the morrow," and "sportsmanship (that) will lead to horse racing.." other words, a reckless gambler which is how this particular Child of the Revolution must feel on behalf of our country if I should dare to vote for wrestling promoter Donald Trump.

And with that in mind, it seems that holding the last of the Clinton-Trump debates in risk-it-all Las Vegas suddenly makes some sort of perverted sense.

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Jul 21, 2016

Donald Trump: natal Moon and the Sapphire Star

Are you familiar with the Star Sapphire gem? Certainly you've seen the stone's 6-pointed star which appears when tilted in direct lighting. Actually, there's a fixed star in the heavens, Ras Alhague, that is sometimes called The Sapphire Star and it conjoins the natal Moon (21Sag12) of GOP nominee Donald Trump who is to deliver his acceptance speech tonight at the RNC (timed with a US Moon Return!) Naturally, a 6-pointed star evokes the recent controversy of Trump's anti-Hillary Twitter graphic featuring a red 6-pointed star of David (as some insisted it was) and a pile of money. Hillary's corruption was asserted.

As you know, the Clinton campaign labeled the graphic "blatantly anti-Semitic" but Trump's point was made, if retracted later.

Since Mr. Trump announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, many astrologers have emphasized his brash but entertaining Leo Mars rising with royal star Regulus on a 29th degree Ascendant--and rightly so (note that 'sun god' Apollo also rises in his chart and psyche). We hear this huge cosmic punch in his bombastic rhetoric and his apparently overflowing self-confidence that only consults itself when making decisions. He's his own best adviser and has 'never' made a mistake! And if Mr. Trump ever thinks of a sin he's committed, he'll speak to God about it, don't worry.

Yet when the reigning need (Tyl) shown by Trump's natal Moon is considered, a picture of inferior feelings comes into focus. Well, this is typical of human beings, isn't it? The more bragging a person does, the less self-esteem is hidden underneath, right? Mr. Trump constantly projects bad traits onto others ("disgusting!") in an attempt to deflect such criticism from himself, another habit many of us may commmit in our private if not public moments.

Plus, both political parties attempt to project and deflect all the time--always have. Remember when Trump said, "these are bad bad people"...stressing the 'bad bad'. This occurred during a March 2016 Trump rally, the one where police arrested protesters outside and pepper sprayed them. Perhaps he thinks that no one is allowed to disrupt when Trump is speaking with royal Regulus rising along with his aggressive Mars! The free speech of others must take a backseat when he's pontificating, of course.

So what's the cosmic condition of Mr. Trump's emotional, intuitive Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Ras Alhague, the sapphire star? First we note a Jupiterian influence through the sign of the Moon, something we may observe in the natal charts of some politicians--the mother told me I can be president when I grow up! expectation of grandeur (ex: George W. Bush). And for Donald Trump, mother was a strong influence (unconsciously) since his Moon is in natal 4th house, the Moon's natural realm (Cancer) of Home, Psychological Home, Family, Domestic Scene, and one's native land. With Moon in 4th, a picture of tribalism also comes to mind as well and his public expressions of love of home and family are heard frequently.

(Yes, dad affects his opposite house, the 10th house of Career and Public Status, in Gemini for he was born just before a Full Moon; also in 10th are quirky, disruptive Uranus @17Gem53 and the North Node of destiny @20Gem48--that's North Node of the Moon so he has a Moon-South Node conjunction opposite a Sun-North Node conjunction and must feel he's living a fated life as eclipse-born folk tend to do. That his Moon (mother) conjoins the Saturnian SN denotes some separation issues from the mother (Saturn = father) or the nuturing parent but Sun and Moon on the Nodal axis details would require a post of their own.)

Now you know that starry Ras Alhague (Alpha Ophiuchi) has links to healing and attempts to create balance but in the sky it's located in the Head of the Snake Charmer and has Saturnian, Neptunian, and negative Venusian qualities. You've probably heard him referred to as a 'snake oil salesman' by detractors!

Some influences of Ras Alhague when connected to planets or points, or on angles of a natal chart, are: a proneness to infections, epidemics, or toxins (especially when conjoining the Moon as it does for Mr. Trump), assaults by rabid animals, a tendency toward medical or hallucinatory drugs (probably medical only), and/or overindulgence with food and drink (Ebertin-Hoffmann). To this, Brady adds: teaching, wounding, and repairing that which is damaged. The snake symbol of The Healer (Caduceus) lies underneath the meaning of this star but astrologically we know that the healing energy can go from or toward Mr. Trump for he may be the one who needs healing.

He's certainly promising restoration and regeneration for America and the US economy!

Symbols of the Moon

As for symbols of his Moon degree, we can round-up to 22Sag or use the actual degree of his Moon (21Sag) which denotes a point of karmic confrontation. Let's consider the Sabian Symbols as given by Marc Edmund Jones and then add Adriano Carelli's degrees:

21Sag: "A Child and a Dog with Borrowed Eye Glasses" (the way Trump squints I've wondered if he needs glasses but is too vain to wear them in public!)...EXAMINATION; positive expression: an exceptional skill in the analysis of personal opportunity throughout the many dimensions of experience; negative/unconscious: distorted vision and self-defeating prejudice.

