Jun 11, 2009

Opinion on the Denver Airport-2012-NWO video

After considering posting the following as a Comment under the Denver Airport-2012-NWO video (just below) I knew few would read it tucked there so I'm posting it here for better viewing/reading. It's from a long-time friend who thinks the video is a crock of nonsense - and I sincerely hope he's 100% correct!

"I hope you didn’t buy any of the stuff in that video. Christ, what a hodge podge of nonsense. I looked up the airport on Google Earth it is NOT shaped like a swastika….some of the ‘arms’ are pointed the wrong way. They kept talking about secret tunnels and then showing still photos of what were small, very crude tunnels with rr-type tracks…likely a 19th century mine.

And those other tunnels, the giant concrete ones…I have no idea where they were, but I somehow doubt they are under the Denver airport, if only because the perpetrators threw in those other tunnel pix, and not to mention that part about the buildings being “put underground because they had been built wrong and THEN had been put in the ground! Hello?

I don’t know anything about the murals…they seemed kind of “heavy” for an airport…but I really haven’t researched it.

And that “new world order” poster with the pix of George Bush (1 and 2) and a bunch of other people, including Queen Liz II and Pocahontas? I mean POCAHONTAS?

I think somebody had too much time on their hands, and very little intelligence." -TB

In July I will be meeting with a friend who frequently flies in and out of the Denver Airport and plan to ask her about the murals. If you're familiar with them, leave a comment and spill some info, if you please! -JC

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clymela said...

Thank you for this "comment" which so neatly blows away the breathless analysis of the airport on that video.