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Jul 15, 2010

Will Senate pass Financial Reform today w/ Moon in Virgo? 7.15.10

Update July 15, 2010 3:09 pm edt: Senate passes financial overhaul bill. Woot! I think...

Here's what the only Democrat to vote against the bill, Russ Feingold, said, in part:

"The reckless practices of Wall Street sent our economy reeling, triggered the worst recession since the Great Depression, and left millions of Americans to foot the bill. Despite these cataclysmic events, Washington once again caved to Wall Street on key issues and produced a bill that fails to protect the American people from the pain of another economic disaster. I will not support a bill that fails to adequately protect the people of Wisconsin from the recklessness of Wall Street."

Yeah. That's what I figured.

Original post begins here...Sun Cancer-Moon Virgo details apply...

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Senate Clears Financial Bill For Final Passage

The Senate voted 60-38 Thursday to end debate on the bill. That paved the way for Congress to send President Obama a crackdown on banks and Wall Street that in some ways is tougher than what he sought.

More at NPR.


July 15, 2010 Sun Cancer, Moon in Virgo, a Water-Earth blend that can result in mud, or in practical, down-to-earth action...yesterday's Leo Moon was showy. Today's caring if analytical Virgo Moon tends to get things done.

Sun Can-Moon Vir: clear-headed, conscious concern for others; social adaptability; imagination combines with efficiency; serves with both compassion and common sense.

Images for Integration: The 'perfect' mother...A health visitor weighs an infant with tender precision...A wine taster makes pointed comments, restrained accolades.

Noel Tyl says of this Sun-Moon blend, "Conventional and exacting ideals are set up to define what security is, especially in terms of family. Hard work and experience protect personal vulnerability and establish security."

Sounds like a better deal for US consumers, and I imagine that if the Financial Reform bill passes, the accolades (if any) will be restrained in some quarters more than in others! Still, I hope the Capitol Hill sausage factory passes something that will be of real value to the American people who could use a break from the Oilcan Harrys of the world.


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzy Harvey; Tyl's Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology.


SPN Headlines said...

Hey Jude:

Regarding Financial Reform, President Obama says John Q Public is "Joe Jerkwad." - SHOCKING deets are at:

Peace! :-)

Jude Cowell said...

Lol! Too funny to be true...or is it? Well, you know that now i shall add your link under 'Political Humor' don't you?

Thanks a bunch for the heads-up, Jude