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Feb 15, 2006

Update on Quails and Karma and Such

Since Cheney's life-threatening peppering incident won't be going away for some time, if ever, here is his natal chart with the Shooting (2.11.06 6:30 pm Armstrong Ranch, TX) surrounding.

You'll notice that the Asc/Desc and Mc/Ic axes are very near those of DC's natal chart, so it's a pretty slam-dunk situation as far as planetary placements are concerned...and an important time in the VP's life esp considering what he chose to do with it. (DC = Dick Cheney.)

With Mars, planet of conflict, violence, and quarrels directly over their heads, the hunting party members were expressing a Mars function perfectly, quarrels or no, because Mars also rules firearms. But with Mars at DC's natal Mc, and factoring in his Uranus nearby, a couple of midpoint pictures are then formed at 6:30 pm:

Mars/Ura = Mc: getting one's way; taking drastic measures; the sense of either/or; putting a gun to someone's head. (Well, in a sense he did, even if it was an accident.)

Ura/Mc = Mars: upping the tempo; temperamental drive for ego recognition; argumentative and challenging; rash action.

There are several other planetary placements we could discuss, but let's move on to the asteroids' archetypal contacts, which may be illuminating. (But remember the Sun was conj veiling Neptune at the Unmasking degree a few days ago--plus you see that DC's just before having a Venus Return in Capricorn, 5th house of Romance and Speculative Ventures. Venus in Cap indicates a stable or longterm relationship, but one which may be somewhat constricting.)

On the Nodal axis>>NN = the path forward, SN = where one's been (or the Unconscious past), Sigma (the scribe or writer) is conj SN--Cheney stated today that there were no press or pr staff with him--and opposite there are 3 asteroids at NN--

Diana, the Huntress = survival; self-protection, or where one expects absolute respect and obedience as if he/she were divine...and Diana is intolerant of "lesser types"...

Bacchus = the addiction syndrome, esp when related to the denial, substitution, or management of uncomfortable emotions; seeking ecstasy through direct experience or passion (Bacchus being the Roman version, Dionysus being the Greek--and this does have shades of Greek tragedy etched upon it)...and

Atlantis = abuse of power; where one feels doomed--Atlantis is 8+ degrees from meeting up with tr NN, but is on DC's natal 8th cusp to the degree...8th house = legacies, other peoples' money, credit, insurance, debt, sex, transformation, shared income including the control and investment of others' money, what you feel others deserve, investigation, power over others, the sharing of resources, the occult, the eliminating of nonessentials.

And asteroid, Nemesis, has just arisen in 12th house of hidden things...
Nemesis = conscience, tendency to attribute fault or blame, Achilles Heel.
Key phrase: source of blame.

And Nemesis is opposite the setting Sun...seems as if someone was blaming someone else...or each other. And firing, it was said, into the setting Sun. But it wasn't the Sun's fault. He just didn't call out as he approached. And they had to call off Sunday's hunt. It just wasn't seemly, if you will.

(I tend to think the Leo Moon in the behind-the-scenes 12th house represents DC's hunting partner, with Venus in Cap as Mrs C. You see Moon near Saturn, the boss, in the hidden 12th.)

Well, I wanted to ignore the 2 nasty Fixed Stars that are at conj Mc, and the other conjunct Mars. But I can't:

Capulus at Mc = intense male energy, sexual passsion, turbulence, strong feelings, "to lose one's head", focused, penetrating, and clear actions, or hastiness and ruthlessness. This hard-to-manage Star has an association with blindness...including blind jealousy, and with the eyesight of the hunter.

This Star has been very active of late, and is much-used in Middle Eastern Astrology. (They've been at it a lot longer than Westerners have, too...and btw--Capulus is quite near the Great Conj of Jupiter/Saturn of May 28, 2000, mentioned previously in relation to Dems + Repubs getting together...they are now at the waxing square--the crisis-in-action exact contact = June 22,'06, and last/3rd contact = Oct 25,'06.)

And, more bad news...sitting upon contentious Mars, there is fearsome Algol, one of the most powerful Stars in the sky--it's described in Arabia as "the head of the dragon" or "the devil's wife"...and in China, Algol's keywords are: "piled-up corpses."

Algol indicates a strong, consuming passion, may involve an unconscious compulsion for revenge, describes ruthless destruction if not well-handled, and its keywords are: intense female energy and passion.

One more Fixed Star is connected to Mercury (6:30 pm on this date is a Mercury-ruled hour, so Mercurial things hold sway such as messages, or communictions):

Deneb Adige = strong will; strong temper; or a willingness to become aware. (From the first moment I heard of this, I had a "someone was told news they didn't want to hear" feeling--and of course, we may never know the full truth.)

Now for a couple of midpoint pictures which formed at 6:30 pm:

Plu/Mc = Ura: impatience; nervousness; sudden changes; publicity; rewards; a sudden attainment of one's aims with irresistible force; restlessness; sudden occupational changes.

Sat/Ura = Mc: rebellion; provocation; separating oneself from others; breaking away from the old; recognition of one's thrust for individuality, or loss of self to the grip of controls.

Nep/Mc = NN: difficult relationships; peculiarities; sharing of bad intentions with others; bad company; unpleasant associations.

Well, there's more to say, esp since I have Mr Whittington's birth date (but no time, of course, and I must assume he was born somewhere in Texas--if you know where, please let me know!), yet I've had as much of this Gorgon's head as I care to fiddle with tonight.

As you see, it was a passionate time on the Ranchero that evening, and I hope all the above is unapplicable...for the sake of America, if not for the participants, who are, as are we all, the authors of their own fates.

jc Feb 15 2006 7:11 pm est

MORE>>2.16.06> 2:23 pm: Didn't mention yesterday that in the chart for Saturday, Mercury is in NODAL degree, signifying a karmic or fated situation.

And with Mercury conj Fixed Star, Deneb Adige ("strong will; strong temper") it seems that someone's temper may have gotten the best. (Chiron is also in Nodal degree...the "performer of a mystery play" degree.)

Being a Saturnian astrologer, when I use words like "karmic", I refer to unconscious and possibly neurotic behavior which was a useful defense when first developed, but no longer brings the hoped-for results. (As a Saturnian, I don't mess around with the "past life" stuff, but with heredity and genetics.)

So "karmic" is the reap-what-you-sow condition of our dualistic world...a natural law we're all subject to, and is described in the chart by, among other things, the South Node of the Moon (SN).

We tend to "fall back" on this behavior 'cos it's easy, and it often represents an inherited talent or ability.

And on one level, the Moon herself represents the Unconcious, our heredity, and our habits...and, as you know>>habits = character, which = karma!

As John Lithgow said in 'Buckaroo Bonzai': Character is what you are when you are in the dark!

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