Oct 23, 2005

Oct 24, 2005: Bernanke's Day sunrise

At 7:31:24 am edt, Oct 24, 2005, we see Jupiter rising with the Sun in tow.

Since the administration currently infesting the White House is fond of 7:30 am meetings, I thought it would be instructive to see what's going on around there this
autumn morning, and what tone is being set for the coming week.

The Sun rises at 1Sco09, preceded by Jupiter, the philosopher, judge, guru, and/or rich man, at the critical/crisis degree of 29Lib39.

Rising with them is asteroid, Sisyphus, full of his usual dogged persistence and determination. Sisyphus can do nothing else but roll the stone up the hill, only to have it roll back down again and again and again.

Thus, a repetition of effort or a 'starting over' climate is influencing the White House this week. An air of "abuse" or "punishment" permeates the landscape bolstered by Juno, the abuser or the abused, transiting opposite Mercury, the Scribe, the Messenger, or the young person (or: the young Scribe...the youthful Messenger?).

Mercury, rising during the morning meeting, is accompanied by asteroid, Hebe, representing one of the Hebraic persuasion. Perhaps there is a messenger or a communication from Ariel Sharon in the offing, since Sharon's natal chart has a major contact with Juno, the abuser/abused. Or perhaps Mercury/Hebe represents a cabinet member or aide.

The recent 10/3/05 Solar Eclipse (Series 7S: "anger, power, control issues, and a crisis manifesting suddenly") is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house here, so concerns from that time are ongoing and causing quarrels and possibly separations in ideologies and in relationships...playing out in the secret halls and chambers of government.

The possible upcoming loss of staff due to indictment comes to mind, and the President himself is, I believe, under similar threat of moving residence--possibly mid-summer, 2006 after progressed Moon conjuncts progressed Ic--also progressed Sat/Plu midpoint to natal Mercury = morbid thoughts and stark realism. A lot of stress for any one person to manage). May, June, and July 2006 are worth watching.

Note: this astrologer has not checked news sources for information about the White House's schedule, meetings, speeches, or otherwise...this is completely "off the cuff", as you may say.

At the Mc/Ic axis of this chart--the Career/Public Status 10th opposite the Home & Security 4th house, we see Saturn 10Leo33, currently visiting Mr. Bush's Pluto, planet of control, power, and manipulation. Both are at top for all to see, as Saturn is in process of restricting Mr. Bush's Plutonian tendencies.

And Saturn is still enticingly within orb of the President's natal Mercury--bringing him serious meetings, and the leaden weight of responsibility to his thoughts and communications.

Transiting Sun is in process of moving into opposition with the problematic Rx
Mars, planet of quarrels, strife, war, and violence. The opposition will be exact
at the end of the first week of November upon the Oxen Point of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse Chart--the so-called "King of Terror Chart" as described by Nostradamus himself.

The 1999 Eclipse has been called the Mother Of All Eclipses, and I regretfully concur. The winds of war and strife were set loose, as perhaps you may agree.

So...what of this week in Washington?

Astrologically speaking, there seems to be much grief, loss, weakness, and torment affecting our capital, yet with a spirit of getting down to work--even if the dogged and fruitless determination of Sishyphus rules the day for this beleaguered administration--which is, as are we all, the author of its own fate...and unfortunately, of America's.

Oct 16, 2005

Lunar Eclipse 10.17.05

Here I consider a bi-wheel chart showing the Oct 17, 2005 Lunar Eclipse set for the White House encircling the natal chart of George W. Bush.

This Lunar Eclipse--dubbed the "unwashed feet" eclipse for reasons I'll let you discover on your own--is directly impacting Mr. Bush's 4/10 axis--the career/public status, and home/family/security axis.

Given the stress under which our President is laboring in the career department, an eclipse on this axis shows us where Mr. Bush must focus his concern, and where he is dealing with unexpected events, either positively or negatively. Hidden things--i should say, more of them--may be brought to light under the effect of this Lunar Eclipse.

(Even without this being an eclipse, the transiting Sun is entering Bush's 4th house, which negatively engenders stubborn pride or arrogant behaviour due to the psychological nature of the 4th house. We've seen more than a little of such from the boasting and Leonine, Mr. Bush).

The Sun and Moon are in stressful aspect to transiting Chiron, the Wounded One or Blindspot, and if we look to the Inauguration chart of 2005, we will see that Chiron was at the same degree of Capricorn, sign of politics, law, and business.

Capricorn's connection to authority issues is well-known, and on Jan 20, 2005,
12:01 pm, Washington, D.C., at Mr. Bush's Inauguration, Chiron was unfortunately placed near the top of the chart--the career/public status position of the President, and, by extension, of America. A wounding of status and authority was indicated, and we've seen Bush's authority and America's credibilty more in jeopardy each day as 2005 has unfolded.

Transiting Saturn (restriction;retraction;responsibility;control;authority;the
Old Man) is currently visiting Bush's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself), and also his line-up in the 1st house (Self) of planets: Mercury (thinking;communication),
Pluto (power;coping ability), and Venus (relationships;values:money).

