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Apr 7, 2009

Pat Buchanan on the Fed's culpability

Pat Buchanan gives a little history lesson (including to Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman) on past financial crashes, FDR, Hoover, what worked and what didn't, and he suggests the necessity of killing the Monster from Jekyll Island, as the Fed is non-affectionately called.

Ah, the happy days of childhood spent on Jekyll Island! Little did I know then of the machinations of November 1910 when a secret railway car from New York made its way south under cover of night to keep the press and public unaware of the financial plans in the offing.

1/4 of the world's wealth at the time was represented by the financiers attending, and I'm looking at a horoscope for the New Moon of Dec 1, 1910...I'm calling it 'The Fed's New Moon' and using it to represent the entity's beginning...'end of Nov, 1910' just doesn't do it for this reluctant astrologer.

On Jekyll, Dec 1, 1910's New Moon perfected at 4:10:30 pm est at 8Sag49 (7th house); NN 19Tau15 is rising (ASC 19Tau32), and moneybags Jupiter is at 4Sco09 (6th house.) Servants were under strict instructions to keep things mum - and they did for years.

Saturn in 12th house is at 'Hitler's trigger' degree...00Tau34 Rx (the psychopath's natal Sun) although 1910 was years before Adolph's heyday. Chart-ruler Venus 10Sag07 is conjunct Antares ('ruthless and driven - avoid obsession for best results' - paraphrased from Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

And manipulative Pluto, the Monster? In 2nd house of Money and '28Gemini'...Sabian Symbol: "Through Bankruptcy, Society Gives To An Overburdened Individual The Opportunity To Begin Again" - LIBERATION FROM THE PAST (Rudhyar.)

So even if you see no links to then (the Fed'S meddling) and now (the Fed's meddling with bailouts and bankruptcies for Wall Street CEOs, big banks, insurance companies, mortgage lenders, etc), you do admit that 'bankruptcy' - then as now - is one of the tools for financial relief which may be a blessing or may be abused by corporations masquerading under US law as 'individuals.'

1910 and 2009: 99 years of secrets:

Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury A. P. Andrews got together on the sly at the Jekyll Island Club to discuss US monetary policy and the banking system, a meeting which many people say paved the way for the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of Dec 23, 1923...natal Sun 1Cap06 (at sunrise) with transiting Pluto in early Cap now giving the entity a desire for more power...we've heard Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and others say as much into congressional microphones.

But the Fed's natal Pluto 00Can06 Rx is now being opposed by tr Pluto - hence we see the gargantuan struggle between the world's manipulators for control of the ultimate power position.

Oh ritz rats! Let's linger longer on Jekyll Island, shall we?

It won't hurt and it might help as you view a lovely slideshow of Jekyll's Maritime Forest (with birdsong!) and other island spectacles from visitors' photo albums on my favorite of Jekyll's websites, Save Jekyll Island. You'll find that mentions of island politics are included but easily avoided, if you wish.

Yes, 65% of Jekyll is kept natural (counting picnic areas and parks) so if you get a chance to mosey south to one of Georgia's lovely barrier islands, keep Jekyll Island in mind - and no monsters are currently in residence that I know of!

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