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Feb 21, 2024

Virgo Full Moon 2024 and a Shutdown?

Full Moon Culmination and a Chinese Servant, Too

by Jude Cowell

There are two "tranches" of unfunding of the US government which can lead to yet another Republican government shutdown. Refusing to fund what our government needs in order to pay bills that are already wracked up, March 1, 2024 is the first "tranch" and March 8th is the second. Meanwhile, you see below a DC Horoscope of the February 24, 2024 Full Moon @5Vir23 which is the Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to the March 1st "tranch" and potential shutdown) with its Sabian Symbol keyword (6Virgo): DIVERSION (M.E.Jones).

As you see, the big-developer-speculator-banker pair of Jupiter and Pluto meet upon the Ascendant of the Full Moon chart which spotlights those who seek power (including both politicians and religious figures). Now in previous posts, I have related the Jupiter-Pluto duo to the Federal Reserve System of Big Bankers, for understandable reasons, but that little factoid is beyond the scope of this Full Moon post:

Full Moon's Ascendant (in DC) rounded up = "21Pisces": "A Little White Lamb, a Child, and a Chinese Servant". See: How Much US Debt Does China Own? Q: Is America the "Chinese Servant"?

Well, perhaps you remember that America was put through a Debt Crisis by Republicans back in May 2023 with a semblance of a 'YOD' pattern of 'crisis' and 'turning point' shown in the horoscope.

And I've always felt that this "shutdown" form of political theater, begun by Newt Gingrich against Bill Clinton, is actually the Republican Party acting out under orders from both foreign and domestic enemies of democracy. But their shutdown antics do more than disrupt their political opponents - they're getting the American people accustomed to a collapsed US government by pretending that democratic government just doesn't work anymore and can't handle the massive problems of today (problems caused by the GOP). It's the Hegelian Dialectic: cause the problem, decry it, then "solve" the problem the way you intended to all along.

What's even more tragic beyond belief is that the current crop of gaslit Republican voters are going along with 'the script' as if they and their families will somehow profit by such sabotage! Emotionalism reigns over facts, while logic is discouraged, and this is what all that "woke" nonsense was about.

So I'll end this fussy post by pointing out that a cosmic time link exists between 2024 and 2020 so that 2020 events and conditions must be revisited and will hopefully be dealt with once and for all by folks who appreciate the benefits of living in a democratic Republic with the freedom to reach for better conditions and progress rather than falling back into a twisted and brutal past.

Events of 2020.

And here's a soon-coming cosmic events that relates to the current Trump Trials: Trump Agenda's Neptune Meets Saturn, exact on March 3, 2024. That's Saturn, planet of lawsuits, judges, and karma!

Oct 15, 2023

"Blood Moon" Eclipse October 28, 2023

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Quite a few study notes are penned upon the DC Horoscope of the "Blood" Moon Eclipse of October 28, 2023 @5Tau09 conjunct 2nd cu$p - perfecting at 4:24:01 pm EDT in time for Halloween 2023. Please enlarge the image for better viewing.

Right away we see that with fraudulent Neptune rising in shady Pisces, our espionage, sabotaging of government, and gaslighting troubles continue, plus, political, ideological, and religious conflicts extend along with financial concerns (Sun @6Scorpio: "A Gold Rush"); relationships may end if not strong enough to survive current strains.

Yes, these are tragic days of separation and mourning (Saturn = Moon-MC; R. Ebertin) afflicting suffering people around the globe, and a fateful struggle is engaged (Pluto = Saturn-MC). Meanwhile, uncertainty, insecurity, and neuroses continue to cause problems, not the least of which is in the US Congress due to "maga" Republicans who are there to sabotage, not govern.

However, Neptunian veils and disguises are due to be exposed and the spotlight of a lunar eclipse creates the perfect timing for it! Plus, we always expect significant leaks of secrets and inconvenient information when a lunar eclipse is in the picture. And for DC, this particular 'wild card of the Universe' shows sneaky Neptune rising!

Now below you see that the Midheaven ('MC"), the Goal Point of any horoscope, sports Cupido atop the chart which suggests that entities such as Corporatism, The Syndicate (crime; mafia; secret organizations), and 'The Family' (religion) remain primary antagonists of a democratic America as foreign and domestic enemies form coalitions, however loose or temporary, intended to collapse our nation. But not so fast: because the Moon's symbol, "A Bridge Being Built Across a Gorge" hints that a Speaker of the House will be found - perhaps a democrat such as Hakeem Jeffries who can work with "both sides of the aisle." Yet how well 'the people's business' might then proceed is anyone's guess. But we know it's definitely a dud under anti-democracy "maga" Republicans.

"Blood" Lunar Eclipse October 28, 2023 @5Tau09 4:24:01 pm EDT:

As you well know, the world is in crisis (Solar Eclipse in the 7 South Saros Series--here in 7th house @21Lib08) and yet hope for improvement is available via "an obstacle suddenly clears" (7 South, B. Brady). The late October Lunar Eclipse in Venus-ruled Taurus represents the culmination phase of the last New Moon (7S Eclipse) of October 14, 2023. And with a Taurus Moon, we may expect changes in financial matters, eclipse or not. Then of course, both Libra and Taurus are Venus-ruled and relate to money, valuations, and materialism.

Sun Sco-Moon Tau (Water-Earth; Mars-Pluto, Venus)

This blend of conscious-unconscious energies shows determination, intense idealism, and concern for others. However, a tendency toward dogmatism can rear its head especially when pride and self-esteem are under threat. An inherent understanding of financial realities and an inflexible or rigid will may be noticed, along with an occasional blindness toward the motives of others.

Now let's consider one of this blend's "Images for Integration" which seems most appropriate for the times - and the low-charactered people - such as these:

Pluto takes Persephone Into the Underworld (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, The Harveys #ad).

So this is a brief look at the October 2023 'Blood' Moon Eclipse with the chart set for Washington DC as a symbol of the United States of America. Notably, nebulous Neptune in Pisces acts as the final dispositor of the horoscope - and links to the Republican Party as the political party in the US that formed in 1854 with Neptune in mid-Pisces, so I blame their underhanded ways for most if not all of our current troubles. And as far as yours truly is concerned, the GOP can dissolve itself any way it likes as long as it doesn't wash our country down the drain with it. Besides: Republican politicians don't represent even half the US population so why should they run the show with their hateful fasc*st agenda?

Jul 30, 2023

Pluto in 2024 hits Jupiter-Saturn 2020

Pluto to Jupiter-Saturn Transforms US Inaugural Sun as Election 2024 is Affected by Election 2020

by Jude Cowell

When expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn met on December 21, 2020 @00AQ29, a new 20-year cycle of social ordering began, this time in an Air (mental) sign rather than in the practical Earth sign of Taurus (May 28, 2000 @22Tau43). Also at 00AQ+ every Inauguration Day is US Inaugural Sun (the presidency) which in late 2020 was Trump. Can it be the orange marauder again? Sadly so. But that's a topic for a future post.

Meanwhile, from December 2020 until October 31, 2040, the Sabian Symbol for 0 to 1 degrees of Aquarius is held aloft for the world to see as is the US presidency: "An Old Adobe Mission" which, among other indications, speaks of "building structures of survival with your group" (see lower right corner of the chart, below).

Yet anyone viewing the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction Horoscope of 2020 (inner) can see that transformative manipulator Pluto @23Cap51 will plod on and reach the 2020 Conjunction at some point in time and, as you see in the bi-wheel, below, the first of three exact meetings of Pluto to 00AQ29 occurs on February 4, 2024 (outer).

This also denotes 'transit Pluto to Jupiter' and 'transit Pluto to Saturn' influences which suggest potentials for, seeking greater power and influence but exaggerated plans may backfire, and abuse of authority issues surface involving financial, political, and other societal realms as regaining balance is sought. For example, in government, the Jupiter-Saturn pair = checks'n'balances and although bad actors have disrupted and sought to completely alter this practical tradition in the US, they mustn't be allowed to get away with it! Therefore, accountability is a must:

Now besides February 4, 2024, transit Pluto hits 00AQ29 twice more, on August 8, 2024 and December 11, 2024. Because the August 8th chart shows what seem to me to be the more numerous contacts with the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction chart of 2020, I'm displaying it, below, with prominent contacts circled and way too many of my study notes penned on for the curious.

