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Jan 19, 2022

Notes on America's Jupiter-Saturn Square

by Jude Cowell

As we see in the US Horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US Jupiter @5Can55 widely squares US Saturn @14Lib48 with both planets happily compatible, even exalted, within their respective signs. Yet when we consider Jupiter's expansion principle squared by Saturn's principle of restriction, their square aspect during that era when America was establishing herself must add a measure of complexity to conditions, then and now.

Sabian Symbols of their rounded-up degrees: Jupiter '6Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" which to me sounds like America's Founding Plutocrats, and subsequent ones through the years. Saturn '15Libra' = "Circular Paths," which can be a basic reference to cycles and repetition, but also to the practice of Astrology - and curiously, this symbol was operative on 9/11/01 as Dubya's plane left Florida and was flown round and round - an attempt to thwart his enemies, one might assume.

Now the Jupiter-Saturn duo contains multiple implications as everyone knows, not the least of which is their status as the two societal planets, plus, all the roles that both planets can play separately in mundane horoscopes. Examples are: Jupiter the banker, guru, corporatist, explorer, military general, philosopher, and Saturn the manager, the senex, the boss, teacher, lawmakers, authority figures.

Additionally, the two planets may be referred to as 'the flywheel of the Universe' due to their expansion-restriction principles (yin-yang!) that keeps all the planets in our Solar System orbiting 'in their courses.' And fortunately for faith-based folks, this relationship can be labeled comforting especially for those who consider that, "Thy rod" (Saturn) "and Thy staff" (Jupiter) "they comfort me."

Yes, it's the Great Benefic vs the Chronocrator, aka, as the 'Time Lord'!

But now let's turn profane and note the planetary pair's effects in Politics - first, the fact that in July 1776, the two societal planets were in square aspect (which on a personal level suggests internal obstacles as square aspects will do and which may signify an essential quest). In 1776 Politics, we could assume that Jupiterian and Saturnian figures were debating difficulties concerning the risky declaration of our independence and related matters on that fabled day (July 4, 1776). A Jupiter-Saturn square implies restlessness, and a tendency to go on to a new project or new phase of an endeavor before completing current matters. Inertia often results as the energies can neutralize each other.

This sounds to me like a description of the day's events because the more complete signing of the Declaration of Independence took place later, on August 2, 1776. So perhaps the Jupiter-Saturn square represents on July 4th a 'shelving' of the matter since there were practical reasons for the delay (and with a retrograde Mercury, a later signing when the planet of signings, documents, details, commerce, and negotiations was moving direct, a more lasting implication for such a document!).

Meanwhile, it's only realistic to admit that a Jupiter-Saturn square can cause misfortune and problems in business and financial affairs, usually through faulty judgment, or, through downright corruption, schemes, and theft. With the square, cautious long-range financial planning may be neglected or be error-filled while a lack of opportunity can affect matters as can bad timing.

However, in Politics a positive indication of the pair is America's tradition of "checks and balances" which has always been an excellent use of these energies - until domestic and foreign saboteurs determined to undermine our government into a state of chaos and collapse, as we now see. Tragically for the world and for Democracy, theirs has been a long-range plan now on steroids since Tr*mp. Timing is everything.

Then on a basic level, over-materialism can be one underlying result of a Jupiter-Saturn square along with ethics and moral issues embedded within a tendency toward over-conservatism such as we see with certain cultish politicians who care more for party than country. Obviously, Predatory Capitalism chimes in with corrupt practices and exploitation which forms an unequal condition in which karmic Saturnian energies overwhelm Jupiterian generosity - with Saturnian austerity measures promoted for and enforced upon the masses while members of the elite and ruling classes enjoy the largesse and good fortune of jolly Jupiter. Autocracy, Plutocracy, Authoritarianism, Dystopianism - we Americans can label it whatever we like but if fully implemented, we will not like it.

My suspicion is that current progressives easily recognize such unbalanced tendencies by "others don't cooperate as they should" and the ever-popular "denial of guilt by responsible parties." Yet we know that politicians cannot legislate (Saturn) morality (Jupiter) but some of the theocratic ones, backed by power-mad financiers, pretend that they can. Besides, role-player Jupiter is also the thespian in their political theater performances.

So here are potentials of the Jupiter-Saturn duo in Politics and Business as provided by master astrologer Michael Munkasey in Thesis-Antithesis form:

"Thesis: The serious side of justice and the law; processes concerning checks and balances; changes in the governmental, religious, or social orders; repression based on morality instituted by law or religion; an expansion within the rocks in the ground.

Antithesis: Too many restrictions on the operation of justice; a judicial system at its breaking point; pessimism about the ability of the police to control lawbreakers; leniency and harshness vie for balance within the overall social and economic systems."

Related is a previous post concerning the Great Conjunction (or Mutation into the Air sign of Aquarius) of Jupiter and Saturn, with their 20-year cycle timing major changes and reforms in society.

A Closing Note: Any reader with more financial savvy than I possess (a low bar!) may agree or disagree with the tendencies noted in this post and it would be interesting to read your on-topic observations via a courteous name-tagged comment left with this post, if you wish. But as always, no ads. jc