Apr 14, 2009

NASA's STEREO looking for ancient planet remains near Earth

NASA's twin STEREO solar observatories are entering a mysterious region of space to search for an ancient planet that once orbited our Sun and which may have collided with Earth and formed our lovely Moon.

Now I admit to a deep preference for the Biblical account - that our Moon was created to give us a lantern during what would have been very dark nights without our Luna, but the article and probe's mission are very interesting all the same.

Even 'Lagrange points' (an astrological term as well) are part of STEREO's search.

In fact, the 'ancient planet collision forms Moon' scenario echoes what some astrologers have said for years concerning possibilities such as a 'missing moon' or a point such as a 'Dark Moon' and other mystery planet potentials. Plus, 'Dark Moon Lilith' and 'Dark Moon w'mat2' come to mind as well.

Scientists think that STEREO's search may turn up remains from what they're calling 'Theia,' a proto-planet whose remains are referred to as 'Theiasteroids.'

And you can help find Theiasteroids by scrutinizing photos from STEREO as they come in!

So check out the STEREO article for tantalizing possibilities.


No, I'd never heard of hypothetical planet 'Theia' when I rendered Thea identifying with her mask in 2007 for if I had, her name might have been spelled differently! (Please click past the adult content warning if you're age 17+.)

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