Potentials within the midpoint picture of Jupiter-Saturn 2020 = tr Pluto 2024 are listed at the very bottom of the horoscope and suggest societal events and conditions that we've already have been experiencing, primarily thanks to Trump and his inability to accept his election loss in November 2020.

Trump's ongoing legalities and foolish legal situations are straining our judicial system and are, of course, part of this cosmic picture which began with a vengeance around the time of the 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020, which perfected @23Sag08 on the very day of the Electorial College Vote that chose Joe Biden over Trump, the sore loser.

4 South's themes of 'strong emotions over money and relationships' and a 'sense of frustration' or 'blockage' that feels 'fated' continue tiresomely to play out due to a sore loser who refuses to let go after a loss (paraphrasing B. Brady). And as you know, he hopes to keep himself out of prison by promoting the farce of his Big Lie ad nauseum.

So in closing, the Jupiter-Saturn 2020 chart represents a 20-year cycle of societal shifts, changes, and reforms, my friends, and you know that mundane Pluto brings transformation and regeneration in his wake--once the dust settles.

As an additional note of concern, it saddens me to mention that the natal Moon of President Biden (00-1 Taurus) receives prominent contacts in the August 8, 2024 chart (and before) yet I don't care to say more on the topic in this brief Sunday night post, other than to say that Astrology is all about potentials which may or may not express at all. Of course, not all planetary contacts can be squooshed upon either of the bi-wheels you see, above, so I trust that you will find more factors for yourself if you wish since these (highlighted in blue) are simply the ones that seem prominent to me. jc

Jun 29, 2023

Trump Mars Return 2023 and America's Book of Secrets

by Jude Cowell

You know that if it's true that there has existed for centuries an America's Book of Secrets, it would contain just the sort of valuable information that Mr. Trump would want to steal along with the purloined government documents taken as he reluctantly left the White House in 2021, and possibly nabbed while he resided there rent-free at the trough of US tax-payers.

Along with nuclear secrets stolen and passed around, this disturbing potential occurred to me last year but it was only when I glanced at the orange blighter's Mars Return 2023 Horoscope that I decided to mention the possibility in this post along with his Mars Return chart for 2023, as you see, below.

Notable is the Sabian Symbol for the return chart's Vertex ('VX'), a fated point of encounter which, when its degree is rounded-up gives,

"29Virgo": "A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge From an Ancient Scroll He Is Reading."

Note that Marc Edmund Jones uses the word paper in place of scroll, and the unmarked horoscope would have the Mars Return's VX in 7th house if I had marked the chart with my notes, plus, opposite is the Anti-VX (similar to an Ascendant) conjunct Neptune Rx rising, an unstable indication which may relate to health issues for the old fella, and to mysterious or inexplicable delays; that his Mars trines North Node and Midheaven suggests the continued support Trump receives from a small percentage of a deluded public:

Aspects to his Mars include the approach of Venus (desires increase; joint efforts; material concerns), a square from Uranus (unpredictable events; rash actions; disrupted relationships), and a close inconjunct, or quincunx, from rising Neptune Rx @27Pis40 suggesting complex conditions of intrigue, theft, loss, and/or health concerns which the man "overshadowed by shadows" will be dealing with, or will continue to deal with, over the next two years as timed by his Mars Return 2023.

A Related Post: On August 8, 2022 the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago for stolen documents: for Trump it was a Lunar Return and a Venus Return day.

Jun 26, 2023

Trump Mercury Return 2023: Continual Indiscretion

Shown: Trump Mercury Return (8Can51) Horoscope of June 30, 2023 set for Bedminster, New Jersey; a new annual cycle of Mercurial matters and interests begins and includes Mercury ruling his natal 2nd and 11th houses:

As you see, for this post I've had to resort to a hand-drawn horoscope but after this evening, fresh ink cartridges are scheduled to arrive at my door and we can proceed as usual. Please enlarge or print the image to read my astro-notes penned on if need be. Notes include the rounded-up Sabian Symbol for the fellow's natal Mercury "9 Cancer": "A Tiny Nude Miss Reaching in the Water for a Fish" (Jones). Now yes, there is a low-charactered interpretation of this word picture for this particular Mars in Leo bounder, but I'll leave it for you, dear reader, to consider its implications, if you care to. But let's add Jones' negative expression for "9 Cancer": "continual indiscretion."

An additional note: Herr Trump's next Mars Return occurs on July 4, 2023, which times a new cycle of activity for the orange blighter. More on this is planned for a later post. And view his natal horoscope if you must.

Now it's also significant is that every year or so when transit Mercury returns to its natal degree in Trump's chart, it repeats the Mercury-square-Neptune that he was born under with its lack of discrimination, misperceptions, lack of objectivity, and the lies and fantasies he can't stop spouting and hiding behind. The man cannot or will not follow instructions (even those laid down by judges--at his peril!), misunderstandings and disbelief occur, wrong conclusions are drawn, he questions facts with instincts that differ from reality, selective hearing or tone-deafness, and leaks and scandals occur. For him such confusing, deceptive conditions are operative all the time, of course, but his yearly Mercury Return spotlights them in some way or another - and he's off to the races, spinning tales for the gullible, passing around gossip, promoting $chemes, and mouthing insults.

Of course, mundane Mercury (the trickster and communicator) can also act as a trader, or perhaps more of a traitor in this case - certainly a documents thief. So for a few interesting details concerning propagandist Trump's Mercury in Cancer check out a previous post which provides enlightenment via Carelli's Degrees.

And so with agent orange's 2023 Return Mercury in Return 6th house of Health, Work, Service, and Daily Rounds -- and Return Sun (vitality) posited in 6th h, too -- these are the areas of interest and engagement for him over the next year along with his natal 2nd and 11th house concerns which include finances and group endeavors. Plus, we can expect that a medical check-up is on his calendar, as it should be at his advanced age.

Then when we look to the Return Ascendant with 12th house Pluto rising at a critical 29th degree along with the Hera archetype (the legal wife; keeping accounts), we find legal eagle Saturn rising and Rx in 1st house, an inauspicious determinant for his Mercurial year since Saturn rules the return chart and its retrograde condition hints at Trump's usual delay tactic in legal matters. However, there are potentials for a variety of negative outcomes due to karmic Saturn hitting his natal Moon-MC and Neptune-Pluto midpoints such as: 'pessimism; collapse' or breakdown, 'separation; bereavement', and "untenable objectives" (R. Ebertin). Now I'm not wishing, just reading a horoscope here. Disagree and read the chart as you wish!

Then naturally with speedy little Mercury, travel is usually prominent as well via short trips, but for Trump, a journey across the ocean (Mercury in watery Cancer) is possible. After all, he retains possession of his passport, if memory serves.

2023: Two Return Aspects to Trump's Mercury

Then with Return Jupiter (@9Tau17 in Return 3rd house) sextile his Mercury, business opportunities may appear here or abroad, and his (tiresome) publishing efforts could expand. Meanwhile Saturn (@7Pis03 Rx and rising, as noted) suggests legal or other stabilizing help from an established network or system, and commerce is favored. Plus, as previously discussed, Saturn in Pisces suggests "struggling with opponents" (R. Ebertin) so Campaign 2024 is involved with orator Mercury's conditions and indications from now until his next Mercury Return on June 21, 2024 with Return Mars @9Taurus in place of this chart's Jupiter. Obviously, his 2024 Mercury Return will directly affect Election 2024 next November, assuming that Trump is active in election matters next year.

