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May 12, 2011

Astrology of May 21, 2011 -- and of October 22,1844

Today I bow to appeals from a few curious SO'W readers and am posting on the topic of May 21, 2011 as the proposed Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Click for NPR's treatment of it for as the article says, We'll know soon enough.

All week I've grabbed a few minutes here and there to study the horoscopes of the upcoming 'twin' Solar Eclipses of June 1, 2011 (Gemini) and July 1, 2011 (Cancer), a rare enough celestial event which intimately affect the US natal horoscope. But that post must wait, for instead I'm doing this.

Bible Prophecy in End Times

Now this Protestant Christian blogger is aware that most people don't spend time studying the Bible at all, and if they do, they don't 'do the math' of when the Second Coming of Christ is likely to be. And since Scripture advises us that, No man knows the hour of His Coming, I've always believed that God will be The Decider on precisely when Planet Earth in its current incarnation will cease and Christ will return "bringing His reward with Him."

However, I do have some history of study concerning another era when people honestly studied, prayed and thought they understood - and had to warn the world, of course - precisely when the Lord was to return, and it was the followers of William Miller (aka, Millerites) who did the math and found that 1844 was the year of His Second Coming. A particular date was surmised: October 22, 1844, and the expectant waiting began.

After that day brought no return of Christ to Earth - historically known as the Great Disappointment, William Miller wrote, "I waited all Tuesday and dear Jesus did not come;...I waited all the forenoon of Wednesday, and was well in body as I ever was, but after 12 o’clock I began to feel faint, and before dark I needed someone to help me up to my chamber, as my natural strength was leaving me very fast, and I lay prostrate for 2 days without any pain, sick with disappointment."

After scanning the Wikipedia entry linked above, I see no mention of the eventual result of the Millerites' Great Disappointment: that the timing was correct but the celestial event was not, for October 22, 1844 timed Christ's entry into Heaven's Sanctuary, where as High Priest offering His own self-sacrifice on The Cross (of Matter, physical death), He began to intercede between the Father and each earthling who accepted His sacrifice for our salvation: if we lift up His name on Earth, He may then lift up our names for intercession. This is a personal God who knows the number of hairs upon our heads that I'm talking about here!

Now a horoscope for October 22, 1844 has been in my files for years, so now as I think of the good people who have studied, done the math, and come up with May 21, 2011 for the same event as did the Millerites, I had to see if there were any correlations between the charts. And what do you know? There are.

Astrology of October 22, 1844 and May 21, 2011

Using charts for sunrise October 22, 1844 and sunrise May 21, 2011, what first pops out is disruptive Uranus...aka, The Witness, and, The Awakener! Uranus (Ouranos), the Sky God, shows where creative genius lies in a horoscope which is the Spark of Life from God as painted by Michaelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel...God's creation of Adam.

On October 22, 1844, Uranus Rx is placed @ 3Ari18. Uranus is opposed by Mars 2Lib27 (combustible! and argumentative; can indicate tectonic activity) and sextiled by Saturn 00AQ56 (efficiency and self-discipline; unleashes knowledge for the benefit of others.) Both aspects apply (wax) and thus may be consciously utilized.

1844's Uranus also applies to sesquisquare aspect with Chiron 13Vir38 (conjunct Venus 14Vir02.) A sesquisquare (135 degrees; an octile = 8) is a 'square within a square' and represents difficulty and affliction, and is the 'apex of electromagnetic fields'. (The Astrology of Relationships, Michael R. Meyer.) As you know, Chiron, The Key, operates as the Christ archetype in a horoscope: "No man comes to the Father but by Me."

(Magnetic pole shifting comes to mind along with melting ice caps.)

In 2011, Uranus has been positioned at 3Ari+ for some time; on May 21, 2011, The Witness will be at 3Ari36 and moving forward in the Zodiac. Taking the 1844 sunrise chart as a basis for a Uranus Return chart, there are three 'hits' for its position of 3:18 in 1844: May 13, 2011, September 7, 2011, and March 2, 2012. (These dates are exact for its 3:18 position but depending on the hour used for the 1844 chart, Uranus Return dates may vary slightly.)

Also of note considering our topic is a Mystic Rectangle pattern ('practical mysticism') in the 1844 chart between Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and MC 5Leo25 (which conjoins US natal NN) if we don't mind using points (MC, NN) in place of a planet.

