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Mar 26, 2009

Robert Reich on Politics and the Top Tier

"During the last few years, politics has worked perversely: taxes on the wealthy have been cut, and so have programs directed at the poor. The reason isn't difficult to explain. Many Americans -- especially those who have been losing ground have given up on politics. As their incomes have shrunk,they've lost confidence that the "system" will work in their interest. That cynicism has generated a self-fulfilling prophecy. Politicians stop paying attention to people who don't vote, who don't work the phone banks or walk the precincts, who have opted out. And the political inattention seems to justify the cynicism.

Meanwhile, the top tier has experienced precisely the opposite -- a virtuous cycle in which campaign contributions have attracted the rapt attention of politicians, the attention has elicited even more money, which in turn has given the top tier even greater influence." Robert Reich - Former Secretary of Labor


The following is a small astrological snapshot of Mr. Reich:

Robert Reich (see his blog feed in sidebar) was born June 24, 1946, Scanton, PA - 12 days before George Bush. Therefore, he has the same Uranus-North Node conjunction in Gemini, the 'political reformers' pair (Ebertin.)

His natal Moon (reigning need) is in Aries or as late as 7Tau14 if born at midnight, with Sun in very early Cancer (conj US natal Venus.)

In politics, the emotionally volatile Moon in fiery Aries may say, 'I AM the people,' while Moon in Earthy Taurus is more laid back with an emotional need for financial security in order to feel emotional well-being (Bill Clinton has natal Moon in Taurus, one of the money signs.)

Since emotions are more stable in Taurus than in Aries, and because Reich works with finances, I vote for Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus for Mr. Reich's natal Sun-Moon personality blend.

The Images for Integration for the Can-Tau business and money oriented combo of shrewd perceptions are:

'A family photo album...A painter captures the taste and smell of a landscape...A flourishing family business.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

His closest applying aspect to natal Sun is a sextile (60 degr) to Mars which gives him a talent for purposeful action and a tendency toward micro-managing which may cause conflict. Yet he can surprise people with the swiftness and directness of his responses and I appreciate seeing him do this on TV's Sunday political shows.

I only wish he had time to update his blog more frequently!


DD said...

I have found that Robert Reich is one of the more transparent spokesperson for the NWO, what do you think?
Donna d

Anonymous said...

Robert Reich was my favorite Clinton team member and still excites me when I see him on TV. He is so consistently progressive while remaining grounded and centered. thanks for the birth data- how amazing the fact that he and Bush were born so close together.

Jude Cowell said...

Donna, transparent in a good way? ;p He has to be in on the game, doesn't he? No one is allowed to stay in town if they're not shilling for the nwo which they think is so cussedly inevitable.

Personally i believe in a Much Higher Power than some shriveled up megalomaniacs counting gold coins in a castle somewhere.

Clymela, RR did seem a good 'un during the Clinton adm, i noticed then. But i try not to favorite any of the nwo politicians who've sold us down river, yet Mr. Reich is difficult not to feel a little something for...not sure what...perhaps it's that he seems to speak more sensibly than most, which i appreciate.

And if he's game playing as the rest do, he hides it well. jc