Meanwhile, you'll notice in the chart, above, that at Midheaven ('MC'), the WHY?-Career-Public-Status Point is Cupido Rx which indicates the continued involvement of organizations such as, The Network, The Family (his family, and/or the power-mad 'religious' group), The Mafia, The Criminal Syndicate/s, and/or simply anti-democratic Corporatism.

And speaking of planetary returns, a prominent return for us all has to be the 28-to-30-year Saturn Return for even a controlling person like ole man Trump cannot continue to ignore dealing with the demands of authoritative Saturn forever, with issues and lessons such as the accountability which he now faces because legal eagle planet Saturn has finally caught up with him.

References: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; and, The 360 Degrees of The Zodiac, Adriano Carelli. #ad

Apr 28, 2023

DC Horoscope: Inauguration 2029

Sun-Pluto: Power, Control, Paternalism, Wealth

by Jude Cowell

In this, the 18th year of writing Stars Over Washington and dissenting against what corrupt politicians have "done with the place" in many instances (exs: preemptive wars; torture; lying the American people into war; CEOs supporting insurrection; finagled financial crashes and recessions; our two-tier legal system; class warfare; Citizens' United; domestic and foreign bribery of politicians; a corrupt, unreliable SCOTUS, etc), this particular Daughter of the American Revolution realizes that Inauguration 2025 might be America's final presidential Oath-taking - assuming that Election 2024 manages to go reasonably well despite the massive amount of sabotage being utilized against our nation.

Therefore, all these things may make the following publish of DC Horoscope: Inauguration 2029 pointless unless the Federal Government can get every one of its ducks in a row and bolster all three of its branches - each one created with an oversight duty to monitor the others.

So for the sake of comparison, below are two unmarked Horoscopes: Inauguration 2029 and Inauguration 2025. From the position of radical rebel Uranus, America's 'totem planet' of war, we find that the US will experience a Uranus Return between the years 2025 and 2029. Actually, due to retrogradation, it's a triple Return (to 8Gem55), exact from July 2027 to the third Return in May 2028. Of course, other planetary changes, shifts, and contacts occur as well during the time frame but are beyond the scope of this limited post.

Inauguration 2029: January 20th 12:00 pm est Capitol Building:

Inauguration 2025: January 20th 12:00 pm est Capitol Building:

For details see When Pluto Hits America's POTUS Sun.

Now obviously, as transit Pluto in recent years has crept through Capricorn, met US 1776 Pluto, and recently lumbered into Aquarius, the Inaugural 10th house Sun-Pluto situation of power and control shown in both charts takes precedence at a primal level since Sun = leader/leadership of the country, and transit Pluto, planet of Underworld elements, is now in process of overtaking or melding with US Inaugural Sun.

So perhaps an addition of Sun-Pluto potentials in Politics and/or Business can be instructive, so here is Michael Munkasey's Hegelian Dialectic form describing the power-drenched planetary duo affecting the Presidency of the United States more strongly than ever before with transit Pluto reaching Inaugural 10th house.

Please note that any, all, or none may apply - not to worry but to inform:

Thesis: Changes of policy or direction from leadership; new leadership and the changing of policy and direction; the governing authority used to control threatened dissent or subversion despite its cause or sources.

Antithesis: Accumulation of an excessive amount of armed strength; the use of secret police to exert authority and control over others; the influence of criminal organizations; extremes of corruption that wastes resources.

Now it may seem that a sense of inevitability is indicated by the Pluto-to-POTUS-Sun transit, and I suppose on a karmic level, it is. Yet there are ways of doing things that don't have to be fascist or dystopian, despite all the TV shows and movies with such themes that we've been plied with through decades. Yet instead, why can't our national Uranus Return period reactivate us as a unified people motivated by the intense desire for freedom and independence from paternalistic tyrants so that We the People demand a strengthening of our democratic Republic, as President Biden now envisions, and let fascist saboteurs relocate themselves to wherever their barbarism is appreciated.

If such a place exists upon the Earth.

Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, M. Munkasey #ad.

Mar 8, 2023

Saturn in Pisces hits US 12 South Eclipse

An abundance of astro-notes are penned upon the following bi-wheel of America's Prenatal Solar Eclipse @00Pis33 which manifested on February 19, 1776 within the 12 South Saros Series (inner), and the moment that transit Saturn @00Pis33 (outer) 'hits' the 1776 Eclipse degree, both Saturn and Sun-Moon with the rounded-up degree's Sabian Symbol of "A Public Market":

"1 Pisces": "A Public Market"; "Keyword = COMMERCE; positive expression: an exceptional capacity for organizing the converging and conflicting interests of many people in practical arrangements of mutual benefit; negative" (shadow side; unconscious - jc) "expression: complete insensibility to any over-all welfare."

Illumination Point (opposite, also unconscious) "1 Virgo": "A Man's Head" = CHARACTER; positive expression: an effective self-assurance and an ever-clear vision of each emerging opportunity in life; negative expression: inordinate vanity and a consistent overestimation of individual capacities." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones #ad).

The 1 Virgo/Pisces Symbols suggest issues of maturity, reliability, responsibility, ambition, accountability, and personal plus group integrity, in the realms of commerce, trade, marketing, and legal situations. Saturn in Pisces indicates a period of time when ambition, consolidation, reserve, restraint, restriction, limits, and legal conditions are prominent, and there are potentials for realism brought to flights of fancy, or, in a similar fashion to a Saturn-to-Neptune transit, the grim face of reality is visited upon those who neglect Saturn's demands for hard work and upright behavior. Past mistakes are on the table and corrections must be made.

Additionally, sustained hard work is necessary during this period along with struggles with opponents (2024 campaign, etc) as sober Saturn travels through tipsy Pisces; our social safety net programs continue to be a point of contention along with the debt ceiling limit and possible default by the US government, crisis situations made worse by political trickery (which Saturn will not abide).

So timekeeper Saturn has entered watery Pisces of the Collective for his trek toward the end of the Zodiac, heading eventually toward a new societal cycle with Neptune (February 20, 2026 @00Ari45: idealism vs materialism writ large on the world stage), but for now, our long-standing concerns must be dealt with by taking responsibility and maturity seriously. Naturally, inequality is just one of those long-standing concerns, and accountability awaits miscreants.

In closing, please see the themes of 12 South (highlighted in orange) for details of the eclipse which Saturnian folk in charge have the experience and discipline to deal with succesfully for best results!

Jan 30, 2023

Oct 2023 Eclipse hits Trump's Progressed Moon

A 2023 Cosmic Spotcheck on Trump via an Eclipsed Moon

by Jude Cowell

Just a quick posting tonight of two horoscopes: the October 14, 2023 7 South Solar Eclipse @21Lib07 (themes are penned on, upper left) and the Secondary Progressed Lunar Crescent horoscope ('SP') of Donald Trump which perfects on May 24, 2023 @21Lib33. So a new life phase or passage begins in May, then in October along comes the 7 South Eclipse (October 14, 2023) to conjunct or 'eclipse' his symbolic SP Moon with the 7 South's forceful Mars-Pluto energies so the question is: will he be able to use these cosmic energies or will they blight his course soon after he enters a Crescent phase of life?

Note: The rounded-up Sabian Symbol for "22 Libra" = "A Child Giving Birds a Drink at a Fountain = Keyword: SOLICITUDE; positive expression: creative concern for others by which an individual comes to experience his own immortality; negative" (unconscious/shadow side - jc) "expression: superficial effort for transient popularity" (M. E. Jones). The negative expression sounds exactly like the superficial Gemini to me as he desperately attempts to regain power by hook or crook. Besides, I suspect that the orange oldster doesn't believe he'll ever pass away! Well, isn't that going to be quite a surprise?

Now of course, everyone knows that Trump is determined to 'rise from difficult circumstances with tenacity' (see SP Saturn-Pluto = SP Midheaven) and he has seemed to be gifted with much endurance along with his severe, one-sided outlook. But will the old "Trump magic" manage to keep his mojo on course for the duration, despite all those who wish he'd simply shut his gob and fade away? Well, small actions can have tremendous consequences during a 'crisis in action' crescent phase of the Moon, the lunar phase that comes next after his Progressed New Moon of September 18, 2019 (@3Virgo) when he was still crouching in the White House, robbing us blind, and betraying our country to the highest bidders.

