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Jul 1, 2015

Churches burn while fiery Mars in Cancer is out-of-bounds - video

Yes, it's Mars in Cancer and out-of-bounds again

Here's a bit posted in 2008 concerning the trouble with an out of bounds Mars, planet of fire and aggression. Away from the earthly plane, off on his own, going against the rest of society, and often acting under cover of night, hothead Mars has a favorite activity and tactic especially while traversing the tribal sign of Cancer--arson. This condition of Mars spotlights the burning of churches across the South in the last two weeks (two of which have been ruled arson, so far), and possibly denotes Mars as a catalyst of the wildfires out West which are now in progress.

As for the 'last two weeks', Mars left the 29th critical-crisis degree of Gemini, his sign during the tragic murders in the Charleston SC AME Church on June 18th, then entered Moon-ruled Cancer on June 24, 2015. A Moon-Mars contact often signifies emotionally based anger or rage which tends to imperiously assume or assert that no one else ought to become angry! Additionally, Cancer is the sign of 'the mother' and the Charleston AME Church, long active in the Civil Rights movement, has been called Mother Church by its members. Yes, testosterone-driven Mars is acting very 'crabby' these days in Cancer and will enter Sun-ruled Leo on or about August 9 which hopefully will bring society respite from his criminal activities--and just plain meanness.

Now here is a report concerning the burning of southern churches as yours truly sends a prayer to each congregation of believers:

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