Two T-Squares appear at sunrise as well in 1844: Saturn/MC = Sun 29Lib11: lack of courage to face life (don't let this be you! jc); insufficient powers of defence; worry, anxiety, depression, illness; Saturn/MC = ASC: placed in unfortunate circumstances by others; sharing anxieties; parting; sadness. (This echoes the Solar Eclipse info, below.)

Substituting US n NN for the 1844 MC adds more vibes of 'separation and difficulty'.

(As always, any, all, or none may apply; midpoint pictures today are from Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.)

May 21, 2011 sunrise Washington DC

Well, I debated where to locate the horoscope for this date (the location of the church cited in the NPR article above? Palmyra NY of 1844?) and decided to use the location I most often use on this website, Washington DC, for both charts because of its capacity as a representative for America.

When the Sun rises on May 21st @ 5:55:50 am edt, the Ascending degree and Sun = 00Gem01, conjoining asteroid Cupido (corporations; The Family, including religious organizations and the underworld crime syndicate) along with a difficult Fixed Star, Alcyone 00Gem00 (something to cry about; sorrow; misfortune; exile.)

Yes, Alcyone may be a major culprit in this discussion! Especially since it also has these keywords which hint rather loudly of Judgment Day: "mystical but judgmental".

Disruptive Uranus 3Ari36 is in 11th house and first squares Pluto (3A29; public apathy, or those who work for the greater good), sextiles Sun (3A35; sharing communications with others; willful and outspoken - mea culpa!; unbound by tradition; original thinking and philosophical views), and is opposed by Saturn (7A16; problems relating to others; competition; basic logic ignored; others deserve more credit, not less; past v future; status quo v progress.)

Therefore, the upsetting energies of the ongoing T-Square between Saturn/Uranus and Pluto continue to be emphasized in the collective with its midpoint picture typed here several times prior, yet here it is again:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: violence or brutality; a desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure (war.)

As you know, the Saturn/Uranus duo is associated with the Middle East and particularly with Palestine and Israel. So my expectations for May 21, 2011 and beyond include a ramping up of dangerous events in that region, and/or some catastrophic natural events as the Earth continues heating up and shifting on her axis (large natural disasters like the recent earthquakes in Japan and elsewhere interfere with Earth's axial tilt, etc), and/or potential terrorist activities perhaps inspired by the US assassination of Osama bin Laden (not that terrorists need another excuse than the West's modern invasion of the East...our SN behavior.) Environmental dangers abound as Saturn (tectonic plates; soil; Earth) groans under current Uranian changes and stand-offs.

Another midpoint picture is formed on May 21, 2011 which points to arch manipulator Pluto at apex...Moon/NN = Pluto: separation through a Higher Power or Providence (aka, God.) Now that sounds like a portent especially since Moon/NN (North Node of the Moon) represents on one level, A spiritual link or union with others(Ebertin.)

This lunar pair also represents the Immune System so one thinks of contagion as a possible manifestation and of Earth's immune system so endangered environmentally, as noted above. And on another level, we might say that the May 21, 2011 prediction has gone 'viral' online!

Add to the above picture another factor: the Moon/Saturn midpoint opposes Sun and Asc so we have...

Moon/Saturn = Sun: self-control; separation; suffering; the prevailing mood affects the body constantly; widows.

Moon/Saturn = ASC: meeting with sick or depressed people; mourning or bereavement.

No, they're not comforting pictures yet they are not conclusive, are they?

Other similarities between the 1844 and 2011 charts exist, of course, but this post isn't meant to mention them all for who would read such a long post? Even so, let's continue our chart comparison to what we may hope is not a bitter end.

Solar Eclipses of 1844 and 2011

We may wish to consider the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipses (PE) for both dates which for May 21, 2011 is the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 13Cap38 (opposing US natal Sun, the leader or leadership of our nation in the 13 North Series; key theme: large, ambitious group projects which require separation from an existing bond, then joint achievement occurs (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

In her book Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles this critical-degreed eclipse ('13Cap', the Series we're still experiencing) as, "The Balance of Power" and predicts a 'central event with wide-range impact' involving the US government.

I have recently speculated in a prior post that the death of bin Laden can certainly be said to fill that bill, and 'wide-range' describes radiation from the Fukushima quake and ongoing nuclear meltdown; plus, other big events prior to the next eclipse of June 1, 2011 may yet surprise or upset (Uranus) us. Actually, in a few days we will be within range of the June 1st eclipse's influence since eclipse effects may occur up to two weeks prior for they are 'wild cards' similar in action to Uranus' sudden catalytic effects.

