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Nov 22, 2021

Astro-Notes re: JFK's Unaspected natal Sun in Gemini

On the Occasion of the 58th Anniversary of The Day America Died

by Jude Cowell

November 22, 2021

Sun With Planets; NASA, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Often these days in Astrology, a native born with an unaspected Sun (personality, essence, vitality, adult self, the goal, the hero's journey) is considered to be charismatic and perhaps as self-centered, even vain. Plus, a special talent may also be described by the sign, sign ruler, planet, and the house placement involved. An unaspected natal Sun is the case for our tragically assassinated US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (RR: A; May 29, 1917 3:00 pm est Brookline, MA; ASC 20Lib00, 8th house Sun 7Gem51, 11th house Moon 17Vir13; MC 23Can46 with Saturn 27Can09 and Neptune 2Leo40 conjunct MC from the 10th house side {Plac}).

If natal Saturn in natal 10th house of Public Status indicates one whose life and career include a "fall from grace" (if Saturn's demands are neglected), then I think JFK's Saturn-Neptune Conjunction there adds a large measure of loss, grief, and suffering to the cosmic picture of his downfall along with the planetary pair's tendency toward 'undermining circumstances' (R. Ebertin) and bad social conditions.

Yet instead of re-publishing the JFK Assassination Horoscope (November 22, 1963 12:30 pm cst Dallas, TX), here are a few general details concerning a natal unaspected Sun for the curious including info on other planets when not tied in with or connected to other planets via Ptolemaic (major) aspects in a natal chart.


Crystal D said...

JFK’s Saturn being in its detriment, conjunct Neptune, in the 10th make me wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t been assassinated at the heights of his presidency, being “frozen in amber” forever as the young, handsome, martyred President. With that Saturn and Neptune in the 10th/conjunct MC, would the truth about his extramarital affairs and VERY poor health have come out and tarnished his image? Or maybe he would have bungled the job.

I’m just reminded of Hillary Clinton and her Saturn in its detriment in the 9th, but the most elevated planet, and how she was hated for so many very petty reasons (“Her Emails!”) by so many. JFK would not have had to contend with sexism, but I wonder.

Something else to ponder: JFK had Saturn conjunct Neptune, and Marilyn Monroe, with whom he had an affair, had Saturn square Neptune. Jacqueline Kennedy had Neptune in Virgo conjunct MC. There is a thread of mythologizing - Camelot! - that runs through the public image of the Kennedy family. (Savvy Jackie with her Virgo Neptune and Scorpio Rising spun that myth like a pro.)

Your link to unaspected Suns gave Vincent Van Gogh as another example. Van Gogh committed suicide, which I guess counts as self-assassination? An unaspected sun in *Aries* would be quite a wild ride, especially combined with that Cancer ascendant and Pisces Mars and Venus. There is nothing holding it back from ill-considered self-destructive actions taken in the heat of emotionality.

Finally, I read somewhere that Queen Elizabeth had an unaspected Sun, but it is widely trine Neptune. So “very little aspected” perhaps? Hers is earthed by being in Taurus, and the discipline which came from being Princess of Wales and then Queen at a very young age must have helped keep things in check.

Jude Cowell said...

Brilliant insights Crystal D TY! Jude