22Sag: "A Chinese Laundry"...SECLUSION; positive: an unusual gift for maintaining poise and self-perspective in every unfamiliar or alien situation; negative/unconscious: unnecessary acceptance of self-inferiority. There's much to say about this symbol since Mr. Trump has dealings with foreign countries like China, Russia, and Germany (huge Deustche Bank loans) and a potential implication of money laundering (perhaps drug trafficking via Ras Alhague? if so, he wouldn't be the first politician to profit from that, now would he?)

Now with excerpts from Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, things become really curious:

21Sag: "The six-pointed star, or David's seal"..."--picturing in the most dramatic way the endless dualism of matter against spirit." The degree "clearly attunes the contrasting forces of man's upper and lower being. Any balance may be dynamic or static..."; negatively, this influence "enhances the native's irresoluteness and renders him suspicious of all and everyone."

22Sag: "Two men engaged in a deadly fight..."Here is the perfect embodiment of stubborn and relentless dissension; should other aspects fail to soothe this inflluence, the native would be an unmitigated faultfinder. To listen to him, current public opinion is nonsense {}; the established order is unjust and absurd--nay, this is the worst possibly world {}: whatever idea is conceived by others can be but worthless trash, if for no other reason, because it crossed someone else's mind and must be condemned without trial. Here the native's spirit of wanton denial reaches the freakish height of its childish hideousness. At the bottom of all this there is an unavowed thirst for public applause {}...He will tirelessly throw stones at others, polemicize, heckle, and run down their works...he will be in for quarrels, brawls, squabbles, lawsuits for libel, well-deserved boxes on the ears and duels, which will be his daily task...{}...the politician."

Sound like anyone you know?

Well, I'm only passing along Carelli's words but you've probably heard pundits and comedians refer to punch-em-in-the-nose Donald Trump as a man child. And since emotional maturity or a lack of it can be investigated in a natal chart by studying the Moon's condition, this post is my attempt to do so. But I wish to add that yes, Mr. Trump does possess political talent (stationary Jupiter trine Uranus separating in his natal chart but applying to their trine now by progression) and he does wish to contribute to society (Moon inconjunct Saturn).

Yet it remains to be seen whether his emotions are steady enough (Mars rising) and his distorted thinking and tenuous relationship with facts (Mercury square Neptune) can be restrained and balanced by maturity so that a higher evolutionary road can be taken by this shrewd man who longs to crown his life by playing the archetypal role of plutocrat president just as his Solar Arc Pluto conjoins natal Jupiter @17Libra.


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Feb 6, 2015

"Right wing extremist " Tony Abbott - Max Igan video

Here's a brief discussion by Australia's Max Igan of right-wing extremist Tony Abbott who campaigned as a moderate, a typical political ploy:

Now whenever I hear a term like "right wing" it remind me of the Sabian Symbol for 24 Libra: "The Third Wing on the Right Side of a Butterfly." Viewing this video I am compelled to check '24 Libra' in Adriano Carelli's symbols and find that there is a word picture (not all Carelli degrees have word pictures but all have explanations) which is, "A satyr strikes a dragon with a stick." Carelli gives two examples of this picture: the Ascendant degree of Henry IV, king of France and Navarre, and "the bulk of the Moon's orb of King Louis XIII is in this degree."

Like all 'world leaders' staging the global government scam, Mr. Abbott seems mightily determined to show his draconian plutocratic side to the Australian people as he follows the globalist script but as for having a royal streak, perhaps his arrogance and sense of entitlement reveal an inherited tale.

Incidentally, you know that second US President John Adams and his kin are reputed to be descendants of the Dragon family bloodline, right? As were other of America's founders and the current crop of draconians.

For further reading concerning this 'royal' dynasty try: The Dragon Court (includes the Merovingians, 'new world order' information, and much more.)

Mar 18, 2014

Mar 30, 2014 New Moon @9Ari58

Looking at a horoscope set for Washington DC of the March 30, 2014 New Moon @9Ari58 we find the lunation of new beginnings squared by the Jupiter-Pluto opposition and about to conjoin, each in turn, quirky radical Uranus @12Ari19 (a critical degree). In the District of Columbia where I twice dwelled the New Moon falls in 9th house of Foreign Lands and perfects at 2:44:40 pm edt (using SolarFire Gold v8 software).

For this New Moon the 16 North November 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse @11Sco15 remains in effect with its 'inspiration, illumination of ideas' Uranus-Neptune vibes, and in the New Moon chart for DC affects the 4th house most closely.

Rising is 13Leo44 so we immediately know that the New Moon will affect President Obama whose natal Sun in Leo is rising. There is a YOD pattern of 'special task; crisis; turning point' dimensions formed between Pluto and Chiron which point toward the New Moon's Ascendant (in DC) and thus, to the president's natal Sun. Therefore, his goals in life, hero's journey, and ego are involved with the sextile (60 degr) of Pluto and Chiron at the YOD's base, and as you know, Pluto-Chiron is the Plutocracy pair of oppression, primal violence, racism, socialism, communism, etc.

