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Feb 19, 2012

Mars Rx Brings Women and Their Issues into the Spotlight

It's been written that periods of time when planet Mars, the activist, whose favorite color is red, is seemingly moving in retrograde motion brings ladies and feminine concerns forward into the public spotlight.

Our current period of Mars Rx in *Virgo is no exception for it echoes the Mars Rx/ladies in the news phenomenon--from the tragic death of Whitney Houston, to Grammy-sweeper Adele, to the newly ascended 'King Peggy'. You may, of course, think of more examples of feminine prominence now starring in the news as the Mars Rx period continues.

Of interest to our Martian topic may be that Adele's natal Mars 19AQ03 conjoins Whitney Houston's natal 12th house Saturn 20:00 opposite natal Sun 16Leo42 in 6th house of Health.

Red Carpets and Red Creations

Check out these red gowns including the red Versace concoction Nicki Minaj wore at the 2012 Grammy Awards. (Hope she's found her way out of it by now!)

Will Red Candidates (Mars) Return (Rx) Us to the Olden Days?

Some political pundits now speak of the rhetoric of 2012 Republican candidates which may be driving away women voters such as that of Rick Santorum, social conservative extraordinaire who apparently wants to turn back the clock on women's social issues to the 1950s--or before women gained the right to vote!

This is part of the GOP script promoted by Jude Wanniski (1936--2005) and his "goo-goo government" theory of keeping certain US voters away from the polls in order to assure Republican "victories" (cheating isn't "winning", it's stealing.) You may wish to read Thom Hartmann's excellent article Two Santa Clauses or How the Republican Party Has Conned the American People for Thirty Years which deftly details their tactics and--perhaps inadvertently--explains the thorny Political Astrology question of which planet best represents the Republican and Democratic Parties: Jupiter (generosity, investment, spending) or Saturn (austerity, contraction, restriction.)

You may agree that the two parties switch sides on a regular basis as Republicans drive up US debt and spend like drunken sailors on Santa's credit card, then grouse ad nauseum when socially minded Democrats spend in attempts to deal with the economic problems caused by warmongers such as George Bush and Dick Cheney.

I certainly hope that American women find time in their very busy schedules to vote on November 6 especially since many of our rights are in the line of fire and we'll be hearing more of such feminine topics in the news as the 2012 campaign drones on. Plus, you know that in the 2008 campaign, more women voted than men and not for the first time--let's keep it up, ladies!

See Rep. Maloney slams Issa's all-male birth control hearing and in Mars Rx fashion demanded "where are the women?"

Well, here are two ladies who are always in the news as far as I'm concerned, writer Layla Morgan Wilde whose latest post includes Marcel Proust and the current prevalence of the color red and professional astrologer and artist Julie Demboski who provides daily insights and guidance for those having an As Above, So Below point of view!


Whitney Houston August 9, 1963; Adele Atkins May 5, 1988.

*Virgo, sign of The Virgin--how appropriate for contraceptive, abortion, and other feminine issues which are now being used to score what are hoped by Republicans and their Vatican backers to be political points which will help them in November 2012. My advice to the GOP: dream on. And you'd better ask your wives and daughters before trying to return US women to the dark ages of contraception a la Rick Santorum's campaign funder Foster Friess.

Mr. Santorum is of a Catholic persuasion in spite of his evangelical rhetoric...

Jan 16, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award for Stars Over Washington! Who's next?

On this rainy Saturday in Georgia, a big and hearty Thank You goes out to my cyber friend, author, and cat lover Layla Morgan Wilde, maven of the Boomer Muse blog who has kindly put SO'W on her Kreativ Blogger Award list of 7!

Layla and I became friends on Gather years ago and have shared a mutual love of kitty cats ever since - her cats Merlin and Coco are simply fabulous felines! (And my kitties are quite jealous of them and their online fame.)

Now here are the 6 rules for the Kreativ Blogger Award which you will need to follow if you are chosen:

1. Copy/paste the Kreativ Blogger Award picture onto your blog
2. Thank the person who awarded it to you and post a link to her/his blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award
5. Link to them
6. Notify your 7 bloggers of their award

Hmmm...7 things about me you do not know...not sure if you know them or not, so...Did You Know?

1. I am all about using alcohol-based liquid soap several times per day and don't care who knows it
2. A favorite guilty pleasure is watching TV's Castle each week, even re-runs
3. In a Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate war, both would lose miserably to Milk Chocolate
4. For over 20 years I ran away from an early interest in Astrology due to what my church teaches about it; I subsequently got over it
5. Childhood was spent running wildly upon woodsy paths and ensconced in the topmost branches of tall trees from whence I did not answer my mother when she called
6. I seldom, if ever, get to use the word whence and am not certain why
7. In spite of the heavy subjects I write about on Stars Over Washington, a natal Jupiter/Saturn trine gives me a silly, oft-expressed sense of humor - much needed in today's wacky world.

And now (enough about me), here are my Kreativ Blogger Award recipients - hope I get to award them first! This will be an alphabetized-by-blog-name listing and you may notice that one of them is my creative photographing, yarn-spinning daughter Maya (there's no rule against nepotism, I assume) so away we go:

1. Delwyn, writing from Queensland, Australia on her A Hazy Moon blog for its lovely and calming combination of Japanese prints and poetry, Egyptian Art, and veggie photos, along with an image of Thoth, 'god of blogging' as he's 'recording his observations'! (As astrologers and mythologists know, scribe Thoth is one of Mercury's faces, the other being Hermes, the alchemist, trickster, and shaman.)

2. Marina and Funkstar at Funk Astrology Blog for their insightful, in-depth analyses and dedication to 'Cutting Edge Astrology for Uranian Times'. Both offer Astrology consultations, and Marina practices Tarot and dream interpretation as well.

3. Julie at Julie Demboski's Astrology for her brilliant analyses of planetary aspects and trends which she deftly combines with asteroids for a more complete picture given in her clearly-written style that keeps many of us on the road to understanding events, ourselves, and others better.

4. Diane Lang, aka Neith, whose specialities included relationships (synastry) and Nodal information at her Neithnet blog, which is in process of being transported (along with Neith on Synastry) to a new webhome on WordPress, Neith on Astrology. Now we have a one-stop place for all of Neith's excellent work!

5. Donna Cunningham, expert world class astrologer, lecturer, and author of 19 books (by last count!) who has entered the cyber world of Astrology blogs and now astounds us with her brilliant output at her SkyWriter blog. And Donna also offers excellent online writing seminars at Moon Maven Publications, along with her books in e-book form or hard copy.

6. Maya Henderson, author of Springtree Road where she writes as a stay-at-home mom who knows her way around a camera while spinning, dyeing, and hand painting yarns of all colors for your special knitting projects. Maya is now launching a new Etsy Shop of her photography prints called a moss garden.

7. Astrologer Anne Whitaker, an astro-veteran who studied Psychological Astrology with the great Dr. Liz Greene, and who is now Writing from the twelfth house from her snug location in Glasgow, Scotland. Plus, Anne has recently launched a sister site called Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness concerning paranormal experiences which she's being very open about...share, if you wish!

These are all very creative - I mean, Kreativ - ladies who deserve much credit for making the worldwide web a better place to read, view, and hang out! Many other great blogs are not listed here, whose authors deserve notice, too, yet I suspect that others will soon ensnare their blogs within their Award nets.

Now for the hard part: if I can only figure out how to contact them all...and will they fume at me if I can't? ;p

Thanks again, Layla!