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Jun 29, 2009

Lee Hamilton the GOP's go-to guy: the October Surprise resurfaces

If you've so far managed to miss reading Robert Parry's recent Who to Trust on a Truth Commission? report, please find a few minutes to remedy your condition forthwith.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or pop open a bottle of whatever you like to pop open - this account details the Bush Sr-Reagan law-breakings from the 1980s and into the 90s with Iran, October Surprises, and Lee Hamilton as the GOP's favorite go-to guy for 'investigating' political scandals without ruffling a single important feather or changing the global and Washington power structures which even now think that they can get away with absolutely anything.

And as long as so very few people pay close attention to such reports as Mr. Parry's, things will remain as opaquely duplicitous and as heinously corrupt in the US government as they were yesterday, the day before, and the decade before that.

Discussed in the article is the Russian report on how Bush, William Casey, Reagan campaign staffers, and other Republicans, made secret deals with Iranian radicals to unseat a US president (Carter) which includes the often-alleged secret meeting in Paris, Oct 1980. Poppy Bush was there - let's ask him.

This report, requested from the Soviet government by Hamilton himself, but received in Washington - alas! - too late, goes completely against the mild conclusions of the October Surprise Task Force chaired by Mr. Hamilton, with its whitewash function a marvel of political cronyism and crime syndicate cover-up and, in my memory, matched only by Hamilton's stellar, stone-faced performance on the Warren Commission which was set up to obfuscate the truth about the JFK assassination. Of course, you may remember that back then, pardner Arlen Specter was hot on the trail of truth, too.

(Perhaps this is where I suggest using a pack of bloodhounds next time, fellas.)

So is Hamilton the GOP go-to guy? Well, he's had a lot of experience whitewashing their dirty hands and faces, I must give him that for his professional resume.

So if President Obama's CIA Director Leon Panetta continues to cite Lee Hamilton as the go-to guy for looking into Bush-Cheney administration crimes, we'll *know that Panetta is one of the establishment - the establishment of crooks that hide in plain sight in Washington DC, sporting their Tom Sawyer paint brushes and ready to astound us all with their less-than-half-hearted strivings to discover and reveal The Truth.


*Yes, we already know that Panetta is one of the establishment but sometimes my generous streak shines through in spite of all my disgust with Politics, that "organized system of hatreds." (partial quote from Henry B. Adams - and he should know.)

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