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Aug 24, 2010

Muse against the babylon system of pop culture

Seeing mega-rock band Muse on TV a few times had not fully alerted me to the fact that they sing against the mindless babylon system of pop culture and the thought control of the New World Order. Yet how they got where they are in the music industry eludes me unless they sang less political lyrics in their early days, sold a bunch of records, and later brought out their opposition to global elite machinations. Perhaps a more democratic internet marketing helped their rise in popularity before the bigwigs caught on to their intentions.

"Take the red pill"! they tell their fans which could be similar to the red pill my friends and I took years ago while living in DC during the horrendous Nixon regime. Well, hopefully the band's music will aid new generations in learning to resist the NWO platform before purchasing their next Gaga album. You've noticed her hair-over-one-eye Illuminati shout-out, right? And Madonna before her? Their satanic themes are impossible to miss. But they do make mega-millions for record execs and their backers.

Well, be that as it may, now that I know what Muse is up to, this former child of rock music is all for it so posting one of their videos on Stars Over Washington seems quite the order of the day!


Update a few minutes later: here's a video just discovered where young people show they're awake to the Clinton-Bush-Obama trio of global elitists who do not care about poor people or the working class of America (which is not to give Poppy NWO Bush or those before him a free pass by any means!)

Watch the lady host's reaction as someone in her earpiece yells at her to interrupt the bit of truth erupting on-air!

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