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Jul 20, 2016

Nation in between Trapeze Bars ~ The Collective Shift of Consciousness ~

Good news! Susan Herskowitz, The Uranian Astrologer, has sent me a heads-up on her latest presentation which concerns the Collective Shift of Consciousness we're all feeling as Neptune sails through her own sign of murky Pisces. As one example, you may recall events of 2009, the first year of Barack Obama's presidency, when transit Neptune melted all over US natal Moon in Aquarius, transit Jupiter joined in thereby increasing the nebulous, fraudulent effects, and a majority of the American public dreamed that the signs of 'rock star' Obama's Hope and Change were really really going to come true. But first, taxpayers had to bail out Big Banks and other corporate num-nums because they speculated with other people's money.

Okay, I'll hush for now about politics and theft! And I'll happily turn you over to Susan who provides an insightful overview of current unstable conditions within humanity's Collective Unconscious. Here is, Nation in between Trapeze Bars ~ The Collective Shift of Consciousness:

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