A Pluto-Chiron sextile describes those with a finger on the public pulse and those who may act as spokesman for the community (R. Nolle, Chiron the New Planet in Your Horoscope). And we know President Obama has a way with words and that he speaks on behalf of unknown entities and backers at times--well, maybe all the time. Don't they all?

So Pluto-Chiron is a supporting factor in this rather plutocratic picture since the Jupiter-Pluto combination also may be described as Plutocracy--and is, by none other than Reinhold Ebertin. Naturally the fact that transiting Pluto continues to oppose US natal Sun (the president) is being highlighted since Mr. Obama's struggles with strong forces--whether the Federal Reserve, political opponents, and/or Russian dictators--is in the news constantly so I won't bore you by providing links in this post to such political tales--you and I both have been inundated by them every day since Barack Obama took office in January 2009 by sore-loser Republicans in particular.

So with the New Moon at 9Arie58, it seems a gander at what Adriano Carelli has to say about '10Aries' may be of interest. His symbol for this degree is: "Saint George slays the dragon." Mentioned in explanation are 'courage, successful ambition, reaching the highest standing', and 'an exceptional career'. Sounds presidential enough, yes? Also, Carelli adds a potential for 'clairvoyance' and 'prophecy' for '10Aries'.

Here's a peek at the famous tempera painting by Bernat Martorell of Saint George Killing the Dragon and the Wikipedia info has other famous depictions along with the images tale itself. Yet I doubt mention is made of 'the dragon' relating to the Nodal axis, with North Node being the head of the beast and South Node being its tail!

Jul 10, 2013

Symbols of US natal Jupiter and the Treaty of Versailles

Usually with America's natal Jupiter, I mention its descriptive Sabian Symbol ("Game Birds Feathering Their Nests") but today, while working furiously to complete a Stars Over Washington Report concerning America's Jupiter Return of July 22, 2013, I took a break and consulted the symbol for our national Jupiter's degree (6 Cancer) in Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac. Curiously, Carelli's explanation of '6Can' relates to money matters for when it comes to finances, our Jupiter in Cancer loves to do business, accrue interest, and invest for profit.

'6Can' = "Alcidiades, walking through Athens with his famous dog, whose 'most beautiful tail' he has cut."

Now I assume this refers to Alcibiades the beautiful, a contemporary of Socrates. Either way his name is spelled, his dog's tail was obviously more beautiful before it was cut.

Carelli goes on to explain that the symbol describes spendthrifts who have no practical sense, and those who are persuaded that "everything is due to" them. Vanity and extravagance are implied along with recklessness that brings ruin.

Sounds spot-on to me as I study the horoscope/s of America's last (and current until July 22, 2013) Jupiter Return, a three-fer full of the complex lead-up (and lies) to justify the initiation of reckless adventures abroad, plundering of national treasures, and the hopeless task of retaining territory as The West spreads across the globe in Jupiterian fashion. You'll recognize the overly expansive (and expensive) efforts of the Bush-Cheney regime by our three-fer Return dates: August 9, 2001, February 12, 2002, and March 15, 2002. The last two horoscopes contain a locomotive pattern with lead planet Pluto @17Sag+ conjunct Dick Cheney's natal Mars, if that tells you anything.

So what does '6Can' have to do with the Treaty of Versailles which marked the end of World War I? '6Can' is its signing's Sun degree on June 28, 1919. But in spite of all Jupiterian promises made at the time, the war-profiteering power elite internationalists didn't stop at one global war, did they?

Watch for the new US Jupiter Return 2013 Report, a PDF available soon for electronic delivery. Its release will be Tweeted and listed in this blog's sidebar (where you see our nation's Solar Return 2013 Report now) and contains the Return horoscope which is 'good for' the next twelve years concerning all types of Jupiterian matters. Thanks! jc

Jul 1, 2013

Astrology of the Trayvon Martin murder on Feb 26, 2012

On the Murder of Trayvon Martin, Teenaged Skittles Purchaser

by Jude Cowell

Update: evening of July 13, 2013, George Zimmerman is rewarded with a "not guilty" verdict; meanwhile the teen packing a pkg of Skittles remains dead.

Original post begins here:

Perhaps you can tell by this post's subtitle that imho, being stalked on a rainy evening by a man with a gun is a good enough reason to turn and 'stand your ground' against your stalker. With the ongoing trial of shootist (Mars) George Zimmerman in Florida, I bow to the many astrological analyses already available online.

One such is Daykeeper Journal which has an interesting analysis that includes a few asteroids and black holes (which I don't use myself never having time to make chart studies and subsequent blogging more complex though I much appreciate the facility of those who do use them.)

Wanting to publish a bit on the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin, I checked out the applicable horoscopes including Martin's (TM) natal planets (hour unknown) and that of self-styled community watchman, George Zimmerman, whose time of birth is as yet unknown as well. Therefore, I set up both their natal charts using the hour, minute, and second that a 911 call registered the shot that killed: February 26, 2012 @7:16:55 pm est Sanford, Florida.

