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Apr 22, 2021

The Federal City Horoscope: Ready for DC Statehood?

Image: George Washington in Masonic Apron, trowel in hand

April 22, 2021: Today the House is on the verge of voting on the issue of DC Statehood with the major hurdle for the bill's passage being, of course, the US Senate. In 2015, a post was published here showing the Horoscope of The Federal City 1791, accurately timed by the Masonic cornerstone-laying of President George Washington and Sacred Geometry electing the hour of the ceremony (3:30 pm LMT).

As CNBC puts it this morning, the vote Faces Long Odds in the Senate. And if you view DC's 1791 planets via the link, above, you'll see that lawmaker planet Saturn @12AQ45 today has been in opposition to DC's 1791 Uranus (some traditional structures may collapse), and that the New Moon of April 12, 2021 perfected upon DC's 1791 Mars (22Ari02) conjunct South Node (a separative point), with New Moons sometimes acting in similar fashion to disruptive solar eclipses, thereby doubling the Uranian implications for change and reform. Plus, today's position of Uranus (10Tau12) activates the Mercury of 1791 (10Tau32) which suggests new or novel ideas and plans. A tripling!

Also note that transit Neptune @22Pis08 is moving direct, Angular, and poised to enter DC's 7th house of Partnerships. Is a measure of identity change suggested? For this vote is occurring under the long-awaited Neptune-in Pisces-opposing-US-Neptune-in-Virgo transit when generational ideals conflict and move, hopefully, into a more compassionate phase.

As for the seeding-of-new-plans stage of development at the April 12th New Moon, some form of culmination and/or fulfillment should be reached by late April with the Full Moon @7Sco06 - in regenerative Scorpio. If you like, view both the April 2021 Lunations here in dual-chart form.

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