Apr 11, 2010

Sun eats Comet and Solar Winds blow April 2010

The following April 20, 2010 SpaceWeather Alert may be a day late and it's definitely a comet short:

Space Weather News for April 10, 2010

SUNGRAZING COMET: This morning, the sun had a comet for breakfast. The icy visitor from the outer solar system appeared with little warning on April 9th and plunged into the sun during the early hours of April 10th. One comet went in, none came out.

Visit SpaceWeather.com to see a death plunge movie from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

SOLAR WIND STORM: The first major solar wind storm of the new solar cycle has come to an end. The event, which stretched from April 4 to April 8, ignited auroras over both poles and many points in between. Highlights include Northern Lights over an active volcano in Iceland, green skies in Minnesota, and a kaleidoscopic display of Southern Lights over Antarctica.

Start browsing the updated aurora gallery.
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