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Feb 10, 2006

Astrological Facts on George + Propaganda

There are three personal name asteroids related to Mr Bush's natal chart.

They are asteroid, George, at 7-8 Aries, and asteroid, Georgia, at 6 Aries. The transiting North Node of the Moon has been pointing to them this year. NN, as you know, has a joining quality, and is the path or destiny in a chart. Seems the Universe has been pointing its wand at our George, such as he is. (Do ya think he's wandering about the White House at night talking to portraits yet?)

Also asteroid, Guernica, at 24 Aries, is conjunct Bush's natal Midheaven--the most visible point in any chart--the Aspirations/Public Status Point...the highest we may aim for.

Wonder if Picasso would be miffed?

2.10.06 4:53 pm est

And>>Bush's natal Ascendant degree "8Leo" (the man himself) has this Symbol:

"A bolshevik propagandist."

Did you know that? Here's Rudhyar's* interpretation:

"A Communist activist spreading his revolutionary ideals." Keynote: The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order.

>>>Hold onto your ethics seminar, 'cos here's the rest:

The old order is confronted by the youthful drive for a new way of life and a new sense of values. As the old order refuses to yield its prerogatives, this refusal polarizes violent revolutionary action.

The revolutionary may have beautiful dreams of a "classless" society free of greed and harsh struggles for survival, but the first practical result of his activity almost inevitably appears as "chaos."

Yet chaos is a state of being that calls for a new descent of the power to reorganize and differentiate. Alas, such a descent most often is still based on old concepts, and one witnesses a struggle for personal and dictatorial power.

Ideally it could show how the vision of a cosmic order might heal the potential conflict between an obsolete Establishment and its youthful challengers. But reality today presents a more cruel picture of CATABOLIC ACTION. #

So you see, the chaos and the polarization induced--no, increased--by the Bush administration are exactly what was planned all along, and is one of the reasons I said all along that the "cons vs libs" illusion is just that--a polarizing ploy used by globalists to get their agenda rammed down the world's throat, and to keep the sheeple busy.

Don't buy into it and do the world a big favor--stop playing that game--for it really is an "elite" vs the masses attack going on under our noses, and the New World Order is perking right along as per their plans.

Think "Pluto/Chiron"...Plutocracy, class warfare, and racism. And remember the Symbol for the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in the NWO Chart of 1993--POLITICAL POWER>>>"smug and strong-armed paternalism."

>>>Those born during the Balsamic phase of the Moon--just before the New Moon--are often prophetically inclined. And who do we know who was born during that phase? Why, George Orwell, of course. And just who was president in 1984?

2.11.06 12:44 pm est

*Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala

>>>There's a bit of info on the Nostradamus-named "King of Terror" Eclipse of 8.11.99 here, along with a drawing, Basonge Dance Mask of Kifwebe:

Aug 11, 1999 Eclipse

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