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Nov 10, 2006

Washington as shining example

Now that the Republicans have made their public (stage) bows and kowtows to The People's Will, it's time for an example to be shown to the "democracy" in Iraq which they were so determined to ill-advisedly force upon a sovereign nation for whatever reasons stated and unstated, lied about, kept hidden, poorly justified, "exported" or propagandized.

Your reach across "the aisle," representatives OF The People, will be reaching around the world to be seen and remarked upon in Baghdad and elsewhere, for all your lofty rhetoric has come home to haunt you on the Hill--a Hill which once shone out around the globe before your perfidy and greed tarnished it to its current and unrecognizeable state.

After six years+--make that twelve l o n g years of your corruption and misdirected energies--you should either work together for the common good or leave the premises. Fix what you've broken, crumbums.

Lousy service is no longer required, and that goes for Dems and Indies as well.

So get your democracy game on--let's see if you can play, as well as talk, a good game. Your betters could do both--the ones who wrote the Constitution you disdain and the Bill of Rights you undermine.

So often I've referred to We-the-Sheeple, but it is you who should be sheepish, shamed, and embarrassed beyond bearing.

Saturday 11.11.06 is Veterans' Day: Bush said today that the battles in Iraq would be favorably compared by history to our WWII battles. He just won't give it up. He can't, under the ruse of supporting our troops who are currently and so courageously serving their country, thanks to his misadventures.

My heart aches for them and for their families, made more excruciating with the approach of another holiday.

But the only way history will look favorably at Bush's performance is if the rewrite continues apace with superb thrown in front of his sullied name.

Years ago, when I lived in my favorite city of Washington DC, Nixon and Watergate happened, and a ruined atmosphere wafted across the District. I can hardly imagine how rife and rank it must be now.



Bush family insider, Robert "Iran-Contra" Gates? You must be kidding.
Will be posting on him this weekend or asap. Also on the SO'W agenda: Rahm Emannuel, Barney Frank, Henry Waxman, Jim Webb, and more so stay tuned, m'peops...


Anonymous said...

Stunningly succint yet poetic and profound words to soothe a sullied Nation.

If ever Bush wanted to honor one single member of the American Military forces then he would never have sent them into harms way.

I agree, shame on our Nation and the perps who formed this bloody regime.

Thank you for spelling it out in plain, bold English.

Jude Cowell said...

Thank you, Jamie, your encouragemnet is much appreciated.

And so often I hold myself back!
Yet the day grows late for such self-editing, doesn't it?