Yet admittedly, Trump's life must have been tres boring since Joe Biden took the reins of power and Trump, craving excitement, is itching to get back in position to fulfill his agent orange duties against America and the American people (his Leonine Mars opposes US Moon in Aquarius for those who use such a July 4, 1776 horoscope: we're targets).

So besides all this, let's get to the point of publishing the two horoscopes shown, above: so you can see how Uranus, planet of anarchy, zealotry, and fanaticism, affects the October 2023 7 South Eclipse, and how his SP Uranus relates or effects Trump's Crescent Moon at the same degree but in quite a different way. One is by trine, the other by inconjunct.

For him, SP Uranus @21Gemini conjuncts his SP North Node (indicating radical politics and unorthodox associations) and his SP Uranus trines his SP Crescent Moon (providing help and support from colleagues and groups - see the center of his SP chart).

However, in the real time 7 South Eclipse chart, Uranus Rx @22Tau13 forms an inconjunct (150 degrees) to the Libra Solar Eclipse, and this shows descriptive implications (see upper right corner) of fanaticism and points toward people who hold spiritually incorrect social attitudes such as anarchists who revolt in order to destroy. As we've seen, destruction of American Democracy is their - and their masters' - goal. So these are the barbarians that America is dealing with now, just as Germany and the US did in 1933 when a 7 South Eclipse occurred @28Leo.

Now I may not have explained my meaning very well, but to me these cosmic circumstances and time links from 2023 to 1933 suggest a foreshadowing of the birth of Herr Trump with his natal Mars @27Leo rising with Regulus, a royal star of worldly success as long as taking revenge is avoided, for if not, all that has been gained will be taken away. And no one deserves such a fate more than you-know-who.

May 28, 2022

The American Revolution's Mountain Pilgrimage

by Jude Cowell

Just a quick post today, a quick view really, of the American Revolution's Pluto Return/s now in progress. Since we have eye witness accounts of the First Shot ("heard 'round the world") on April 19, 1775 5:00 am LMT Lexington, Massachusetts, this means we have a reliable sign and degree for the Revolution's very visible 10th house Pluto @26Cap41:33. As far as I know, there's no debate on this timing as there are with America's founding horoscopes.

And when we symbolically progress the American Revolution Horoscope to modern times, we find that a Secondary Progressed ('SP') New Moon perfects @00Cap41 on July 8, 2022 although not all astrologers agree with this method of looking ahead at how things evolve based on an entity's or event's radix chart. Personally I have no qualms with it and use the method as often as I like. So here's a view of April 1775's 'First Shot' Horoscope that started it all with the Revolution's SP New Moon notated. To me the timing of the July 2022 SP New Moon symbolically resonates with current insurrection events that its promoters like to call an 'American Revolution' (or 'Civil War2') and of course all New Moon phases are periods when plans are being seeded for new beginnings.

Below is a dual image of the 4th and 5th Pluto Returns with the first three exact Returns having already occurred on: April 5, 2021, May 19, 2021, and January 23, 2022:

Rounding up powerful Pluto's degree to "27 Capricorn" we have: "A Mountain Pilgrimage" which vibes with America's earliest founding days and the floating capstone and Eye of Horus atop the 13-step pyramid of power which we see in various forms such as America's Great Seal:

"27Capricorn" = "PERSEVERANCE; positive expression: a total reconcilation of mind and heart in an unquestioned devotion to some worth-while task at hand; negative expression" (shadow side; unconscious - jc): "satisfaction in superficial allegiances and a parade of false values" (M. E. Jones). Well, as an ancestral 'Child of the Revolution', I much prefer the positive expression, and I consider writing Stars Over Washington these 17 years to be a worth-while task.

Now pyramids are, of course, symbolic of the mountain archetype, a Capricorn mountain goat affair with Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the sign of government, law, and business. As you know, America reached the pinnacle of these realms and has instituted surveillance techniques extraordinaire but her global dominance now wanes - which marks a 'good' time for anarchists and zealots, both foreign and domestic, to forcefully take control of our nation, now erroneously under the bizarre sway of minority rule.

Unless We The People band together and stop the anarchists at the ballot boxes of 2022 and 2024. Let's persevere on behalf of American Democracy! For as Thom Hartmann always says, Democracy is not a spectator sport - get active!

May 26, 2022

June 2022 Full Moon stirs loser's 2020 Solar Eclipse

DC Horoscopes: 4 South Solar Eclipse (inner) @23Sag08 which manifested on the day of the 2020 Electoral College Vote (for Joe Biden, not loser Tr*mp) surrounded by the June 14, 2022 Full Moon @23Sag35, a culmination of sorts uncovering revelations or secrets in relation to the 2020 Electoral College Vote that spurred Trump's promotion and use of 'The Big Lie' tactic. This Full-Moon-to-New-Moon synchronicity suggests major potentials for information revealed or leaked, most likely during the House's series of public hearings concerning Trump's J6 coup attempt. As you know, the J6 public hearings are scheduled to open on June 9, 2022 with the 'Flag Day' Full Moon perfecting 5 days later.

Now perhaps you'll lament it, but lots of my study notes are squooshed upon the bi-wheel charts for the curious, plus, a few notes are added to the text below the image. You'll note that the shared emphasis on the rounded-up degree of the 2020 4 South Eclipse and the June 2022 Full Moon seems significant for current events on Capitol Hill as Trump's loss on December 14, 2020 is 'reflected' upon, discussed, and probed:

"24 Sagittarius" = "A Bluebird Standing At The Door of The House" ("Keyword: FORTUNE" - M. E. Jones):

As you see, a major transit is in progress by creepy, subversive, wealth-hoarder Pluto Rx @28Cap08 while committing America's first-ever Pluto Return/s all through year 2022. 2022 Pluto conjoins 2020 Jupiter denoting that greater power and influence in the realms of politics, finance, and religion are being sought - but total honesty is required for best results. Meanwhile, potentials exist for intolerance and fanaticism to increase especailly with the ongoing Neptune-opposing-US-Neptune transit of racial and other persecutions (now it's Women!) along with the generational clash of ideals we're experiencing across the Virgo-Pisces axis.

Then transit Pluto taps 2020 Saturn (and is already within orb of the tapping, actually) which marks a period when past actions are regretted and need correcting, and abuse of power issues must be confronted or they'll only worsen. This sounds like a job for the J6 hearings to me.

Now you may be wondering why no mention of June 14th as Herr T's birthday. Well, a Full Moon in a Solar Return chart can indicate fortunate endings and new starts for that particular year. However, Herr T's Solar Return 2022 actually perfects on June 13th at 7:26:15 pm edt with the SR Moon @15Sag34 in the Balsamic phase of Endings perhaps by tying up loose ends. "16 Sag" = "Sea Gulls Watching a Ship" and this word picture seems quite appropriate to me when it comes to the lunar masses and the media watching the orange blighter's every move - which way will the ole tugboat list? However, this discrepancy is a cosmic quirk and may not dampen the Full Moon's influence overmuch, while emphasizing the squares from deceptive Neptune which possibly undermine his vitality, affect his health, yet seem to inspire him to promote self-dealing lies and fraudulent schemes.

Yet it's the aspects to his natal Sun that gain prominence in his Solar Return 2022 chart, and there are two: transit Neptune continues to square his Sun-Moon opposition (wavering alliances; leadership, integrity, and honesty questioned; a sense of unreality attached to his image; domestic troubles; health issues, as noted), and a helpful trine from authoritative Saturn supplying donations, legal and other counsel, and support to keep him at the head of the GOP (the 'Guns Over People' Party) while he raises large amounts of money by pretending he'll run again in 2024.

