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Aug 2, 2021

Asteroids Columbia, Washingtonia, and America

Illustration: Earth's Asteroid Belt; public domain Wikimedia Commons

Monday August 2, 2021: In case the three primary 'USA' asteroids and their numbers need spotlighting, here they are along with their Tropical Zodiacal positions for July 4, 1776 and for today:

Columbia #327: July 1776 @14Vir20; August 2021 @16Vir17

Washingtonia #886: July 1776 @00Tau46; August 2021 @20Vir45

America #916: July 1776 @27Lib27; August 2021 @13Gem59.

Curiously, and very annoyingly, asteroid America on June 14, 1946 (the day of spawning for DJT) clocked in @28Leo03 - conjunct Tr*mp's natal Mars Rising and royal Regulus, the king, or the kingmaker. Also note that the July 4, 1776 position of Washingtonia (00Tau46) conjuncts the natal Moon of President Joe Biden!

So using the numbers of the asteroids you can check out their positions for any date at

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