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Apr 13, 2012

President's 2011 Solar Return chart 'disappears' from Blogger post

How odd that President Obama's 2011 Solar Return horoscope, his current one until August 4, 2012, has at this juncture mysteriously disappeared from its post here at Stars Over Washington. Only an exclamation point remains as of a few minutes ago when I discovered the blanked out space.

Was there something offensive or too revealing showing in the horoscope?

The natal Sun position was calculated based on Mr. Obama's birth certificate for August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii--but perhaps Blogger had other ideas? Or has a simple glitch occurred? Is this part of a 'Blogger Known Issues' situation that I don't know about?

Funny but the image of the president's Secondary Progressed chart for November 2011 (his Sec Full Moon conjunct Aries Point) within the same post remains intact and visible.

Hmmm....any ideas, dear reader?

May 27, 2011

Is this American justice in Arizona?

After trying several times to add to this blog's sidebar a link to a certain news story under the heading American Police State - and being prevented from doing so by Google's Blogger - I'm adding the article link here: AZ police kill US Marine in botched pot raid.

Wonder what the overlord's objection could be? The word 'pot'? Or the travesty of justice being violently perpetrated by Arizona law enforcement officers against an innocent citizen in his own home?

My sincere condolences go to the wife and small child of our nation's twice-serving in Iraq United States Marine. This you did not deserve.

btw: no 'pot' or other illegal substances were found in the family's home.

May 27, 2009

Got blogging troubles of my own...

By a synchronistic 'accident' I ran across a Blogger Known Issue about some bloggers such as moi having trouble with IE giving 'operation aborted' messages, an annoyance that began here about a week ago.

Blogger's suggestion is that the Followers widget (what I term 'Favored Visitors' because they are) be moved lower in the sidebar. When my first try wasn't enough of a relocation, I moved it lower.

Then it occurred to me that the Moon of the Day widget/photo had caused problems before so why not remove it for now? So far things are working more smoothly.

Woo, I hope it lasts! And when Blogger gets their Followers conflict resolved we'll all be rollin' in green clover and it will sassily move up to where it was before!