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Aug 4, 2010

Sign of a very bad idea: US church to burn the Koran

Well, how groovy is this? To 'mark 9/11' a Florida church is asking other churches to join in a burning of the Koran, a book of evil, they say.

So I shall assume that these same Christians missed the one about loving our enemies as ourselves. And apparently, the sin of lying the US into an illegal and endless war that bombs, kills, and maims innocent women and children can hardly be said to resemble an upstanding, 'Christian' thing to do.

Are they completely tone deaf, trying to 'speed up' Armageddon, or simply daft as a bunch of bed begs?

This book burning behavior may have been spurred by the proposed near-Ground-Zero construction of a mosque in NYC. That doesn't sit well with me either, but I do think respect for other people's religion is part of the reason America was founded.

Or does religious tolerance in the US become only lip service when your emotions run high enough to ignore other people's rights?


libramoon said...

I have lately been noticing more "Fahrenheit 451" mentalities.

Jude Cowell said...

oh yeah, definitely, esp since 2001.