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Jun 8, 2022

Inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt 1941 - video!

Plus, the Eclipses Affecting FDR's Inaugurations 1941 and 1945

by Jude Cowell

October 9, 2021: How awesome to watch a recording of the 1941 Inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt (his third, America's 39th!) which includes parts of his Oath-taking and his Inaugural Address. My favorite line? "No, democracy is Not dying." It seems that sinister saboteurs of our day may have taken that concept as a challenge and are couping and doing their worst against our country. So to put it mildly, I do not appreciate it. Do you?

Here's the YouTube link to the above video of Inauguration 1941 in case it's removed from SO'W at some point.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (bio). And if you like, grab yourself a view of his natal horoscope (RR: AA) set for January 30, 1882 8:45 pm Hyde Park (Duchess County), New York with 23Vir16 rising (along with Uranus @17Vir55 Rx = coping ability!) and an 8th house trio of Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter in Venus-ruled Taurus. /p>

Chart-ruler Mercury (via his Virgo Ascendant) applies twice: a trine with Mars which is tactful but gets to the point (and Mars in 10th house conjunct his Gemini Midheaven of Aspirations, plus, Moon in the public 10th house @6Can15, his only Cardinal placement), and a square by Mercury to powerful Pluto Rx @27Tau21 making him acutely aware of his and others' points of vulnerability, and providing him with the gift of sarcasm (A. Oken).

Inauguration 1945: Sleet, Snow, and a Frugal Affair "Purposefully Subdued"

With America entering World War II on December 8, 1941, it seemed fitting that FDR's 4th Inauguration on Janaury 20, 1945 should be scaled back to save money (total cost said to be $2,000!) and held with less pomp and circumstance. Plus, as President Roosevelt accurately observed, there was no one was there to parade. All in all, the entire event lasted for 12 1/2 minutes (our briefest ever, I believe) and his 1945 Inaugural Address rivals the first by George Washington for brevity. Then 82 days into his 4th term, FDR was gone.

Themes and Eclipses of Inauguration 1941 and Inauguration 1945

Now the Prenatal Solar Eclipse series in which the 1941 Inauguration fell was in the 15 North and it manifested on October 1, 1940 @28Virgo, approximately 5 degrees from FDR's natal Ascendant. 15 North Themes: 'joy through commitment; good news involving responsibilities and commitments' (B. Brady). The last 15 North Eclipse manifested in November 2012 @22Scorpio (PE of the 2013 Inauguration!), and another will occur in November 2023 @3Sagittarius. The initial eclipse in the 15 North series manifested on July 13, 1219 @26Can42 conjunct Mercury bringing logic and mental dexterity into the thematic picture.

Helpfully, C-SPAN provides us with a newsreel of FDR's 1945 Inauguration including a snippet of FDR's Inaugural Address ("--a test of our essential democracy--") and arrivals of several on the guest list, plus, 13 of FDR's grandchildren watched the ceremony which was held for the first time at the south portico and lawn of the White House. It saved money and was easier on the president's health which had been questioned all through the campaign. After the brief (12 1/2 minutes) ceremony and speech, FDR requested alone time with his son, had an angina attack for which he asked for a glass of whiskey to dull the pain, and father and son spoke of his Will should he die. Well, he served for 82 days into his 4th term and passed away at the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia on April 12, 1945. Some sources give his death at 3:31 pm CWT, some say 3:35 pm. Read details here.

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