So as you know, America has everything riding on the outcomes of the J6 Select Committee's public hearings so my plan is to support them however I can while awaiting the legal involvement of the DOJ. How about you, dear reader?

Jan 18, 2022

February 2022: New Moon @12AQ19

Lunations Spotlight the Leo-Aquarius Self-Will Axis

by Jude Cowell

January 18, 2022

DC Horoscope: New Moon @12AQ19:55 February 1, 2022 12:45:51 am est; Washington DC

Rising is 10Sco44 which brings up asteroid Hygeia (health and cleanliness issues) along with Sigma, the lone wolf - both opposed by radical, disruptive Uranus @10Tau53 ('The Witness'). At Midheaven ('MC') is Cupido Rx signaling objectives that involve Corporatism, The Network (criminal or otherwise), The Family ('religious' or otherwise), and/or Culture, Social Events, and the Arts:

Chart-ruler Mars is buttressed by higher octave planet (or is it lower? certainly deeper, more intense) Pluto, the stealthy and wealthy. There are three applying aspects by warrior-activist, even arsonist, Mars listed, lower left, which suggest how things will proceed from the February 2022 New Moon:

1. Mars sextile 4th house Jupiter @7Pis16 (1A39): a period of opportunities for advancement in areas of political aims, international travel, intellectual endeavors, intel acquiring; physical efforts tend to be successful, and professional status may improve; risks may be taken; plus, military actions and/or troop movements may also be indicated.

2. Mars square 5th house Chiron @9Ari16 (3A40): direct dealing is required concerning aggression and sexuality issues and concerns if progress is to be made.

3. Mars trine Uranus @10Tau53 (5A17) and setting: unpredictable or unexpected outcomes to efforts; unusual actions are taken or new methods and procedures may be implemented, often with favorable results; group organizations may be favored.

Plus, you'll note karmic Saturn @15AQ30 conjuncts IC (Endings? Domestic Security? Real Estate? Mining?) of the chart, and restrictive Saturn, planet of Government, Law, and Business is apex planet of a symbolic T-Square pattern with Uranus-ASC at its base: 'quick responses; upsets; excitement' (R. Ebertin); also at apex is the New Moon herself. Upper right you see listed a few potentials of the T-Square when read as a midpoint picture - and I'd be remiss not to mention that danger may be part of the environment around the time of the New Moon and afterwards (unsurprising, I know).

More lunation details may be gleaned through the Sabian Symbol of the February 2022 New Moon's rounded-up degree of "13Aquarius" = "A Barometer: Keyword = INDICATION; positive expression: unusual keenness of observation and exceptional competence in judgment; negative expression: superficial uncertainty and a continual trimming to passing events" (M.E. Jones).

This reminds me of the June 16, 2015 Gemini New Moon's Sabian Symbol ("A Man Trimming Palms") which perfected on the very morning of Tr*mp's freakish escalator ride downward to announce to a paid-for audience what I tend to call his lamentable, bigoted 'prez bid'.

Then for unconscious information we can check the Illumination Point opposite the New Moon - "13Leo" = "An Old Sea Captain Rocking": Keyword = RETROSPECT; positive: each person's unlimited capacity for calling up afresh the powers he has gained in his struggle for self-fulfillment; negative: insensibility to present reality in a full surrender to the past" (M.E.J.). Perhaps this reminds us both of fantasy-based Herr Tr*mp, put out to pasture and golfing by the sea as he plots a return to power with grudges festering inside - and of a regressive 'Republican Party' venerating bygone days of what they consider "glory" in a racist, hate-filled country the white power structure controlled. And they intend to take control again.

Now let's close with a further look ahead at February 2022 for we know that seeds and plans are laid and tend to take root at a New Moon and culminate with the next Full Moon which in this case perfects on February 16, 2022 @27Leo60 at 11:56 am est - fully revealing the natal Ascendant and rising Mars of the orange menace whose testy Mars happens to oppose US natal Moon (We The People) with apoplectic rage and malevolent aggression toward anyone in the populace who disagrees with him or who stands in his way.

Well, like a huge wad of gum stuck on the bottom of humanity's shoe, we both knew that his orangeness would have to show up somewhere in this post.

Jan 12, 2022

April 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction times a Civil War Solar Return

January 12, 2022

'Wild Cards' of the Universe and Cosmic Synchronicities

by Jude Cowell

In light of recent and current secessionist-type events, the DC Horoscope of the April 12, 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction @23Pis58 is hereby re-published just to add the point that the day of their bubbly, speculative conjunction is also a day of the Solar Return 2022 of the Civil War which began under deceptive Mercury-Neptune influences on April 12, 1861 with the Sun @22Ari27. (Of course, explosive, warring Mars-Uranus also had a hand as on the day of Inauguration 2021.)

Of interest is the Sabian Symbol of the Sun's rounded-up degree of '23Aries' = "A Woman in Pastel Colors Carrying a Heavy And Valuable But Veiled Load"; "Keyword: RETICENCE; positive expression: the unimpeachable integrity of the man whose fullness of life becomes a practical contribution to the circumstances in which he dwells; negative (unconscious/shadow side - jc) expression: a disinclination to participate at all fairly in everyday living." Now for me, this last relates to secessionists then and now to which I'd include obstructionist congressional Republicans, those radical reactionaries who long for a regressive America in the pre-Civil Rights and pre-Voting Rights days because they assume it can soothe their bigoted world view and support their alleged "supremacy".

Now we should also add the Sabian Symbol for the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction of April 12, 2022 @24Pisces which is notated messily in the center of the horoscope but I'll also type its potentials for you below:

'24Pisces' = An Inhabited Island"; "Keyword: CULTIVATION; positive expression: achievement through a creative opportunism or inventiveness of exceptional order; negative expression: snobbish complacency and self-indulgence" (Jones). Is this a NYC island, perhaps?

Energies of Jupiter-Neptune when combined can certainly appreciate self-indulgence between Jupiter's expansion principle and Neptune's urge to merge and become lax or slack, plus, the planetary duo suggests several other potentials, both positive and negative, such as:

'Visions, dreams, mysticism, idealism, the grand spirit, the 'Big Lie', corruption, theft, veils, disguises, pretense, loss of reality, compassion, inspiration, fraud, get-rich-quick schemes, speculation, inflation, bubbles, instability, loss, political conflicts, sabotage, vast deceptions, increased gaslighting, gain without effort, abundant feelings, expansive creativity, tricks of the eye or ear, art interests, impressionability, easy seduction, scandal via instability, the wrong diagnosis, foolish surmisings, shoddy conditions, Utopian illusions (used to break down society), neglect of ethics, confusion, senseless doctrine, hypocrisy as a form of internal policy, a degraded legal system based on favors and pay-offs, unfounded legal situations or theories, churches espousing a moral philosophy for all (rather than one based on each believer's conscience), vague excuses, overlooking the faults of others, unexplained events or miracles, worn out or inefficient forms of publicity, and/or myth-making.

Well, there's my Jupiter-Neptune list, the most complete I've published so far. How about yours? Care to step up and add a name-tagged potential or two?

For a view of the 1861 Civil War Horoscope try Zealotry and the Civil War's Progressed Full Moon, a symbolic phase that perfected on - of all days - December 14, 2020, the day of the Electoral College Vote when a 4 South Solar Eclipse, a 'wild card of the Universe', manifested with its difficult themes and 'strong feelings' that continue to bedevil and sabotage America - all because the orange sore loser refuses to let it go.

Related: When US Neptune Turned Retrograde by Progression and unreality slowly gained an upper hand. And this makes any Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction a particularly relevant cosmic synchronicity for the United States of America.

Jan 2, 2022

Summer 2022: Stars Over Washington's Progressed New Moon!

A Progressed New Moon Phase for SO'W Draws Nigh

by Jude Cowell

The photo, below, taken with my phone may be readable for you but even if not, the point is that Stars Over Washington, now in its 17th year and gray around the muzzle, will symbolically reach a Secondary Progressed ('SP') New Moon @9Sco43 on July 15, 2022. Rounded-up to "10Scorpio," the SP New Moon's Sabian Symbol must be somehow significant though perhaps only in a timing sort of way. Here's an analysis of the symbol by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones:

"10Scorpio": "A Fellowship Supper"; "--human service on the practical side of everyday reality."