Here you see my version of the horoscope of Trayvon Martin's murder with his and Zimmerman's natal details to follow. I shall add a few bits of information which may or may not appear elsewhere by other authors, and perhaps you'll click to enlarge the chart image for more notes:

February 26, 2012 7:16:22 pm est Sanford Florida; Hour of Jupiter in the 8th house of Death and Transformation--Jupiter trines the 4th house (Endings; Partings) Pluto @9Cap04 (the assassin) and their midpoint = the Sun @7Pis48 denoting successful use of extraordinary power--on that evening, a gun.

GZ's natal Mars conjoins the shooting's Part of Death @3Vir40 in 12th house; the karmic ('fated encounters') Vertex @13AQ30 is in 5th house of Children and Risk-Taking and sits upon the Pluto-MC midpoint with its potentials for 'a desire for importance, authority, fame; the likelihood of sudden ruin through the misuse of power; a tendency to create feelings of resistance and vindictiveness in others; and/or a crisis that precipitates a turn in one's destiny'. (Ebertin.)

Rising is Fixed Star Denebola (to go against society) along with America's natal Neptune--which places US natal Mars at MC and implicates our problematic Mars-Neptune square of misdirected motivation, misguided actions, and the 'fog of war'. And of course the Virgo-Pisces polarity signifies victim-savior archetypes.

Chart-ruler Mercury @23Pis19 conjunct Descendant can very easily represent Trayvon Martin (young person) and the planet's condition of no applying aspects signifies that his life ended--no further action can be taken by the victim. And of course, all the Pisces energy indicates illusions, pretense, and the evening's rainy conditions. As you see, shooter Mars Rx opposes Mercury and both 'meet' via midpoint at Midheaven (The Goal or Why? Point) so we have Mercury-Mars = MC: bravura; ready to win the fight; ready for action; determination; ability to retaliate in a proper manner (Ebertin.)

Another midpoint picture is of interest especially considering Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law which the Zimmerman trial should spotlight: Mercury-ASC = MC: taking one's stand (Tyl.) Yet with Mercury involved in this picture (and not shootist Mars) this hints that it was Trayvon Martin taking a stand--a stand against a "creepy" stalker.

Applicable to this tragedy may be Adriano Carelli's symbol for the Vertex degree (he doesn't use the rounding up method) and I shall close this post with it along with a mention of the Sun-Neptune pair in confused Pisces which snug about Wounded-Wounding Chiron @5Pis19, the exact position of President Obama's natal Chiron Rx (5:19 in his 1st house of Self.) Was Zimmerman on the lookout for Obama stand-ins?

'13AQ' = "An array of medieval knights; shields, doublets, and shabracks are showily trimmed with each warrior's own heraldry."

"Attachment to one's own interest and to the interest's of one's family and clan; combativeness in all fields, from literary polemic to real weapons. Fine manners and quick action.

All these features may sublime into the highest virtues--watchful and selfless daring, love of one's home and ancestry, human solidarity, noble pride--and may ebb into the correspondent vices--unscrupulous and reckless aggressiveness, a decayed gentry's pride and prejudice, a gangster's solidarity with crime, conventional formalism.

The native will have to be on the lookout if he is to avoid destiny's unexpected blows, and he will have to respect his neighbors if he wants to be respected himself."

(The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Carelli.)

Well! That last is great advice for everyone, including George Zimmerman.

Now here are the birth details and planets of the two main actors in this tragedy with a few notes added:

Travon Martin born Feb 5, 1995 (Sanford?) Florida; George Zimmerman born Oct 5, 1983 Manassas, Virginia.

TM: Sun 16AQ44, Moon 00Tau04 (a violent degree though his Moon could have been in Aries), Mercury 12AQ09 Rx, Venus 1Cap18, Mars 25Leo18 Rx, Jupiter 11Sag-5, Saturn 11Pis38, Uranus 27Cap34, Neptune 23Cap54, Pluto 00Sag24, Chiron 25Vir46 Rx, NN 9Sco21. At death, the Vertex @13AQ30 was between natal Sun and Mercury, his Jupiter Return was approaching, and Zimmerman's natal Mercury conjoined TM's natal Chiron.

GZ: Sun 12Lib08, Moon 5Lib17, Mercury 25Vir24, Venus 00Vir05 (conjunct Royal Star Regulus--'success if revenge is avoided'), Mars 3Vir41 (conjunct the shooting's Part of Death with a one-minute orb, see chart above), Jupiter 7Sag29, Saturn 4Sco14 (he's been involved in his Saturn Return off and on of late: accountability), Uranus 6Sag13, Neptune 26Sag40, Pluto 28Lib45 (conjoined by transit Saturn, a time when things can spiral out of one's control in situations that are too big to handle (ex: "Are you following him? We don't need you to do that"), and issues of power and authority fall under scrutiny), Chiron 2Gem32 Rx (another violent degree), and NN 18Gem13 which had just crossed the MC at 7:16:22 pm.

The George Zimmerman 2nd-degree murder trial opened on June 10, 2013 with jury selection and two days after the New Moon of June 8, 2013 @18Gem00, Mr. Zimmerman's natal North Node (NN) of meetings, encounters, destiny, and future direction.

