Apr 6, 2009

Strange Space Hand reaches for Dying Star

Here I sit wondering if you've seen this
NASA photo of a strange 'space hand' reaching - or supporting - a dying star.

Pretty weird stuff! Of course, with the Chandra Nebula involved we think of Chandra Levy's sad end - and Pluto always plays the saboteur, spy, murderer, or assassin extremely well.

Now astrologically speaking on another level, if the 'strange hand' could be said to signify Pluto, what does the dying star represent? Let's see, what do we know is on the way out? What isn't?

So might this be a synchronistic image of Pluto's global underworld crime syndicate about to strangle - or goose - America and other nations now flailing in the throes?

Or is this a snapshot of the very core of life, represented by Pluto's deeply transformative powers of death and rebirth, caught on film in the act of reaching out to the struggling Earth herself?

What do you think the photo resembles?

Me, I'll settle for option number 2. Or a trick of the light.
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