May 25, 2010

US Air Force space plane X-37B sighted

Space Weather News for May 25, 2010

X-37B SIGHTINGS: Amateur satellite watchers have spotted a US Air Force space plane similar in appearance to NASA's space shuttle circling Earth in a heretofore secret orbit. Known as the "X-37B," it can be seen in the night sky shining about as brightly as the stars of the Big Dipper.

Flyby predictions and more information may be found @ SpaceWeather News.

Would you like to turn your iPhone into an X-37B tracker? There's an app for that: simpleflybys.

AURORA WATCH: A magnetic filament on the sun erupted yesterday (May 24), and the blast hurled a coronal mass ejection in the general direction of Earth. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras around May 27 when the advancing cloud is likely to deal a glancing blow to our planet's magnetic field.

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