Jun 27, 2009

When Political Astrology posts go missing: Litvinenko

Because its Links List includes posts on the poisoning of Russian spy and defector Alexander Litvinenko (including some natal and mundane Astrology of the matter), I'm republishing SO'W's mysteriously invisible posts in an attempt to foil article-eating trolls and gremlins of any and all persuasions.

Pardon please, if many of the article links contained therein are no longer live for I've tried to rewrite these entries to reflect various sites discontinuing their articles' availability. As yet I've not been completely successful, but my astrological comments should still be available, even though these posts are otherwise invisible without such shouts-out as this.

And if you do want some Astrology concerning Litvinenko, be sure to check out Putin and the poisoned spy.

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jude cowell said...

1st/2nd Continental Congress members lists link now in Sidebar - jc