Also I want to mention the shooting's Water-Earth (mud) Sun Pis-Moon Taurus blend which denotes those who strive for security--perfect for residents of a gated community--and who have a strongly subjective approach to life. This blend is shared natally by Henrik Ibsen who informed us that, "Castles in the air--they're so easy to take refuge in. So easy to build too." (The Master Builder.)

For me this describes Mr. Zimmerman's dreams of doing police work and of being a knight in shining armor--aka, a hero or a savior. And Ibsen's title makes me wonder if the castle-building Mr. Zimmerman was, perchance, a Freemason. But that's only in my imagination, right? And a post for another day...

7.1.13: Zimmerman Trial Update.

Feb 20, 2013

Horoscope: Mars = Aries Point Mar 12, 2013 (a YOD returns)

March 12, 2013: Mars to 00Aries00 denotes conflict and fanaticism

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you'd like a view of the horoscope of transit Mars to 'his' own Aries Point 00Ari00:00 on March 12, 2013 at 2:26 am edt in Washington DC. Mars = AP, a World Point of Manifestation and Prominence, also denotes testy activist and warrior Mars conjoining US natal IC (Homeland; Foundation; End of the Matter; The Drain) in our national 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.) This indicates fiery actions and, as it happens, rash action on the home front, and of course, we think of police departments applying for permits to use drones to spy and control the American people, and many other Mars-based activities such as protests, strikes, quarrels, fires, and military concerns.

Since March 20, 2013 heralds this year's Aries Ingress (Spring Equinox) when the Sun reaches 00Ari00:00, we may expect quite a Mars-infused season since it's not every March that Mars hits the Aries Point before or after the Sun which makes the AP a tender or sensitive spot in the Zodiac in March 2013.

The Sun-Mars duo of energies in Politics and Business relates to potentials for: military development as an extension of internal policy, hostile actions or challenges to authority which are subdued by guards or armed forces (prison riots? arresting protesters? tear gas or tasers?), a leader with a military background (Chuck Hagel?); then: extending aggression as the will of the people; military might developed to be used against others (build-up and deployment?), government or business authority that is linked to the armed forces (drones across America?), and/or violence against chosen leaders. (Munkasey.)

As you see, the difficult YOD pattern of special tasks and turning points from the Winter Solstice 2012 horoscope is back in force as of March 10th when Jupiter moved into orb again with the Saturn and Pluto inconjuncts. The YOD describes the ongoing conflicts and conditions of the end-of-year, manufactured 'fiscal cliff' embroilment in Washington which wasn't fully resolved and has resulted in the current March 1st 'sequester cuts' of which we speak. Some pundits say resolution of some sort will come around March 27th and there is a Full Moon on that date in the early morning but the Moon becomes V.O.C. at 2:14 pm edt so we'll see how their timing goes on Capitol Hill and if their deliberations 'flow' with the Moon's natural rhythm.

The YOD Pattern Forms Difficult Midpoint Pictures

Social fanaticism, quarrels, and sudden upsets are some of the midpoint pictures' potentials from the YOD configuration of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto--but when we include US natal Uranus (which is conjoined by Jupiter in December and into 2013) we find a disturbing picture: 'brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses' (Tyl) which I believe denotes the anarchy and austerity reforms now being attempted in Washington DC against our government and our people. If the 'sequester cuts' miss the military budget while cleaving out funds from our social safety net, we'll know the anarchists have finally won against FDR's and LBJ's social improvements--"regardless of (the) potential losses" suffered by We the People.)

Chart: Hour of evaluating Venus at a critical degree (17Pis), Sun 21Pis50 and Moon 27Pis18 are 5 degrees 28 minutes past their New Moon conjunction @21Pis24 ('22Pis' = "A Man Bringing the New Law Down from Sinai"--or, the karmic degree '21Pis' = "A Little White Lamb, a Child, and a Chinese Servant" (Jones, with my bold emphasis due to our topic.)

In The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli (who does not round up the degree) gives '21Pis' the symbol, "Nightly duel of two ancient crusaders" and says the degree gives a "warlike temperament"; Carelli adds, "My son, the cut was good, now think of the stitching," words of Catherine de Medici to her son Henry III after the murder of the *Duke of Guise--of course we are reminded of March 2013's sequester 'cuts' with which the GOP intends to throw the US economy back into recession thereby messing with President Obama's second term and preventing his plans from being realized. Obviously, 'crusader' is also a facet of astrological Mars.

Pluss, sex, guns, axes, knives and other weapons fall within the province of the Red Planet (even figurative ones used to cravenly slash budgets and starve small children) so you won't want to miss the instructive insights of expert astrologer John Townley in his article American Circus.

And here's a peek at the Spring Equinox 2013 horoscope set for DC with a few details added, if you haven't yet checked it out.


*In 1908, a film was made about The Assassination of the Duke of Guise.

Aug 16, 2012

Friday August 17 2012's New Moon @25Leo

Leo New Moon August 17, 2012 Culminates on August 31

by Jude Cowell

Are you ready for this Friday's New Moon? Today we are in the Balsamic phase between Sun and Moon, the 'Dark of the Moon' when secrets skulk in the shadows and things go bump in the you-know-what. Will more hidden information slink out of the shadows in campaign ads for President Obama and VP Biden and/or Mitt Romney and his VP pick, Paul Ryan? Yes, the whining is really underway and isn't it typical that bullies whine the loudest when the tables are turned on them?

