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Jan 30, 2010

US arms sales to Taiwan a Presidential misstep?

China will impose sanctions on the US and that's just for starters. Is President Obama 'misstepping' as they love to term their mistakes in Washington?

If so, he's really stepped in it this time.

Will such a large amount of weapons even fit on the island of Taiwan? Is the US-China relationship on thin ice already? Or is sparking Armageddon on all world leaders' to-do lists? ("I want to start it - no, me!") They seem psychotically insane, imho, and highly delusional about who will end what they arrogantly start.

Now I definitely don't wish to ignore the plight of the good Taiwanese people, but does anyone else think that Mr. Obama's arms sale to Taiwan is pure madness?

Yet with timing being everything, maybe the weapons sales are meant to make a point or provide a bargaining chip. Yeah, that must be it - diplomacy. Otherwise it seems that a serious psychological evaluation is needed pronto at the White House.

But never mind about the Pentagon - they went nuts when they went nuclear decades ago.


Anonymous said...

Obama is insane. Nothing he does makes any sense anymore.

1. Spend $600 Billion more on wealthcare to save money.
2. Bail banks out so banks don't need to lend and pay big bonuses.
3. who the fuck wants to spend $30,000. to hire someone in order to save $6,000 for one year?

We need to find another location for the white house since They all seem to become insane after living there.

Anon said...

Highly probable this proves to be a misstep, but in general what we can see is that Obama continues the policy of Bush Admin in foreign policy though making it in a more moderate way but **not at all** changing its goals...

And this is important to be noticed...

Jamie Funk said...

HI Jude, glad you picked up on this. Just started researching, the horoscope for the Republic of China (Taiwan) looks like a good one: 01 January 1912, Nanjing (Jiangsu) 00:00am. Hopefully I'll get around to blogging about it.

We have changed the url for our blog by taking of the subdomain /blog2

so here is the new details:

thanks for all your support, Marina and Jamie.

Jamie Funk said...

done it!