How perfect for yours truly, a Saturnian astrologer! By which is meant that I read genetic inheritance, ancestry, and DNA in horoscopes, not 'past lives.' As in, Science, facts, and realism, not unproveable Uranian theories that spin tall tales of the rebirths of historical figures such as Marie Antoinette. But that's just me. You do you! Because the way I look at it, anyone may be descended from a queen or a king - many Americans are - but each of us are born unique personages in our own right and in our own time.

Now writing and publishing SO'W during its 'dark of the moon' Balsamic Moon Phase which began on August 17, 2018 (with SP Moon @20Vir50 semi-square SP Sun 5Sco50), it always takes a while before an SP New Moon effectively, symbolically begins to cast more light. And of course the SP New Moon eventually leads to symbolic culmination and full awareness to be attained near the time of SO'W's SP Full Moon @23Tau46 (conjunct 2005 Midheaven!) which perfects on July 8, 2036.

Now naturally, I don't expect to be writing SO'W by then due to advanced age-iness, and whether a family member will continue to pay domain fees to Google to keep it Live and running will be up to them but I wouldn't expect such an effort if I were you. For one thing, unless things shift, they remain innocent about Astrology. Even so, perhaps in, or prior to, 2036, SO'W will be fondly remembered by a few readers - and probably reviled by others as a 'good riddance' if it's thought of at all!

So without further ado, here's the horoscope of SO'W's symbolic SP New Moon of July 15, 2022; make of it what you may! And follow the link, below, for a view of the October 2005 Horoscope:

Dr. Jones continues, "Keyword: FRATERNITY; positive expression: an effective channeling of personal aspirations into the common place grooves of shared experience; negative expression: a surrender of individual distinction and exaltation of naive animality." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, M.E. Jones #ad).

My suspicion is that how well or poorly SO'W (and its author) manage to do such things will be in the eyes of the beholder (that's you!). However, I am reminded of the similarity between the reference to "common place" and my typical mention through the years in various posts and sidebar Welcome message, of using a "common good lens" to look at Politics, politicians, and societal matters. And of course, "shared experience" can relate to political practices, laws and their effects (aka, interference) upon our lives. Plus, as a "Child of the Revolution" ("30Cancer"), my efforts here are, and have always been, for the sake of America.

Yet when it comes to "naive animality," I'm uncertain what was intended so I searched for the term and discovered instead an interesting page describing the meanings of Native American Totem Animals (which may nor may not apply). So having some Native American heritage myself, I thought you might want to check out the animals. As for SO'W, its totem animal seems to be the ram since it began in 2005 with an Aries Moon (plus, the Scales of Justice: a Libra Sun). Of course, the SP New Moon in Scorpio is super obvious: the eagle! Unless a phoenix is available.

To close, here's a view of the founding horoscope of Stars Over Washington set for October 16, 2005 at the moment of my first-ever published post (with royal Regulus rising and enraged Algol at MC!

Sep 24, 2021

June and September 2021 Mercury Direct and Rx in Air

September 24, 2021: With Mercury having turned Direct on June 22, 2021 @16Gem07:37 (5:59:52 pm edt), then stationing to turn Rx (retrograde) on September 27, 2021 @25Lib28:25 (1:10 am edt), we have the planet of communications, thinking, planning, discussions, messages and memes, teaching and studying, trade and commerce, magic, changing conditions, and all other Mercurial things performing tricks in the mental Air signs of Mercury-ruled Gemini and Venus-ruled Libra. Why, it's even possible that mind-changing may occur and lies may be told!

Additionally significant is the fact that Monday September 27th is the day that the US House of Representatives re-turns from summer vacation with many issues, plans, negotiations, and proposals to re-consider and, if any legislation should occur while Mercury is Rx, to re-read the fine print very closely paying rapt attention to all details. Looking ahead, we should note that Mercury turns Direct again on October 10, 2021 @10Libr08 and must (seemingly from Earth's vantage point) re-trace its previous territory until reaching and surpassing its shadow degree (25Lib28:25) in early November after which Mercurial matters can better progress and proceed.

So! Perhaps the Sabian Symbol of Mercury's stationing degree of "26Libra" (25+ rounded up) will add details to the 'House Returns' picture, and we'll also check out the opposite degree and symbol (26Aries) for it's the Illumination Point that provides additional unconscious or shadow-side information, for the curious. Naturally, 'the eagle' is a favored symbol for America (and for ancient Rome, and for other entities mentions of which are beyond the scope of this post.) Plus, a dove traditionally represents the District of Columbia and, of course, peace.

"26Libra": "An Eagle and a Large White Dove Turning One Into the Other" - "Keyword: ADEPTNESS; positive expression: unusually effective self-discipline; negative expression: unhappy vacillation between ultimate ideals and momentary desires."

Illumination Point "26Aries": "A Man Possessed of More Gifts Than He Can Hold" - "Keyword: EQUIPMENT; positive expression: an uncompromising independence and an inexhaustible drive toward self-discovery; negative expression: an obsession by ideas of no importance." (My italics.)

So that's symbolic info from Marc Edmund Jones in his The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. Now let's also consult Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala (#ad) for his Keynote analyses:

"26Libra": "The interaction of the spiritual Will and of the Love principle when critical needs arise"; which potency, Rudhyar explains, "finds it difficult at first to adjust to its new world of perception and possibilities of action." And --

"26Aries": "Obsession by potentiality" which, "represents a new, higher approach to the use of polarized forces," and, he adds, "there are many levels of adept-ship" which to me, adds more than a hint of occultism to the Masonic Temple we call the US Capitol Building and its worker bees - whether all of them realize it or not.

And so, for those of us who wish to retain America as a democratic Republic, a "new higher approach" to our nation's current problems caused by the subversive infiltration by bad faith actors would be most welcomed by We The People while skipping over the "ideas of no importance."

Say, remember this from early 2008: Planet Mercury the Messenger gets a fly-by from Mercury?

Related: Saturn-Pluto in the Roman Empire Horoscope.

Above image: the US Capitol Building {official portrait; public domain}; photo taken pre-January 6th attack by manic Trump zealots.

Sep 21, 2021

Lunar Eclipse: Modern Humanity's Reaction to its Total Solar Eclipse in Taurus

by Jude Cowell

September 21, 2021:

Below is a view of the DC Horoscope showing the Lunar Eclipse of May 11, 1892 @21Sco39 which provides us with clues concerning Modern Humanity's instinctive reactions to the karmic conditions associated with our Total Prenatal Solar Eclipse of April 26, 1892 (7Tau05) which manifested four days prior to the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto (7Gem41). Their conjunction times the Horoscope for Modern Humanity and suggests potentials for criminal networks (organized crime), fraud, mysticism, occultism, the supernatural, illusions, manias, obsessions, drug use, presentiments, spiritual confusion, and/or loss:

Finding clues to our emotional reactions to the solar eclipse may be accomplished bwo of multiple methods such as: an eclipse's sign/s (Taurus-Scorpio here), Sabian and other Symbols, fixed stars and the planetary and angular links to them if any, sensitive degrees, midpoint pictures, the Sun-Moon blend of energies, and asteroids along with the usual chart and planetary factors of your choice.

To get you started sleuthing, there are some basic factors:

1. Themes of the April 26, 1892 Total Solar Eclipse which fell in the 2 Old North Saros Series - and is also the Prenatal Eclipse series ('PE') of Donald Trump (note that a 2 Old North last repeated on July 12, 2018 @21Cancer, then came 'The Tower' Eclipse on August 11th @19Leo - now we're attempting to "Build Back Better" - delayed by tiresome Republican obstructionism).

