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Dec 26, 2015

David Cochrane on Capricorn: Witness Consciousness - video

Tonight is December 26, 2015 and the current year will soon become a relic of the past!

With 2016 approaching stealthily it's Capricorn Season so here is expert astrologer David Cochrane discussing the Witness Consciousness of Saturn-ruled Capricorn folk and the sign's other core traits. I've always heard that the entire sign of the Goat is a labyrinth and it's quite typical for a Cappy to be described as an enigma and difficult to understand--you can't mold a Capricorn, some like to say.

And of course, Saturn is the traditional ruler of Astrology as you know with both Capricorn and Aquarius coming under the Lesson Bringer's influence.

Well, this presentation is first of a series and perhaps David can clear up some of the confusion concerning this ancient sign and archetype as 2016 begins with Capricorn birthdays all around!

run time: 32 minutes or so.

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