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Jan 4, 2007

110th Congress swears, Bush reads diaries

W pushes envelope on U.S. spying from informs us that Bush signed new postal regulations on Dec 20--with Sun conjunct Pluto, natch--that gives him the "emergency" right to open and read any US envelope whether it holds fake anthrax spores or a Dear John letter.

That's why I'm hiding my diary asap in a very dark hidey-hole and suggest you do same. Oh--and a 'signing statement' was added as is his Orwellian custom.

12:00 pm est, Capitol Building today, the 110th is sworn in with 19Aries41...the Exaltation of the Sun degree--rising, and indications of change are sprinkled about the chart, the day, and thus the session.

Mercury, indicator of change is conj Mc and is focal point of Sun/Mc (the goal)) = Mercury: thinking about one's position in life. Mercury's changes in communications and in thinking are the goal and having Mercury in stable, serious Capricorn may help them keep noses to the grindstone (5-day work week reinstated!) in spite of all the sniping and undermining on tap from their opponents--from either party (2008 draws near.)

Sun in Capricorn, sign of law, authority, politics, and business is conj Mercury in 10th house--too close for comfort actually and may snuff out Mercury's plans.

There's an "attacks which weaken" flavor here too with Acumen rising with this Mc 10Cap57, so the hoped-for change of atmosphere in Washington may be short-lived at best and Bush's egocentric need to keep centerstage will be interfering as they go along...unless someone or something shuts his spigot off.

House and Senate do have an awfully big helping of pork'n'crow on their plate, don't they? How to out Bush'n'crew without exposing their own hindquarters...a balancing act if they ever was one.

Chart-ruler Mars is applying first to a helpful trine to Saturn 24Leo17 Rx in 5th house of Speculations and Risk-Taking, then Mars conjoins Pluto, planet of power, transformation, and, as mentioned above, Spying. Perhaps Bush' new postal powers will come under the microscope--otherwise and until then, no one's diary will be safe from your pet goat.

With moneybags Jupiter, the GOP's significator, in 8th house of Other People's Money, taxes, debt, insurance, credit, legacies, etc...supplying Bush the trillions for his war will be on the menu as it should be. He's bled our coffers dry.

And where the Moon? The people, the public, the populace? In 4th house of Domestic Scene on the Security axis (opposite Sun and Mercury--there was a Full Moon yesterday.)

Moon "28Cancer": "A modern Pocohontas"...COMPATIBILITY...

pos: a high skill in bringing older or neglected reality to the service of fresher and more vital self-fulfillment;

neg/shadow side: an inability to make personal adjustments and a stupid exaltation of conservatism.


The 'positive' sounds to me like what the people--and Dems say they--want, the 'negative' could describe Bush and the GOP. (The italics are my own, Sabian Symbol from Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

After all, prideful lion Bush is accustomed to roaring his deep displeasure when things aren't goin' his way.

And yet--this Moon is reflecting George Bush's natal Saturn--Mr.Bush being held accountable and responsible for his past actions by the American people.

Let's hope the Dem's control of Congress represents us as it has promised to do.


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