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Oct 9, 2006

you know elections are near when

With North Korea giving George a Shout-Out with nuclear--or bogus nuclear--testing, and e-coli and botulism in the news bwo spinach, lettuce, and beef (and there'll be more) we're supposed to get our knickers in a wad about our food supply, and the "growing threat of a nightmarish nuclear future."

Now a turnip knows that worrying never brings the best outcome. And a Christian knows that our Creator is calling the shots and will be the Decider on the ending of things--not some psychopathic pervert in Washington or on the Korean Peninsular--or in Iran or China, for that matter.

Today, while driving in my car, I heard a little of the Neil Voort (sp? Or is it Boort?) Program--that flat tax guy) talking to the author of a new book on Islam and its true intent. Gist was: be afraid, be very afraid. Yeah, we know.

But do the words, 'convenient timing' mean anything to ya? How about November 7? Seems our enemies try to give Bush and the Rs reach-arounds, as Jon would say, when elections come up--like osama's tape prior to the last prez s-election.

Such a collective trance--can we break out of it? I'm not saying there arent't threats to our food supply, chem waste plants being blown up, or whatever.

But I'm saying once again: the time for lies and propaganda are actually OVER. It's time for clarity--not the Bush propaganda kind--the real kind. It's Saturn opposite Neptune--reality vs deception...and I know you're tired of this list, but here it is again:

Saturn opposite Neptune exact (partile) three times:

1. August 31, 2006
2. Feb 28, 2007
3. June 25, 2007

We're in the thick of this opposition now (an appr 36 year-cycle) well into 2007 with all sides barking their heads off to overmake their points for their team and confuse issues toward what they THINK is their advantage.

Their conjunction--the beginning of the cycle that's coming to fruition with the current opposition--was in March, 1989, at 11Capr55. (I know because I have a natal planet there.) Ah, yes, 1989.

2006: the constant flow of information into our heads is exhausting nore than enlightening much of the time, for a never-ending "did I just hear what I think they said?" vibe is making people out-of-sorts and crazy. So many people just shut down--which is part of the politicians' game, too, the better to make their secret deals and plan plan plan. Enslavement's on the menu, and the trussing continues until it's too late to struggle free. Is it too late now?

Only if the populace DOES NOT WAKE UP and see things for what they really are: the manipulation of propaganda with more control on the way. "Our way of life" truly is under seige--East vs West truly is the game, but these liars and crooks in Washington being able to stop the tide--now THAT's a crock from a crook. How fair is it that "our way of life" is under seige from Them, too?

If the West were as upright and aboveboard as we like to think we are, we'd stand a much better chance. And that is the basis, imho, of the feeling--intuition--that so many people express these days--that America is on the wrong track. We're not aboveboard, we're waterboarding with George Bush--and our enemies love his style just fine. It does, in their minds, justify their death-worshipping psychopathy as evidenced by our intrusion onto their holy sand in Iraq.

You can't negotiate with psychopaths, it's true. So what are we to do with the ones in Washington?

10.10.06 12:35 am


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