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Nov 21, 2022

Nov-Dec 2022 New and Full Moons in DC

by Jude Cowell

Besides the ongoing generational transits of our US Pluto Return, all through 2022, and transit Neptune in shady Pisces opposing US 1776 Neptune in factual Virgo, below you see the DC Horoscopes of the November 23, 2022 New Moon @1Sag38 (lower left) timing a new cycle of activity and the seeding of plans, along with the December 7, 2022 Full Moon @16Gem07 of response, culmination, fulfillment, and awareness conjunct 'testy' Mars Rx, perigee, and out-of-bounds ('OOBs') of the earthly plane, as are Moon, Mercury, and Venus:

The nearness of activist Mars in unstable Gemini to the December 7th Full Moon adds a decided urge to bring plans to fruition but can also increase tendencies toward quarrels and intolerance (see upper right corner). And it's worth noting that any New Moon may behave in similar Uranian fashion to a solar eclipse (revelations, disruption and/or a change of direction) and here, with money planet Jupiter ruling or dispositing the New Moon, the condition of New Moon Jupiter @28Pis47 is made more prominent because the Great Benefic is at Retrograde ('Rx') Station and in process of turning Direct in 5 minutes 01 second @28Pis47:54 with the critical degree of 29Gem59 rising in Washington DC and very near the Cardinal Point (00Cancer00) of World Events.