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Aug 20, 2021

Aug 24, 2021: a Mercury-Neptune w more Neptune affair

by Jude Cowell (Coh' wull!)

Friday August 20, 2021: As many folks know, the combination of Mercury with Neptune has in the past reflected many problems for America and the duo's deceptive influences haven't helped the misdirected, self-destructive energies of America's natal Mars-Neptune square one bit.

An example is the 'First Shot of the Civil War' with the Mercury-Neptune midpoint rising on the Ascendant with suggestions of being 'exploited, harmed', and/or 'deceived by others' (R. Ebertin). Then more recently there's the indiscriminate, fraud-promoting, hoax-loving, gossiping, scheming, fantasy-prone Mercury-Neptune square of old Donald Tr*mp which continues to bedevil, deceive, betray, and undermine us. And he, a fan of secessionists and white-power scofflaws of past and present. Birds of a Mercury-Neptune feather!

Of course, this planetary duo can be very creative and imaginative in a positive way depending on one's motives and on the way its energies are utilized. But as always on SO'W, we're talking primarily about Politics and politicians who don't always have the best interests of our country at heart. In fact, some never do.

Yet why mention the upcoming transit of the Mercury-Neptune opposition at all? Mainly because it perfects during the titanic Neptune in Pisces opposing US natal Neptune in Virgo which spotlights the Virgo-Pisces/victim-savior axis (intercepted across the 6/12 houses in the DC Horoscope, below. This cosmic circumstance adds a heavier sense of karma at work with societal issues of persecution and shifting ideals which must be dealt with. Naturally, we all feel these difficult energies at play so it comes as no surprise to anyone, even without astrological input. And significantly, there's the cosmic fact that the opposition involves US natal Neptune in Virgo (22:25) which makes it what I call a Mercury-Neptune with more Neptune affair for our nation at this particular time in history:

August 24, 2021: Mercury-Neptune Opposition @9:13:20 pm edt Washington DC

As you can see, many of my study notes are penned upon the chart for readers who may wish to read them. And at least four different solar eclipses are spotlighted in this chart, highlighted in orange:

Prominent at Midheaven is the 'Covid Eclipse' of December 26, 2019 (4Cap06), the 5 South Eclipse @12Sag22 in December 2021 that conjuncts this 9th cusp ('good news, benefits'), and Election 2024's Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') @10Lib04 ('loss; separation') conjunct the August 21st position of election planet Venus (10Lib26). Meanwhile, as we know, all eclipses are karmic, Uranian, and can be direction-changing or shocking for they tend to uncover secrets and revelations, inconvenient or scandalous as they may be for those directly affected. Also note that rebellious Uranus @14Tau46 Rx continues its 'visit' to starry Menkar with its Jonah-and-the-Whale imperative to say what must be said. This star conjoins US Inaugural Ascendants (the Oath of Office), and I believe spotlights the US Presidency as 'bully pulpit' or mouthpiece. Of course, you may disagree, but there it is.

Now the fourth solar elipse is the series we're in now: 5 North which perfected on June 10, 2021 @19Gem47 ('dreams, insights, visions'), here in 3rd house of Communications, Neighborhoods, Primary Schools, and mentally, the Lower Mind. This suggests that ethics, morals, standards, and integrity (Gem-Sag) are very much at stake as everyone knows - add these to our Virgo-Pisces health, service, and employment issues. Obviously, teaching and mask-wearing (or not) come easily to mind especially with the 'Covid Eclipse' at The Goal Point of this chart.

So now let's simply skip to the implications of Mercury-Neptune with more Neptune while noting that generally, the Mercury-Neptune combination of energies in Politics can suggest 'weak or artificial plans that must be rethought', and/or 'a legislature that controls the excesses and dreams of its leaders'.

Add US natal Neptune in Virgo to the mix and we have potentials for:

"Added dreaminess in thinking and reasoning; contrived ideas and solutions that may seem impractical at first, but which have an underlying basis for approaching problems in a new way" (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, M. Munkasey #ad; my italics).

And yes, we've considered Transit Neptune opposing US natal Neptune in a previous post if you care to view or review the May 1, 2021 horoscope.

Plus, please note in closing that the opposition's Syzygy Moon is the Full Moon of August 22, 2021 @29AQ37 conjunct the natal Descendant of old man Tr*mp at a critical-crisis 29th degree - as is his natal Ascendant (conjunct royal Regulus) which suggests that the malicious orange schemer and his enablers continue to be involved in our Neptunian affairs. But that's no surprise either.


john grove said...

Very good analysis of the upcoming transit. And yes, it hits Trump right where deception lies.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks John Grove appreciate it! I didn't want to mention him very much but neglected to mention that his n Sun 22Gem is also at the apex of the Mercury-Neptune T-square. If only we could shake off the old cussed albatross. 😑 jc