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Sep 3, 2017

Sept 6 2017 Pisces Full Moon conjunct starry Achernar

Sept 6, 2017 Pisces Full Moon: the Culmination of The Great American Eclipse (August New Moon)

The September 6th Full Moon perfects @13Pis53 at 3:02/03 am edt. This Full Moon reflects upon fixed star Achernar @14Pisces (a Eridani; The Cherub and the Sword) with its themes of: 'royal honors; success in public office' (DeVore); and 'crisis at the end of the river' (Brady). Unfortunately, the good people of Texas and Louisiana know all too much about flooding and crisis but not so much about 'royal honors'.

On a personal note, Tracy at Tracy's Astro Salon writes of the Pisces Full Moon, "..on September 6 we have the Pisces Full Moon (and it) is yet another call back to the eclipse on August 21st. Emphasis is on faith and spirit. What is that thing that connects us all together and to something bigger than ourselves? Things we can’t see or feel or touch or hear or taste---but yet they are there, we only ‘know’ it. Or trust it."

Read more of Tracy's report Astrology This Week beginning with Saturday September 2, 2017.

Perhaps it's my mildly psychic natal Moon in Pisces but I do concur with Tracey!

And speaking of Pisces and fish, here's my Three-Spotted Rabbit fish portrait for you from my Dreamyfish Art blog:

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