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Feb 1, 2024

Astrology of an Orange Albatross vs the World's Favorite Pop Star!

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Comparisons are being made between the popularity of America's orange albatross and the world's favorite pop star, and way before now you've probably checked out the Wikipedia bio page of this post's mystery pop star referenced in the bi-wheel of horoscopes shown below. Inner is the orange albatross' natal horoscope (RR: AA) surrounded by that of the "mystery" pop star.

Did I mention that she's the world's favorite and most successful international pop star, and a generous romantic? And there's her natal Sun conjunct his natal Moon-SN opposing his natal Sun-NN! Is fate involved? Well, the Nodal Axis might agree as her very shiny Sun casts a bright spotlight upon the problematic, off-on 'popularity' of the controversial fellow's Moon-South-Node conjunction. And we know of his history of feeling threatened by powerful women, don't we? He's ordered the entire Republican party and GOP media shills to lash out at her because thousands of her fans have registered to vote! And when Americans vote in droves, Republicans lose.

Perhaps Astrology Might Contribute to the Convo!

Meanwhile, there exists more than one version of the global pop star's natal horoscope, and a noon chart may be viewed at Yet in my files are two possible natal horoscopes for her (5:17 am and 8:36 am est) so a choice had to be made in order to set up the bi-wheel of charts you see below.

Therefore, based on the nearness of her Cancer Moon to the 00Can00:00 World Point of Fame, Recognition, and Fortune at 5:17 am on December 13, 1989, I'm choosing the Scorpio Ascendant chart with Mars rising and a hidden 12th house Pluto (as he has), the planet of power and control. There are other reasons to use the 5:17 am chart as well. Interestingly, this birth time gives the world's favorite pop star a Mars rising chart that echoes that of the orange albatross, and with all the natural energy such a natal planetary placement provides. However, I do encourage you to try other versions of the pop star's natal chart if you wish. Yet even though her birth date is accurate but not the hour, there'll be few if any differences in their synastry grid shown below the bi-wheel: the grid shows a variety of conflicts between them - some personal, some generational (43 years between them--note to albatross: she'll never date you!):

A lunar similarity exists:

Moon inconjunct Saturn of the old guy suggests one who struggles to portray emotional maturity and is desperate to be recognized as possessing it; his judgmental, critical nature tends to look disparagingly at others while he clings grudgingly to the past.

Moon inconjunct Venus of the pop star suggests creative talent in music and art, plus, tendencies toward opinionation, a knack for intuiting public trends, and an innate ability to put other people at ease.

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For more inconjunct information see Alan Epstein's book, Understanding Aspects: The Inconjunct #ad.

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