May 27, 2009

Got blogging troubles of my own...

By a synchronistic 'accident' I ran across a Blogger Known Issue about some bloggers such as moi having trouble with IE giving 'operation aborted' messages, an annoyance that began here about a week ago.

Blogger's suggestion is that the Followers widget (what I term 'Favored Visitors' because they are) be moved lower in the sidebar. When my first try wasn't enough of a relocation, I moved it lower.

Then it occurred to me that the Moon of the Day widget/photo had caused problems before so why not remove it for now? So far things are working more smoothly.

Woo, I hope it lasts! And when Blogger gets their Followers conflict resolved we'll all be rollin' in green clover and it will sassily move up to where it was before!
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