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Feb 12, 2006

Pepper Cheney's Collateral Damage

Who could resist a mention of VP Cheney's Shotgun Weekend from PR hell?

Poor Harry Whittington, victim of Cheney's undoubtedly bad mood from the prospect of being investigated for leaking national secrets (after Dick's previous chiding of others for supposedly doing same) seems to have paid the price for Someone's Bad Mood.

The VP's mask is definitely cracking, and the roaches are crawling out. And you know I was with Jon Stewart from the beginning, who early on called Cheney a "murderous cyborg" who "eats puppies." Yeah, and shoots lawyers when distracted by political woes, it seems. For all I know, he shoots them at will, if you will.

So just what IS the Bush administration coming to? A crossroads? A brick wall? An international criminal court? (I'm kiddin'--they've got that one sewn up already.)

Is Cheney's aim that bad, or did he hit the target? Does he have it in for attorneys who tell him what he doesn't want to hear, or is Whittington simply hapless around guns and VPs?

If the end is in the beginning--and it is, Republican denial aside--I suspect the Bush administration, which began under murky, contentious circumstances, will be ending much the same, if not worse...shotgun blasts notwithstanding.

Wonder if Dick enjoyed his quail stew supper? Somehow I doubt it, don't you?

2.13.06 6:50 pm est

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