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Nov 12, 2006

Jim Webb

Here is the sunrise chart of Jim Webb, Senator-elect, born Feb 9, 1946, St. Joseph, Missouri.

Those who say he is a "maverick" are telling the truth, it seems, for there are several indications of such in his natal chart.

Rising we see Sun in Aquarius, sign of the water-bearer, although an Air sign of intellectual capacity. Webb's writing talent resides with an Aquarian Mercury, Venus nearby also in AQ, and Saturn in Cancer is conjunct Fixed Star, Castor: "to write or create."

Saturn is also conjunct Mars--a difficult placement often referred to as "driving with the brakes on", but which can give tremendous ability for hard work and a steely determination. Obviously this pairing would be helpful in a military career and courage in dangerous situations.

He'll need it as he approaches Capitol Hill in January--the suppressed anger of this conjunction may become more apparent as he settles in amongst the vipers.

Webb's writing is also shown by North Node (of the Moon--an associative point) being placed in Gemini, sign of writing and communication. He may be quite a talker...which is ok by me, if he'll just be saying something truthful, meaningful, common sensical and practical enough to implement.

Now the real indications of "maverickhood" are found in his Jupiter/Chiron conjunction--a "maverick with a superiority complex" (Barbara Hand Clow's book on Chiron), plus--Mars is out-of-bounds and Rx! Definitely outside the "normal" realm of actions, Mr. Webb is.

And Chiron is Rx, too--another significator of one who dances to his own tune.

Jupiter/Chiron conjs are attracted to other cultures and they to him--he speaks Vietnamese; there is a disturbing intensity to this pairing which makes it difficult for him to function within normal patterns--in a word, a maverick by several counts.

As far as Sun/Moon blend personality traits, Webb may have Moon in Taurus because the latest (midnight) position the Moon reached on Feb 9, 1946, was 4Gem50, earliest 20Tau44. Degree-wise, it looks like a Taurean Moon, yet as a prolific writer it is a distinct possibility the Moon was in Gemini at his birth.

I'll begin with a Taurean Moon, since he has that streak of stubborness with which Taurus the Bull always endows its natives--and we ALL have Taurus in our charts somewhere!

Of course, the Mars/Saturn conj indicates stubborness, too, so read both blends and see which applies iyho--in your humble opinion, if you please:

Sun AQ/Moon Tau: level-headed; humanitarian; self-indulgent; logical; tenacious; pragmatic intellect; capable and ambitious...this combo is an eccentric entrepreneur who's theme might be: security vs independence.

There is talent for making sense of individual human patterns and needs (he has Pallas, keywords: wisdom; strategy; patterning ability--conjunct South Node, a point which describes family inheritance) which helps in the push forward in a healthier direction (as in, "new direction for America"?)

This is a powerful blend of idealism + realism which is brought to any project or relationship, be it commercial, philanthropic, or artistic.

Images: The resident caretaker of a "New Age" community sips his Beaujolais as he systematically does the year's accounts...A country girl seeks a conventional life with an unconventional young man in the big city.

This blend belongs natally to E.G. Price, who said: Only by transcending the everyday, by seeing human life in larger terms, can the individual escape the slow strangulation of 'permanent errors.'

Now consider Sun AQ/Moon Gemini:

Iconoclastic; flexible yet stubborn; witty; philosophical yet flippant; communicative and progressive; restless, detached, unsentimental and emotionally naive; a charming "people person."

Outrageous, dead-pan quips are found with this blend, and there is a light, bright demeanor. A friendly and breezy air is often observed along with an unsentimental attitude...yet there is a strong social conscience much in evidence.

With sober committment added to quick-witted curiosity, a formidable talent for communicating radical ideas and sorting out other people's problems shines forth.

An easy-going reasonableness, clarity, and honesty inspire confidence, and give an ability to act as both a negotiator and a peacemaker. Lateral thinking, a way with words, and a sense of humor make sales, journalism (!), and public relations and advertising the natural arenas for such talents (and book sales?)

There's an attraction to "New Age" thinking (not NWO, I hope), and there's a constant moving on to the next new idea, message, and possibility (this could get books written, I imagine, as long as they're on the short side.)

There's a great interest in technology, esp computers (he has Uranus in Gemini, too) and with political ideas, there's a belief in the possibilities of changing the world and improving understanding between people.

Although a lover of the bustle of big cities, there is an appreciation of the country's soothing balm for the soul, esp including the songs of birds.

Images: A child in a balloon drifts over the city reporting back by portable phone on all below...A white blackbird charms the garden with its song.

Here are quotes from two men who share this particular Sun/Moon blend:

If I am to deal with life it must be in my own way for there is no escape from one's character. --Maurice Hewlett


The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately. --Thomas Paine, of course.

Iconoclastic maverick, writer, journalist with a friendly charm--is this the Jim Webb we're sending to the US Senate?

Well, this is just a little "know your newby Senator", and there's certainly more to write concerning this chart, but it's very very late...the sandman has arrived, in fact...

but there's this: from the fella himself.


note: enlarge chart to see a few of my chicken-scratch notes such as his Prenatal Eclipse Series.

Personality blends from: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey, happily available to you at


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