Well, in Political Astrology, we may say that the August 17, 2012 New Moon @25Leo opposes US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) so there are potentials for relationship stand-offs and/or a sense of awareness for our week's end in America, plus a new cycle beginning--'seeds planted'--which New Moons always time and which culminate in a Full Moon two weeks later--this time on August 31, 2012 @8Pis34 (9:58 am edt.) This Full Moon and its degree concern me for it triggers America's natal Ceres (and our corn and other crops are already dried up from drought) which conjoins the US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint of Plutocracy, oppression, disenfranchisement, primal violence, and all the nasty -isms that intend to do harm to the masses while lifting up wealthy powermongers.

You'll note that the August 31 Full Moon manifests one day after RNC 2012 in Tampa, Florida closes (Aug 27--30), which this astrologer considers close enough to be a 'cosmic bookend' or culmination to the 2012 Republican Convention.

Or, since we're talking about the Moon which rules Water sign Cancer, perhaps at or around the New Moon it will begin to rain! Plus, in his The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli has a word picture for 25Leo:

"A man swimming in the waters of the sea." Let's both be alert to something mentioned in the news of that nature over the next day or so.

Now that's enough for today of that "organized system of hatreds" that is Politics (said Henry B. Adams.) My best recommendation for you concerning the August 17 New Moon in joyful Leo is to check out its portents graciously given by the insightful Dipali Desai, then proceed to enjoy your weekend seeded by the playful, dramatic energies of Leo the Lion!

Mar 8, 2012

March 2012: Plutocrats Beat War Drums

Warmongers and Symbols of Eagles and Apes

by Jude Cowell

Greetings All! Yes, I'm still busy with relocation, office set-up, and with what is hoped to be final tech glitches addressed this evening.

Meanwhile, much goes on in the nation and in Washington DC politics with Israeli war drums as an unwelcome background noise. Does anyone reading this post think that war with Iran is a good idea? Most of the non-psychotic people I know agree that war is seldom if ever an answer and only creates more problems and an abundance of misery, some of which will be due to 'blowback'.

Personally I assume that those who plan, trump up justifications, and execute hellish wars have little if any concern with blowback for it tends to most deeply affect innocent women, children, and the elderly who are disenfranchised, maimed, killed, or made homeless by such heinous actions of warmongers who entertain win-win mindsets and a win-at-any-cost Machiavellian directive from on high.

Now if you've read this blog before, you probably know which planetary duo I primarily associate with disenfranchisement, oppression, racism, other -isms including Capitalism and Communism, and primal violence: Pluto/Chiron. The duo met in Great Conjunction on December 30, 1999 upon America's natal Ascendant (our nation itself) @ 11 Sagittarius 23. Rounding up we have '12Sag':

"A Flag Turned into an Eagle that Crows"...


positive expression: successful self-establishment through genuine self-expression;

negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): idle prejudices and unsubstantiated claims. (Marc Edmund Jones.)

'Unsubstantiated claims' seems to be the order of the day for the US and for Israel--not that I trust Iranian politicians to be truthful about their nuclear intentions, of course. Still, when global plutocrats are determined to force a worldwide New World Order agenda, we see what is done to those whose dare stand in the way of their long-planned global domination plan--some say, 'The Great Plan', a devilishly totalitarian twist meant to ruinously divert the lives of decent folks everywhere.

Perhaps Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac can shed more light upon the Pluto/Chiron conjunction which ushered in the much-touted 'New Millennium' though I shall type for you the degree prior--'11Sag' since it closely applies to today's topic and because Carelli recommends use of the exact degree rather than the rounding-up method. Actually, both apply since earlier degrees give unconscious information on the subject at hand, as does the Illumination Point (opposite degree.) Not all of Carelli's degrees (360) provide a word picture (symbol) though all have explanations--this one is quite descriptive, and I quote :

"11Sag": "An Ape Riding a Wolf"...

This degree will favor a military and a political career. It confers all the virtues of a noble and fearless heart and all the vices of a sly, dissembling and unscrupulous mind. The native is glib enough to defend the noblest cause, resorting to the underhand tricks employed to bolster up a forged and exploded cause. Strong favorable aspects would strike off the craftiness, whereas concurrence of evil features may taint the nobility of the cause.

The native will win many friends and make many enemies; and in his life, after seeing him through many perils, may have a sudden end."

Makes me wonder who's the ape and who's the wolf in the current war-threat scenario!

Since creating Stars Over Washington in October 2005, blogging on dire topics has been something of a tension release for me as well as a way to express my own dissent when my government fails to take a higher road. And since we've now fallen into yet another ditch along the way (and I'm a 'Daughter of the Revolution'...'30Cancer'), I again find myself writing about the misguided idea of waging war--in tandem with Israel or alone--against Iran which would bring oppression against the good people of Iran whom I have always admired. (Not their government officials, but The People who desire to live in peace, just as the majority of Americans do.) The old Flower Power Generation idea of putting politicians, military generals, and the Ones Behind the Scenes Who Stir Up War (ex: global bankers who profit obscenely) into a Giant Ring and let them duke it out seems completely appropriate to the current situation for a peacenik like myself.

