Oct 11, 2008

A good Financial Astrology resource

Thanks to my association with Gather.com I have an astrology friend, Resti Santiago, who practices as a financial astrologer and authors a blog with a refreshing world view which may be of interest to you.

Based in the Philipines, Resti uses Financial Astrology to discuss economic topics such as gold, equity, oil, and the currency market.
Having just read his last several articles I may confidently recommend them to you.

On Oct 7 Resti wrote about the soaring demand for gold coins and how US and Canadian mints have run out. In fact, the US Mint has stopped their production and will not mint them through the rest of 2008. Resti provides useful links within each article for further reading.

Recent birthday boy (Sept 29), Austrian economist and anti-Keynesian, Ludwig Von Mises, is discussed as well along with Resti's valuable insights concerning America's Bailout scheme and its lack of 'bounce' with world markets.

(With transiting Jupiter still opposing US natal and Bush's natal Sun, as I've stated previously, no one is impressed with America's efforts for now.)

Von Mises is the one who informs us that, "Depression is the aftermath of credit expansion," which makes you wonder how Greenspan and Bernanke could have remained unaware of the fact. (Actually, lack of awareness of such common sense principles isn't their problem, imo.)

So if you've room for one more bee in your financial bonnet, please read Resti's analyses of WaMu's failure and Paulson's plan which is being affected by the current phase of Mercury Rx and by Murphy's Law - and find out, if you don't know already, what DGCX stands for.

Hint: the 'D' stands for one of the world's up-and-coming economic centers, Dubai.

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