2. the sign of the eclipsed Moon: Scorpio and the Taurus Sun, a 2nd/8th house polarity containing Venus-Mars-Pluto influences with firm connections to finances, corporatism, values, occult practices, and death. And as usual, all eclipses are Uranian in nature and tend to uncover hidden things and change the course of earthly affairs bwo of disruption and sudden events with Total eclipses having the strongest influence. They function as 'cosmic blinks' from above, often act as Universal wild cards, and are associated with historical cycles.

1. 2 Old North themes: 'a difficult family of eclipses that can bring unfortunate news involving friendships and/or relationships; separations and endings of unions; things look glum at first but results can be positive as people quickly grasp what has to be done; fast action can lead to good outcomes' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad). So all is not lost, dear reader!

2. *Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio a pragmatic Earth-Water blend that can be extremely stubborn, confident, protective, and sensual. This is an independent combination of energies - very shrewd, demanding, and creative. Its obsessive convictions and magnetism make strong impressions upon people and events, yet somehow possessiveness must find a way to coordinate with an independent streak. Meanwhile, subjective, biased responses are typical and a lust for power will certainly be noticed. Plus, the usual Scorpio advice applies here: control yourself more and others less - but this is good advice which many power-craving politicians love to ignore.

As for the passionate Scorpio Moon, its fighting spirit is influenced by deep emotions, betrayal is often an issue, ambition and tenaciousness are evident, and life is often viewed as a struggle for existence. In the sign of Luna's fall, Scorpio Moon suggests an over-estimation of self (overconfidence), a tendency to hold grudges and take revenge, along with jealousy, envy, tactlessness, and brooding. (We might note that Scorpio is the sign of the 2017 Inauguration Moon.)

Many More Astro-Clues Lurk Within the Horoscope But Basically --

Modern Humanity is responding to its Prenatal Solar Eclipse themes (listed, above) through the negative traits of an emotional Scorpio Moon blended with a Taurean Sun placed in the 7th house of Partnerships and indicating a power potential best expressed through relationships. Negatively, Taurus can be stubborn, possessive, and intolerant, as you know, but can also express positively though growth, development, stability, and purposeful determination toward goals. As an Earth sign, Taurus is practical with a materialistic streak and a key phrase of, "I have." A Venusian appreciation for beauty, comfort, and security keeps Taureans busy on the path to success while understanding their inner motives is considered an unecessary waste of time! A favorite Taurean phrase may be, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" which to me suggests Taurus' well-known lazy streak.

The Nodal Axis

Now other clues are found through the North Node of future direction and destiny (in 7th house spotlighted by the Sun) @16Tau59. Its rounded-up degree of "17Taurus" has a Sabian Symbol apt for our times: "A Symbolical Battle Between 'Swords' vs 'Torches'" which suggests, among other things, the ongoing conflict between the violent white power movement and those who prefer civilized democracy rather than neo-nazism. Necessity and desire are in conflict here which represents unequal, unbalanced societies being undermined by the difficult haves vs have-nots dynamic. And in modern Western cultures circa 2021 it's worse in America.

Then if we consult Adriano Carelli for his symbolic interpretation of the May 11, 1892 Lunar Eclipse's North Node degree (he never rounds up) we have a rather interesting word picture for "16Taurus":

"A man riding an ass." Carelli explains,

"Stubborn rather than steady, slow and often sluggish in everything; groundlessly cocksure, incapable of abstract thinking, {this degree} will not carry {its} headstrong efforts to any successful end. {} not liked by many, and will have to go through life nearly alone. Whatever amount of luck Fate has in store {}, it will run low in {the} former half. Bad luck will set in later, owing to {} foolish self-assurance. Neither exile nor forceful segregation can be ruled out. {Although} marriage may be lucky."

Well, can you find resonances within the Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio blend? I believe so. And perhaps its details sound like someone we all know. Plus, we must note that the North Node points directly toward a significant political and cosmic event in the US: the Lunar Eclipse manifesting on the very day of America's 2022 Midterm Elections which creates a cosmic time link spanning 129 years!

Now let's close this post with the South Node's Carelli degree and symbol as the Illumination Point of unconscious revelation, something that Modern Humanity depends upon whether anyone realizes it or not - even though the idea of it seems to have been left far behind in Modern Humanity's distant and misty past while falsehood, greed, and brutality have taken over many minds as they pursue (temporary!) earthly power:

"16Scorpio": "A Knight of the Holy Grail":

{} a spirit of Christian charity and mercy served by an enlightened mind and a chivalrous and enthusiastic heart. A knight errant may not tell a lie; formidable as the foes may be, a righteous one cannot be conquered in an ordeal, a merciful one cannot but be human and kind, a Christian hero cannot but be lovable."

For as everyone knows in these 'modern' times, an honest man is hard to find.

*For more details consult Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli, and Eclipses by Rose Lineman (#ad).

Sep 16, 2021

When Chiron Returns to Discovery Degree @3Tau08

Hubble image of Chiron 2015; {public domain}: Chiron in tropical Pisces

'Rainbow Bridge' Chiron says, Be Here Now!

by Jude Cowell

September 16, 2021:

As you know, astronomer Charles T. Kowal (November 8, 1940--November 28, 2011) discovered Chiron @3Tau08 Rx on November 1, 1977 (10:00 am PST Mount Palomar Observatory) although the celestial body was later found on photographic plates as far back as 1895 with Chiron traveling through the sign of Libra the entire year. You also know that in Astrology, Chiron is associated with archetypes such as 'the wounded healer', 'the wound', 'the key', the 'blind spot', 'the catalyst', 'the hologram', 'the bridge' (between earthly Saturn and 'sky god' Uranus), and the Christ archetype which on a personal level is the most evocative of all (imho!).

And of course one facet for those who have faith in the Second Coming is that Christ is the key that opens the door to Eternal Life for all who prefer Life over death. Perhaps it's being born under a Jupiter-Saturn trine in practical Earth signs that gives me no problem with this at all for Jupiter represents the generous side of our Creator (the staff) while Saturn (the rod) signifies the disciplinary side. Happily no conflict here! Plus, way back in 1977 I greatly appreciated the healing boost for the Collective via Chiron's link to alternative medicine.

According to Dane Rudhyar

Now mention must be made of the rounded-up Sabian Symbol of Chiron's discovery degree of "4 Taurus" for its enlightenment: "The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow" with the rainbow symbolizing the Covenant of God with Noah (to never destroy the entire Earth by water again). In An Astrological Mandala (#ad), Dane Rudhyar adds, "In all mythologies it expresses, in one way or another, a linking process--or the bridge used by divine beings to communicate with mortals." He continues that the rainbow is, "the source of symbolic, universally valid wealth"; Keyword: "COMMUNION."

However, a caution: we must not assume that the Return/s of Chiron to discovery degree 3 times in the years 2027 and 2028 are heralds of the Second Coming of Christ for no man knows the hour of that long-awaited cosmic return. And that 'no one' includes TV evangelicals, false prophets, enders.

Yet a promise was given to humanity and "Faith in the validity of a promise" is required for karmic progress even in this highly skeptical world! Meanwhile, Rudhyar states that, "COMMUNION" involves "a transubstantiation of matter" and counsels us that, "Man need not be overawed by the celestial display of power, for it leads to a fruitful contact with beings of light." (Well, I can't quite agree with this since being overawed, even overwhelmed, by such a celestial happening seems a certainty to me. But please note that I am not a UFO-er.)

Now I've previously written about Chiron on my general astrology blog if you care to take a look for more details are there.

So after looking at all three Chiron Return horoscopes, it turns out that Pluto squares Chiron in each chart: June 8, 2027, October 7, 2027, and April 6, 2028. A bit of general information concerning this Fixed square follows for the Collective but please don't take it explicitly in reference to your own life unless the square from early Taurus to early Aquarius links to your natal or progressed planets, falls upon angles of your chart, and/or you know in which houses (departments of life) the early degrees of Taurus and Aquarius land, especially if the houses are angular (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th).

