Dec 14, 2007

Shari'a banking near you

The August Review has a must read article on a part of the world economic meltdown which you may not hear about anywhere else: Global banks embrace Islam thus bringing Shari'a banking into the West.

Astrology is excellent at describing how opposites eventually switch places and poles shift. It's natural law as detailed in Scripture--the masculine and feminine of our dualistic world will come together in the herafter for they will have served their purpose on the earthly plane and will no longer have meaning.

It has been my understanding that that is why sexual orientation can't keep someone from Eternal Life--no sex in heaven! The merging there is of a higher caliber.

Of course this unveils the manipulative 79-virgins-await-you reward for murdering your brothers on earth as a fairytale and gives it a bit of a problem--meaninglessness.

So as East takes over West in a way it could never do otherwise, your local bank on the corner may begin eventually to tithe to what Washington says are our debit card a whole new definition.

Read the article for a lot more detail than I can possibly give you here as the New World Order steamrolls along.

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