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Feb 8, 2022

FDR and a most bracing Fireside Chat #20

Franklin D. Roosevelt Dec 27, 1933; Elias Goldensky, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday February 8, 2022

Delivered in 1942 on the occasion of the anniversary of George Washington's birthday, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered #20 of his Fireside Chats designed to tell the American people what was happening to the extent that he could (without informing the enemy of what they didn't already know). And with the Chat's anniversary arriving in a couple of weeks (February 23, 2022), here are a few excerpts from his Chat #20 with a link to the audio added, below, plus, the option to skip the audio and read the transcript:

"Your government has unmistakable confidence in your ability to hear the worst, without flinching or losing heart."

"In a democracy there is always a solemn pact of truth between government and the people, but there must also always be a full use of discretion, and that word discretion applies to critics of government as well."

"The American people do not wish to help the enemy any more than our fighting forces do, and they will pay little attention to the rumor-mongers and the poison peddlers in our midst."

"But, in speaking for the United States of America, let me say once and for all to the people of the world: We Americans have been compelled to yield ground, but we will regain it."

And, critically important for our current conditions and the authoritarian propaganda we now hear or read about every single day and night unless we studiously avoid it:

"Conquered nations in Europe know what the yoke of the Nazis is like."

Yes, Europe must remember! But meanwhile, we know that America is the authoritarians' prime target these days for Americans are given little if any respite from the constant repetition of lies promoted by "rumor-mongers" and the "poison peddlers in our midst." Our much touted "24-hour news cycle" is too often a toxic 24-hour rumor mill and conspiracy theory opportunity for poison peddlers to utilize (aided by coporate and other media outlets). And now, in clear view, they are vehicles for propaganda spewed by Nazi acolytes, 'goose steppers', and their political enablers, many of whom claim membership in Tr*mp's 'Republican Party'.

Yet despite it all, a portion of the US population, and others across the globe, seem to be unfazed by the threat of an enforced Nazi yoke which has once again arrived on US shores and is being advanced by infiltrators and saboteurs of a fasc*st or n*zi persuasion. we're watching Benito and Adolf regimes struggling toward rejuvenation with malcontented troublemakers leading the pack. No reforming the system from within for this wolfish crowd!

And so in honor of previous generations of Americans who understood who the enemy was and, recognizing evil when confronted by it, fought America's enemies wherever and whenever it was necessary, I recommend to you, dear reader, the rest of FDR's remarks from that February evening in 1942 (with his inspired Neptune rising in practical Virgo!) for his words are worth your attention if you can spare it, as are any of his other Fireside Chats:

FDR's Fireside Chat of February 23, 1942.

Now to close, here's a question for you: which solar eclipse themes affect All US Presidential Elections? Clue: a solar eclipse in this series occurs in 2023 @30Aries!

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