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May 18, 2021

June 21, 2021 The Confederacy Enters a New Lunar Phase

by Jude Cowell

May 18, 2021: Some time ago here on SO'W a 'noon' horoscope of The Confederacy appeared with astro-notes added. Historically, the date and location of the seditious founding of the conspiratorial organization are known (February 4, 1861; Montgomery, Alabama; at 'noon' = Air-Fire Sun @16AQ-Moon @15Sag: 'larger-than-life ideals; preaches pet causes' - the Harveys) but an exact hour is not, hence the 'noon' timing.

This I mention this evening due to current events and conditions in the US (ex: murmurs of a 'civil war' in the offing, rebellious, violent acts) - and because progressing the 1861 horoscope in order to check the regressive entity's current phase of evolution, if any, reveals that The Confederacy enters a Secondary Progressed First Quarter Lunar Phase very soon - on June 21, 2021 with SP Moon @22Libra32 (Moon rising in Montgomery) and SP Sun @22Can32 at Midheaven ('MC'), an ethereal Air-Water blend of conscious and unconscious energies. (As you know, fixed stars are not used in progressions.)

So as you see in the bi-wheel charts, below, the entity's new lunar phase of activity begins very near Summer Solstice 2021 (exact June 20th 11:32:23 pm edt) which, as always, suggests a potential for events that have global significance, on or around that date and going forward. Of course, The Confederacy's SP 1st quarter 'crisis in action' phase indicates a Sun-Moon square which denotes built-up tension and inner conflict between wants and desires vs how to achieve such aims and goals. Apparent is a restlessness to focus on objectives during this phase and other planetary factors suggest impatience with restrictions so that rash actions may seem like a good idea 'at the time' for this blunt, socially awkward combination which tends to make sweeping generalizations as it attempts to rationalize its positions and actions.

To me this rationalization seems like vagueness used as a tool for deflection and denials of guilt but please note, dear reader, that as a direct descendant of such seditious folk of the 1860s, this modern-era American reserves the right to dissent from their bigotry, hatred, and fondness for societal conditions of the 1850s; for karmic progress to be achieved in the United States of America there's a dire need to 'forgive the unforgiveable' - just as there is in the Middle East: two 'ancient conflicts', here and there, but one is much more ancient than the other. Now you might disagree, but there it is.

Meanwhile, Cancer is a tribal sign known for expressing nationalism and patriotism (however superficial or misguided) when it comes to social concerns and politics. Certainly, with these SP solar energies, self-protection is a guiding force of Moon-ruled Cancer, scuttling sideways like a crab whenever challenged, while a cool Libra Moon can tend to focus on unimportant things and may avoid accepting responsibility when it 'feels' it necessary (Ebertin).

So below is a partially mocked-up bi-wheel intended for the curious, not my usual over-full effort of penned-on study notes but it's all I can manage for you this evening so why not fill in the charts with your own astro-notes at your leisure?

Center Chart: The Confederacy's Secondary Progressed ('SP') Horoscope progressed (via the 'day for a year' technique) to its First Quarter Lunar Phase beginning June 21 2021; Outer chart: Transits for June 21, 2021, same hour, both charts set for Montgomery, Alabama.

You'll note that Transit Mars @6Leo30 planet of activism and anger, makes a Return visit to the entity's SP Mars position (6Leo30) and, significantly, Transit Uranus, planet of disruptive events, rebellion, and anarchy, has been activating SP Pluto (in the intolerant, stubborn, possessive sign of Taurus) suggesting a period of 'abrupt changes, hidden fears, and with potentials for 'explosive conditions' and/or 'revolt' in society.

Add to this the difficult energies within the recent Uranus-Pluto Cardinal squares by transit, plus, the transiting Uranus-Pluto midpoint in mid-Pisces opposing and triggering the (three) Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Pluto in the mid-1960s, mid-Virgo, and we're experiencing a difficult period of detructiveness, yes, but also indicated is a time of great inventiveness and a tremendous elevation of consciousness for those in society who are open to receive such 'woke' vibrations.

(For more details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey. #ad)


zeebling said...

wow Ive never seen a confederacy chart before ...really fascinating And with the progressions as you've noted the Mars return which will move ever so slowly is such a sign of the trumpian times .The Sun changing sign to patriotic tribal Cancer on the run to the USA Venus by 2024 with Progressed Venus ON the Natal Sun & close to USA Pluto (mercury) It def gives the vibe of new energy but also increased Value or wealth going into this rightwing dream .That progressed moon would have been close to opposite the Natal Neptune when trump was elected .

Jude Cowell said...

Great points zeebling. The fight for Democracy and America's founding principles must not ever be surrendered to chaotic forces and superstitions! And today is the anniversary of the opening of the Constitutional Convention!

Thanks for weighing in! Jude