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Sep 15, 2022

Karl Ernst Krafft: A Nazi Astrologer's Fate

Throwing in with Nazi Psychopaths Never Ends Well

by Jude Cowell

Similar to how anyone who 'throws in' with Mr. Trump gets burned, disbarred, indicted, subpoened, imprisoned, or worse, an astrologer who practiced during the Hitler era also suffered a dire and fated fall.

Now for those who've yet to run across it, the A-rated natal horoscope of astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft is available for viewing along with brief biological notes concerning the Swiss astrologer's work for the Nazi Party, work that ended under a black cloud in May 1941. The Gestapo arrested Krafft on June 12, 1941 during a round-up of astrologers in Germany and he died January 8, 1945 while being transported to Buchenwald prison.

Krafft's Wikipedia page provides more information.

So perhaps you've heard that at various points, Herr Krafft was consulted by the Nazis (when to invade, etc), and was hired to "re-interpret" the quatrains of seer Nostradamus in order to favor Herr Adolf and fool the Allies, which the astrologer apparently, and understandably, did not appreciate (being used as a tool). But the real fly in Krafft's occupational ointment and ultimate determinate of his destiny was the fact that Rudolph Hess' ill-fated flight to Scotland, and the embarrassment that resulted for the super-sensitive dictator and his craven crew, was blamed on Himmler's dependence on astrologers, hypnotists, and faith healers - hence the round-up of astrologers in May 1941 which netted Karl Ernst Krafft.

So within this dreary historical tangle lurks Gestapo head Heinrich Himmler, a member of the Thule Society and promoter of the occult. The Society formed after WWI in Munich and was based on the idea that 'Thule' was the original home of the Aryan race of superhumans with supernatural and psychic powers, and genius-level technological know-how - all based on a myth from the time of Pytheas who described the people who (allegedly) lived there as "barbarians" with fair complexions and blonde hair (which tracks).

More recently, scientists have discovered a potential location for Thule (if it existed) as the Norweigian island of Smola Havstuer and there's an informative page with more details: The Mythical Land of Thule: Birthplace of the Nazis? if you're curious about the blonde barbarians and what became Herr Adolf's fantasy world of superior genetics.

Plus, you may wish to check out the natal horoscope of Heinrich Himmler with his depressive, even neurotic T-Square of Saturn-Neptune = Moon which identifies Himmler as a low character, according to Reinhold Ebertin. And Himmler's Aries Moon opposes the natal Libra Moon of Karl Ernst Krafft.

Above image is the natal horoscope of Karl Ernst Krafft born May 10, 1900 12:45 pm CET (some sources say 12:50 pm CET) in Basel, Switzerland with Germanic heritage.