The health of the President--and/or of his father--could well be affected over the next few months while Saturn is 'on the case'. And Saturn, as an "actor on the stage of life" could also represent Independent Counsel, Mr. Fitzgerald...his authority, and his bringing the chickens home to roost in Mr. Bush's cellar.

In this Eclipse chart, Chiron in Capricorn is at the base or foundation of the chart, while Saturn in Leo, sign of leadership--and Saturn having Bush's natal Mercury in tow--is at the top, and i believe Mr Bush, with America in tow, is in for very difficult days, as has been obvious recently. Depression is common with Saturn to Mercury contacts, and Saturn to Pluto most usually brings loss of power in some form, and subsequent difficulty in coping. (The combination of Saturn/Pluto is connected also to cruelty, war, and violence, and we remember these two were opposite each other on 9/11/01).

After Hurricane Katrina, you may remember the President admitting to mistakes and
"taking responsibility" for the Federal government's lackluster, neglectful response to hurricane victims. The word, "uncharacteristic" comes to mind for this self-declared "unaccountable" man.

Considering this Eclipse and its effects on his natal chart, i'd say there are more such admissions to come from our wounded President. The Lunar Eclipse's spotlight is on Mr. Bush, and very much on a wounded America in great need of a better direction and a higher course for her future good.

-Jude Oct 16, 2005 5:07 pm EDT

George W Bush July 6, 1946

Hi Everyone!

Setting up this blog to give a wider perspective, astrologically speaking--on America's politics, wheeler-dealers, and on the propagandists who tirelessly assail and manipulate us without shame or, it would seem, without conscience.

As the common good has fallen by the wayside, the propaganda continues to be catapulted ad nauseum, and this blog is a small way to manage my frustration with
the climate of "personal destruction as usual" practiced inside the Beltway and beyond...and the people's business be dam*ed in the process.

Here are a few notes on the natal chart of George Bush, for no one in the world was born exactly when and precisely where, was the Bush they call George...

Bush's Ascendant has this Sabian Symbol to explain his nibs rather well:

"8Leo": "A bolshevik propagandist." (And that's for a self-professed "propaganda catapulter". )


pos: a determination to share the soul's vision and to make a permanent impact on history (he's succeeded too well, hasn't he?);

neg/unconscious or shadow side: futile ranting against a multitude of superficial ills.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

And Adriano Carelli, in his book, 'The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac" gives details for '8 Leo' as: 'The burning bush'...fieriness along with reserve; aims sublime but secret; a nature flashing with hope...should the horoscope point to a lustful nature, the Lion's eighth degree would shift to its opposite polarity and, instead of a divine imprint, give it a luciferic bent.

The burning bush will thus change into the lunar devilish image of Cain and the thorns. Then an unquenchable passion, impure yet devoid of hidden motives and mental reservations, will slowly and steadily eat up the whole being, body and soul. The fire might not die out before having wasted the mind to its innermost reserves and burnt out the organism to its last shred.

Whether heavenward or earthbound, such a mind will be ruled by instinct rather than by reason.

(degree of 31st president, Herbert Hoover's Moon-Mars conjunction.)#

Ruled by instinct and unable to change his mind or course? That'd be George. Of course, for his masters' purposes, he's been highly successful for their one world government agenda.

~Update Dec 18, 2008: 'Hoover' Bush sounds about right considering the massive heist he and his colleagues have perpetrated upon the US economy. His work here is almost done, January 20, 2008 cometh... ~

And here are the Images for his Sun/Moon personality blend:

Sun Cancer/Moon Libra: Mother Goose recites a poem, surrounded by adoring fairy tale creatures...A family holds a lucrative sale of its artistic heirlooms to the neighborhood.

(Guess the first Image puts you in mind of 'My Pet Goat' from 9/11...me, too.)

Hopefully I will have a chance to post on personalities, and on pertinent current events in a timely fashion, for that is what Astrology brings to the table - the element of Time.

For as you know, our Solar System is a Great Cosmic Clock of which all should be more aware. We're on this globe together, although the way some people act, you'd hardly think so, would you?

So while comments and questions are heartily welcome, this blog is not meant to persuade anyone of Astrology's usefulness, but for gaining insight, wherever possible, and for peeking under the hood of Politics (which is chocked full of hoodlums.) But serious inquiries for serious times, please!

Hereupon, the Placidus house system will be used unless otherwise noted. If a birth or event time is unknown, a chart will be set up for Sunrise, or sometimes for Noon, which will be noted, if so, with the occasional conjunction as timer, if applicable.

birth details: President George W. Bush, July 6, 1946 7:26 am EDT New Haven, CT USA;

from the AstroDataBank site.

Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey, all books available at amazon.com

-Jude Cowell, reluctant astrologer (that's Coh' wull, not 'cow' as in moo-cow or Simon)

SO'W born: Oct 16, 2005 3:30 am edt USA


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