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Mar 28, 2007

jumpin' Testy Testosterone!

Can we snicker in the dire face of Testy Testosterone's freakiness?

Doubt it, but you may want to try at where Mr.A. Cat, our noble spy kitty once in service to his nation (and rumored to be retired from the agency) has induced me to type and publish his newest rhyme based on the latest episode of 24!

Today's news has been getting me down so I needed a small 'bout you?

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Anonymous said...

The underbelly of Washington Republican hegemony is meeting the harsh light of day at several congressional hearings and testimonies, yes, very discouraging to see, and pretty damn remarkable, as well. And what is being revealed is close to what we suspected: greed, plain old personal and thug-run corporate greed, along with a vastly overweaning greed for power, uber alles, devoid of ethical compassion for all their greed destroys. Lancing their lies leaves the lies shattered, never to be repaired, cleared for a new, sound foundation.

We are observing impeachment in all but name, as one blogger called it earlier this week. The current examinations and exhumations reveal the Bush house of cards falling, as they scramble to prop up their interlocking web of multiple deceits on all fronts. After all, impeachment is not removal, but a trial, and if convicted, followed by removal and other consequences. We are watching that in another form, if or until formal impeachment begins.

The power of Congress to hold hearings and to require testimony under oath is core to the brilliance and resilience of our dear constitution. The good guys are wielding the sharp tools of testimony, humor and shame . . . how refreshing.

Thrust into previously modulated media from the blogosphere is coming truth and more truth, uncovering the most stupendous hubris we've ever seen, way beyond even the ambitious conniving of Nixon as he destroyed Vietnam and Cambodia to prove he, too, was willing to gamble with the devil and the 'military solution.’

Our American chart shows that we can lead the world with our vision, with our Neptune in the 9th house, teaching with our ideals - expanding what is possible via wonder, imagination and consciousness. Or we can dupe the world, focus on celebrity culture and drugs and lose the great opportunity to help create healing for our species and the planet.

We live in the birthing of an era, bracketed by the paired eclipses of Venus and the Sun, first in June 2004 and then in December 2012, the birth contractions bringing a new world into being. And as Uranus comes to the manifesting waxing square with Pluto, seeds of change planted at their conjunction in 1964-67 come to blossom and fruit - big big change: Uranus in Aries shaking up Pluto in Capricorn - sounds like political upheaval and fresh beginnings to me. Though we know the crude powers-that-be will not go quietly, I am excited to be alive right now, to witness and glimpse the implementing of core shifts, which I think are aimed toward community and fairness.

Our minds are the frontier now. When we free our minds from corporate colonization, when we find inner quiet and knowing, when we sustain wonder, hope, and beauty in our hearts and our communities, and begin building our next worlds within our hearts, we all benefit. Cynicism can be a pernicious form of intellectual cancer, sidetracking our precious resources away from the creative restorative flow we need right now. When we practice envisioning and integrating the greater truths - what we seek for our children and their children - yet allow the exact details to follow, we benefit.

So, I go to my favorite blogs and read how the unveiling of greed has gone today, write my letters and applaud the many who persevere in the Congress and in so many other endeavors, as we speak truth to power. May we build the world where our children will know safety and trust. May we anchor our lives in the greater power of deep clarity and kindness. May we all benefit from our thoughts, our prayers, and our visions.