The PE of the Great Disappointment of 1844 is the 8 South which manifested June 16, 1844 @ 24Gem53 - brought forward in time by its conjunction to May 21, 2011's South Node! Like the shared degrees of 1844 and 2011 Uranus, this is a time link, with SN indicating past behaviors, talents, neuroses, and something inherited from the past: it's what we fall back on in times of stress. Is this dynamic part of the church's - and society's - unconscious memory (SN) of the Second Coming prediction of 1844? And does it point all of us in the direction (Nodal axis) where we need to shoot forward into the future at the North Node in questing Sagittarius, ruled by religious Jupiter?

Interestingly, the Nodal axis in 1844 was also in Sagittarius/Gemini. On October 22, 1844, SN was @ 5Gem25; May 21, 2011, SN = 23Gem34, and that is the position conjoining the PE of 1844, as noted; 23Gem34, the Tail of the Dragon which now approaches US natal Mars. (Mars/SN = violence; war; military action; disruptive events including natural disasters.)

1844's PE fell in the 8 South Saros Series with its difficult themes of separation, loss, partings; to finish something and be sad at its completion; physical injury is possible. (Brady.)

8S last manifested on September 22, 2006 @ a 29th critical degree, '29Virgo' ("A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge from an Ancient Scroll He Is Reading." This is the Moon's position in the Uranus Return chart of March 13, 2011 mentioned above with Moon as Return chart-ruler and apex point in a YOD - the 'Finger of God' pattern; the YOD contains a mdpt picture of Mars/Neptune = Moon: a struggle ordained by destiny.)

Well, considering the Astrology of it plus all the difficulties and strife being experienced across the globe these days, will May 21, 2011 be the End of Days? Have the conditions prophesied in the Books of Daniel and Revelation now been fulfilled upon the Earth? Some believe so while others scoff, yet others have always scoffed.

We're a planet of scoffers, aren't we?

Personally, I fall somewhere in between. I'm definitely not a scoffer on the topic yet I can't forget the admonition with which this post began that, No man knows the Hour of His Coming. I do know that a small dark cloud will be seen far away and will draw nearer as He and His Angels approach our planet, the Lesson Book of the Universe. Yes, all created beings in God's Universe watch us with great interest and concern for Earth is where evil will be extinguished forever - the happy and eternal result of God's contingency plan (Christ's sacrifice) playing out.

My belief is that people of Earth have much strife to go through still for all conditions may not be met and yet - we're experiencing great tectonic and storm-related upheavals: check. Parents against children, children against parents: check. Knowlege increases, men run to and fro: check. The list goes on so yes, we do seem to be living in the Last Days.

And is Armageddon as described in the Bible the conflagrations now playing out in the Middle East, the Cradle of Civilization? Perhaps, though conditions there can certainly become much worse before the Final Battle occurs.

Perhaps May 21, 2011 marks the end of Christ's Sanctuary intercessions on our behalves.

But to me, one thing is for certain about May 21, 2011 and/or beyond: it behooves each of us to think and pray upon these things and prepare our hearts and consciences, for He will come when He comes for those who are unaware and spiritually unprepared, "As a thief in the night"!


For Astrology on a more personal and lighter note, I highly recommend to you Julie Demboski's Astrology.


Anonymous said...

God is Greatest = In God we Trust
The price of peace is unlimited,


Before Clinton and even JFK there were protestant leaders and some might argue even Muslim in the US.

Mubarak, Saddam, Bin Laden, Gaddafi,

Financial oversight?

Help me square this circle Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Phoenix, not sure I can square the circle for you and confess I'm not certain of your point! Unless it's that 'financial oversight' was abandoned by Congress once NWO types usurped the US government.

On planet Earth, Satan/Lucifer is leading 'leaders' around by their greedy noses now but knows he's already lost the game - that happy fact I do know! jc

Kieron said...

Jude, this may interest you: another perspective of the game being up for the baddies. Beware salty language. The final paragraph is worth wading through some of it, at least in my opinion.

Today's word verification: mitex, the elimination of mites that have been plaguing us all this time :o)

Jude Cowell said...

Kieron, thanks - I read the post you cite. It is a little difficult to 'wade through' as you say but makes some very good points.

And I suppose if I read his stuff more regularly some of the references would make more sense!

Jude ;p

Ciel Michaelis said...

I believe that God is the one who decides. We have no right to try to 'do the math'. Let be what may come. No use worrying over it.