Such a Herculean battle would, for once, provide powerful Pluto/Chiron types what they deserve rather than visiting horror upon the innocent as natural resources and national treasures are looted and territory is added to the earthly--and thus temporary--dominion of the warmongers who betray and oppress humanity.


America's 'Sibly' natal horoscope used: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.

Jan 5, 2012

New Years Day 2012: dead body @ Queen Elizabeth's estate

New Year 2012 Murder in the UK: Who Will Question the Queen? by Jude Cowell On New Years Day 2012, mayhem was discovered--a woman's dead body turned up in the woodlands in or near the grounds of Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate where the royals partied over the weekend to welcome New Year 2012. Since hunting and horse-riding are favorite royal pursuits at Sandringham perhaps *Adriano Carelli's degree symbol for the Sun on January 1st--the Solar Return date for 2012 to the horoscope of modern UK's founding on Jan 1, 1801 12:00 am -1:00 (historical record) will apply as the UK's 211th birthday is imprinted by a mysterious (last I heard--perhaps more will come out) death of a female, as it's been reported (see article links, below.) Carelli gives what I believe is a quite-applicable symbol for '11 Capricorn', the rounded-up degree of the UK's natal Sun--and of the Sun's degree on the day the remains were found: "A king wearing the crown and seated on the throne receives an envelope from a messenger or an ambassador." "A minor feature of this influence is fondness for horsemanship," says Carelli, along with mention of secrecy, reserve, worldly wisdom, cunning, diplomacy and, "--if need be, double-dealing." Well, yes. Monarchy and Politics can be a lethal combo at times, can't it? Carelli adds that '11Cap' is the degree of equidistance (his Sun/Moon midpoint) of Lloyd George who was, among other things, Britain's senior representative in Paris at the Treaty of Versailles negotiations and signing. Queen Elizabeth II Comparing the natal and progressed charts of Queen Elizabeth II (as rep for the UK itself) with a horoscope set for Sandringham Norfolk, 12 am on January 1, 2012, there are astro-links galore all of which I do not have time to detail for you here. There are, however, indications of passion (Venus/Mars) on the scene (in the New Years Day 2012 chart) and unhealthy romantic attachments, or, deceiving or a deceptive woman (tr Venus opposite QEII's natal Neptune), no-win situations and people dropping in unannounced (tr Venus opposite her n Moon in partying Leo), and potentials for danger, disastrous encounters, disrupted gatherings (tr Mars opposite n Uranus) or even violence. (See QEII's natal Sun degree, just below.) And with tr Saturn opposing her natal Sun these days, any failure to live up to past promises comes back to haunt her now. And of course, these transits probably apply somewhere in her experience whether she knows about the mysterious body or not. Its discovery in proximity to the Royal Family's Sandringham estate may be only a coincidence. (Interestingly, the Queen's natal Sun 00Tau12 was recently conjoined by Jupiter's Direct Station on Dec 25, 2011 @ 00Tau22, with '00-1Tau' being 'degrees of violence', according to how aggressively Adolf Hitler acted every time his natal Sun at that degree was triggered during his salad days--'Hitler's trigger degree" which relates to actions based on ego concerns.) Yet the Queen's war time experiences may be all that is denoted by her having natal Sun in the 00-1 Tau range though we may wish to note her family's true origins in Germany (the 'Windsor' family name only goes back to 1917.) Applause Applause! Plus, Queen E's natal Moon--the reigning need, says Noel Tyl--is in Leo 12:07--indicating one born with a bottomless pit in the approval-applause-appreciation department, plus, as you know, royal Leo is the 'natural ruler' sign which is ruled by the Sun...ego. My guess is that all the royal pageantry in her life suits the lady's emotional needs as seen by how Elizabeth took to her sudden turn at rulership like a hungry duck on a junebug intent on satisfying its reigning need for sustenance. Surprising Surmising? Did an old love return to haunt one of the royals? Was the departed lady a guard or an agent on the castle's or the government's payroll? Or a messenger? (a la '11Cap' noted above.) Well, the January 1, 2012 chart set for Sandringham @ 12:00 am shows transit Moon in Taurus precisely opposite Elizabeth's natal Saturn in powerful Scorpio at Midheaven (Sco)--Saturn @ natal MC = a monarch. Will someone's authority, security, stability, or the status quo (Saturn) be challenged (opposition) by a woman, by The People, or by media curiosity (Moon = women; the populace; publicity) as the Moon reflects her natal and ruling Saturn posited at the very pinnacle (MC = Goal; Aspiration; Public Status; Career, across the 4/10 'security' axis. Her Nibs possesses an Angular Saturn expressing facets of mature authority--functioning authoritatively--on the world stage) as shown in her natal horoscope and issuing from her inner psyche and Saturn's gift of longevity has merited Queen Elizabeth II her celebratory Jubilee. That's due to the fact that she has never stinted on doing her duty though this much of Saturn's coldness may be difficult in personal relationships with children feeling the adult's icy personality most deeply in many cases. Year 2012 minus 12 years = Year 2000 Then there's royal Jupiter's recent station on Elizabeth's natal Sun spotlighting a time when one mustn't get carried away with one's own self importance and self-indulgence may be prominent (a New Years Eve party extraordinaire?); plus, Jupiter-to-natal- Sun marks a period when an endeavor begun twelve years before must either move forward expansively, or come to an end. Now two chart factors that 'pop out' at me in Elizabeth's Secondary Progressions is Sec ASC = Sec Saturn/Pluto: being placed in cumbersome or difficult circumstances (ex: a dead body turning up on one's property especially when one values one's privacy and security so very very much); separation; mourning and bereavement. Additionally, Sec ASC = Sec Venus/Mars (passion!): a lively expression of feelings. (Ebertin.) Let's hope that for the Royal Family and their possible involvement in this mysterious event, that someone's emotional 'expression' wasn't lively enough to cause another's sad bereavement. However the case may be, I am merely astrologizing here so how about a few early January links to The Guardian's more factual coverage of this remains in woodlands mystery? For a lighter diversion, let's start with Jan 1, 2012 as artist David Hockney to be awarded the Order of Merit--he who Once Upon a Time refused to paint Elizabeth II or to accept a knighthood; Jan 2: the Queen's "best diamonds" to go on display in honor of her 50-year jubilee--longer than Maggie Thatcher's reign who had natal Saturn--also in Scorpio--rising and conjunct Ronald Reagan's natal Jupiter in mid-Scorpio; Jan 3: Sandringham murder inquiry launched after body discovered; Jan 4: DNA being checked against that of missing women of foreign origins. So far, I have not found mention of how long the woman's remains were around and we'll see as the year proceeds whether this news will be only a blip on the screen of royal info control--or, if Britain's royal family members know absolutely nothing about the matter. Or some explanation in between. Oops! There is one more factor I shall note: a Sabian Symbol that is activated in the Queen's current Progressions: Sec ASC '27Gemini' = "A Gypsy Coming Out of the Forest Gazes at Far Cities"...or, perhaps gazing from the woodlands at a far castle? *Source: The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli.

