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Oct 10, 2009

Listen to 'Heaven' ~video~Brett Dennen

Just so the video is nearby when I want to hear Brett Dennen's Heaven, here it is for you with a photo slideshow. Mr. Dennen and his band were transcendent on The Late Show Friday evening with David Letterman spotlighting them.

Heavenly Voice

The singer sights emotional waters yet they are navigated successfully by an oar of a higher perspective than one usually encounters during daily or nightly rounds - with or without music.

So what a lovely surprise to discover Mr. Dennen's unique voice which fits the song Heaven like a harmonized round of He's Got the Whole World in His Hand.

He does, you know. The tension between Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (limitation) holds the planets in their courses every nano-second. This phenomenon is aka, Thy rod (Saturn) and Thy staff (Jupiter) they comfort me. In His Hands. The perfect balance to support life on our planet as we know it.

So please watch the video where you can listen to Mr. Dennen who has something honest to say about a core issue for us all. Give the tune a sampling (4 mins.) And if you know what I mean because you've heard Heaven before...then am I preaching to the choir?


clymela said...

So I just love you. Thank you so much and this goes onto the permanent list. I broke down in sobs so moved was I. My dear Steve was touched and amazed to see me in tears-I am one tough cookie-have to be with so much to be done and I am already 62.
Love and Light to you and to Brett Diamond and all of us Light Workers. Let us rest from time to time-this music has rested me this Sunday morning as I go into make bread for my family.

clymela said...

And I didn't even mention how really inspired and inspiring was your riff on Saturn and Jupiter. Were you raised a Jew? I "saw" something that I hadn't seen before when you pointed out "the rod and the staff". Wonderful encouragement to take this one day at a time,tending to the tasks at hand.

Jude Cowell said...

Clymela, so glad to hear the song means so much to you too and thanks for commenting!

Had typed in a rather lengthy reply but my isp keeps shutting me down..sensitive little a t and t.

Summing up: there exists a spiritual church of Christ not subject to man's laws (earthly laws are weighted toward those who make the laws so are always unbalanced.)

This is part of the final blow to America's much-touted view of hereself as being of a higher nature and 'mission' - the blow being our 'Justice Dept' - DOJ - pervertion into hollow hypocrisy, SCOTUS and those lower 'on the bench' as mere tools of special interests.

For years America strutted round bragging that she was blessed by way of prosperity (aka, profits, but as the song 'Heaven' points out, there are no banks in heaven and earthly possessions would be worthless in heaven. He says there is "no code" you have to know to get in, but I am compelled to add that there Is a Key.)

So now we're nearing the end of the first decade of the 'New Millennium' and America, in her hour of deprivation, restriction, and want, discovers that it is Now that she is blessed.

It is my belief that this message springs from 2009's Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune and their recent and future hook-ups with priestly Chiron, and the Head of the Dragon -- North Node (although NN is in Cap now headed toward Sag. A lot was published about the Jup/Nep/Chiron trio when they were closer (NN = publicity.)

And while i'm at it - 'leaders' who pretend to forget natural laws like "What goes around comes around" were busy making as much hay as possible (profits) while the sun shone. Now it's coem around and it's the piper's turn which means: the people pay, but not the true perpetrators - unless we strongly insist.

So! my hope is that Mr. Dennen
and his band's 'Heaven' -ly tune will become more viral each day so that people at least get a chance to be moved by it and its higher perspective. (Too many 'politics' are ghastly and fatiguing.)

And i think you agree with me that 'Heaven' might do each of their hearts a world of good if only their ears are open a peep to hear the very Good News!

Wishing Peace to you & yours, Clymela,


clymela said...

Yes!! there is a spiritual church of Christ: I know "Him' could br and often is 'HER',as the Beloved in my heart and mind to whom I turn over and over for solace, for shelter,for comfort, for celebration.
I know this in you which is why I have been following you all these years,literally years.
We need to understand what is going on and leading us astray and after that, YES,we need solace and encouragement and that is what I find in your words and thoughts and art and what was there yesterday when I played the song.
I don't understand why more astrologers are not drawn to you. I mean I loved you when I thought that Jude Cowell was a guy.