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Sep 22, 2009

Georgia congressman says Wilson outburst planned

This from the CNN Ticker explains quite fully what I intuited about Joe Wilson's well-timed "You Lie!" outburst during the president's Address to a Joint Session of Congress on Sept 9.

And quelle surprise! It comes from a Georgia congressman! Why, I didn't know it possible for this particular native Georgian (moi) not to have to be embarassed by the 'conservative' politicians who hail from this region and astound me and others here with their odd views and simply annoying southern drawls.

So consider me knocked over by a feather on this one! But Jimmy Carter in the fray?

When I was an impressionable teenager I had occasion to shake his very freckly hand and was quite horrified - it felt like a limp lobster to me.

Now, of course, I appreciate the work that he and his wife do and have done through the Carter Center, Habitat for Humanity, and other projects on behalf of Human Rights all over the globe.

Guess that's a teenager for you. But Mr. Carter still seems to be part of the New World Order agenda to me.