May 9, 2011

Week of May 9, 2011: China to Washington DC

With China's counterpart officials to US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner visiting Washington DC this week for meetings, I've had a peek at the natal horoscope of China and the nation's current progressions.

Click to view China's 1949 national horoscope which I published in 2010 on the occasion of Mr. Geithner's visit there. Plus, here's a creaky old post from way back in April 2006 when China came to visit the Bush-Cheney White House and international property rights were in the news. But what they actually discussed in 2006 is anyone's guess. My guess: their topic was more on finances than not.

Y'all Come!

And of course, President Hu Jintao of China was just here in January 2011 to mull over financial 'frictions' under the rays of a 'revolutionary' crisis-degreed Full Moon.

Now you know of the planetary line-up in action-oriented, Mars-ruled Aries these last few weeks with Mars @ '29 Aries' (a crisis or critical degree) today which conjoins China's Secondary Progressed Moon now in the same degree which times China's visit across the seas (Moon) to the US for it takes a lot of martian energy for such a journey. Of course, we may expect frustration, anger, and possibly quarrels to be part of any Moon/Mars contact along with a need for protection from danger (of a US default?)

In the Sabian Symbols, Marc Edmund Jones gives '29Ari' as "A Celestial Choir Singing"...VENERATION.

positive expression: a gift for the effective articulation or manifestation of those eternal realities through which all people find themselves at one.

negative/unconscious/shadow side: self-deception and an acceptance of every fantasy which will flatter the ego. (Wonder who's trying to flatter whom? jc)

Isn't veneration of ancestors an important part of Chinese culture? I'm envisioning lighted lanterns floating across water.

In The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli gives the word picture for '29Ari' as: "A Heavy War Tank."

Today's Sun degree and China's Secondary Progressed ASC degree '19 Taurus' = "A Newly Formed Continent" (usually thought to represent America, of course)...ORIGINALITY.

pos: a revolutionary potentiality by which each individual is enabled to remodel the entire face of the universe. (Or to establish a one-world-government? jc)

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a genius for futile turmoil and persistent upset.

Carelli gives '19Tau' as: "A Maid of Dazzling Beauty Pouring Water from a Jug into a Pitcher" which echoes the sign of Aquarius, yes, but in this instance, it reminds me of mankind's old habit of robbing Peter to pay Paul, or, of transferring funds or making a payment. My guess is that the 'pitcher' belongs to China.

However, since Carelli recommends not rounding up in degrees, let's consider the word picture of today's Sun and China's Sec ASC for '18Tau' which may seem more apt considering the financial relationship between China and America these days and the links between Taurus the Bull and worldly greed for gold and wealth:

'18Tau' = "Two Furious Bulls Goring Each Other."

So we see described a dazzling beauty or two goring bulls going at one another: I'll let you be the decider on this one!


Also this week, the US Congress returns to the scene of their crimes: Capitol Hill. And here we go again.