Of Pain, Wounds, and Regeneration

A Chiron-Pluto square contains extremely intense energies and indicates power and control issues, and/or an obsession over pain avoidance or relief. Yet with primal Pluto the planet of regeneration and transformation, the square forces us to face our deepest wounds and if appropriate, to atone for and correct any part we played in creating them. To clear our minds, hearts, and consciences of any wounds that we have purposefully or inadvertently caused others will be helpful along with ending denials of guilt. Escapism through the heavy use of drugs, some elicit, is tempting but is a negative possibility of the square as well as other forms of addiction, plus, a fascination with the occult or other types of Plutonian control will not lead anyone onto a positive path. Fortunately, the third return on April 6, 2028 contains a calming Moon-Chiron trine which will supply a sense of harmony and will promote a balance between "the emotions and the higher self in consciousness" (Clow).

Well, that's my admittedly Protestant take on things and as always, disagree if you please, dear reader. But if you do, perhaps you'll leave an on-topic comment concerning the matter with your name bravely attached. Be here now and don't be shy! jc

Image: my depiction of Chiron Returns 2027-2028; pencil on paper.

Sep 2, 2021

September and October 2021's New and Full Moons

Image: 'Moon Phases' a pencil depiction perpetrated by Jude Cowell

September 2, 2021: Below is a list of lunations (New and Full Moons) which manifest in September and October 2021. Each degree's rounded-up Sabian Symbol (word picture) is added along with each Symbol's 'caution to avoid' (aka, the negative, unconscious, and/or shadow side expression) because SO'W is concerned with our predatory political system full of wolves lying in wait for the unwary and the misinformed:

September 2021:

September 7th New Moon @14Vir38 = "15Virgo" = "An Ornamental Handkerchief"; "Keyword: GRACEFULNESS." Caution to avoid: "insinuating self-pretense and a pompous interest in trifles."

September 20th Full Moon @28Pis14 = "29Pisces" = "A Prism"; "Keyword: VALIDATION." Caution to avoid: "fatuous pride of intellect."

October 2021:

October 6th New Moon @13Lib25 = "14Libra" = "A Noon Siesta"; "Keyword: RECUPERATION." Caution to avoid: "a fundamental and self-defeating disinterest in life."

October 20th Full Moon @27Ari26 = "28Aries" = "A Large Disappointed Audience"; "Keyword: DISJUNCTION." Caution to avoid: "a destructive assimilation of the self to every defeat or frustration of human kind."

(For more details see The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones #ad - or, consult your favorite source for degree symbols.)

Please note that the above dates depend upon how close to midnight a New or Full Moon becomes exact so there may be a day's difference. jc

Jul 11, 2021

The Saturn-Uranus Cycle of President Joe Biden

July 11, 2021: As you know, Bebe Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942 with a wide conjunction in Gemini of status quo Saturn Rx and progressive Uranus Rx straddling his natal Descendant (3Gem11). Below is a Horoscope of the Saturn-Uranus Conjunction of 1942 which times the beginning of the Saturn-Uranus Cycle that President Joe Biden was born into. The turmoil and conflicts struggling under the dynamic energies of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square in the rigid signs of Taurus and Aquarius might make this post useful for at least a few SO'W readers!

Now as you see, the chart is set for Scranton, Pennsylvania since Joseph Robinette Biden was born in that particular location, as the legend goes. Note that relocating the chart to Washington DC makes little difference and, significantly, no planets change houses. A few Sabian Symbols and other chart factors are added to the horoscope so that you don't have to, plus, a smattering of astro-notes concerning the Saturn-Uranus pair of planets are typed below the chart for anyone who might need them although you can certainly think of more potentials for the 'old order vs new order' pair besides those listed:

General Astro-Notes: Saturn-Uranus Potentials

Tension; separation; provocation; self-willedness; obstinacy; limitation of freedom; Israel and Palestine; rebellion (usually against authority); violent acts and violent people; agitators; intervention in destiny; ability to cope; growing stronger by overcoming obstacles (R. Ebertin).

Now here's Saturn-Uranus in Hegelian Dialectic form

'Thesis: Counter-revolutionary rule; interaction of legislative and executive bodies' (as on 1.6.21? - jc); 'balancing conservatives and progressives; legislative processes able to temper traditional needs to new ideas.'

'Antithesis: Restrictions on personal contacts due to political situations which are beyond an enterprise's jurisdiction; control of access to political dissidents; sudden indifference by people to traditional mores or laws.' (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, by Michael Munkasey.)

(Dear whippersnapper: the word is pronounced, mor rays'.)

Well, considering how Republicans are carrying on these days, I'd have to say that 'indifference to ethics' should be tossed into the GOP's scofflaw bag, too.

Meanwhile, there are at least four Sabian Symbols which should be listed on the chart but are not: Sun "13Taurus" = "A Man Handling Baggage" and Moon "20Sagittarius" = "People Cutting Through Ice For Summer Use." Also Venus "28Pisces" = "A Fertile Garden Under a Full Moon" opposite Neptune Rx "28Virgo" = "A Bald-Headed Man Dominates a Gathering of National Figures." (We may have found Joe!) To me the Venus-Neptune opposition represents on one level the Catholic faith in which Mr. Biden takes part, and, as a Protestant, I'll risk typing it out loud: goddess (Venus) idolatry (Neptune), and all the church's graven images, Mary (Venus) being one. Placing womankind upon a pedestal is often involved as well along with issues of Personal Love vs Universal Love (A. Oken) where service to the Collective becomes a life's mission (ex: Joe Biden). There's much more to the dreamy Venus-Neptune duo, of course, but there it is.

So in closing, see lower left for chart-ruler Moon's only applying aspect in the chart, an oposition to Jupiter in Gemini. As you see, the ethics-related Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is intercepted in this chart which adds a fated or karmic flavor to conditions and/or outcomes which must be dealt with. Of course, use a different house system and the interception would probaby disappear, or another one might appear!

And note that activist Mars rises with fixed star Mirzam (to have one's say) along with Phaethon, a mythological figure that tended to take on responsibilities before he was fully prepared.

Previously on SO'W: Karmic Planets Block President Biden into 2022 and for one, I'm sure you've noticed that transit Pluto is opposing his natal Jupiter Rx 25Can08 (natal 8th house), a period when his economic expansion and political objectives are not favored and other beneficial transits and cosmic conditions are needed to mitigate the negative factors. Three exact oppositions from powerful Pluto to his natal Jupiter (exalted in Cancer!) have and will occur all through 2021: January 29, August 4, and finally on December 4, 2021.

Apr 22, 2021

Horoscopes: America's Jupiter Returns 2013 and 2025

April 22, 2021: Nope, not a whole bunch of text today, only two DC Horoscopes showing America's current Jupiter Return which perfected on July 22, 2013 (lower left - 2021 Uranus across the top/MC = crisis; reforms), and our nation's next Jupiter Return on July 5, 2025 (upper right). Significant is our country's 1776 Jupiter's rounded-up degree of '6 Cancer' and its very descriptive Sabian Symbol, "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" which implies the greed which is the sickness at the core of the Plutocracy through the auspices of which this idealistic experiment called America was begun. And with expansive Jupiter involved, in general our society's tendency toward greed seems only to have grown.

Now as you know, Jupiter is exalted (works best) when in Moon-ruled Cancer, a business-oriented sign of home, family, protection, and needs met. So approximately every 12 years since 1776, when transit Jupiter returns to its July 4, 1776 degree (5Can55:59), the same conjunctions re-form which were in force on that day with our natal Venus and Sun with potentials for - Jupiter to Venus: desire for luxury; potential benefits; fortunate alliances; compromised principles; Jupiter to Sun: ego expansion; self-indulgence; generosity; self-inflating tactics; more money, knowledge, and/or awareness; grand plans.

Note: Mundane Jupiter = expansion, freedom, ideals, philosophy, justice, protection, exploration, discovery, boundary-breaking, good fortune, breakthroughs, finance, banking, investment, politics, religion, corporatism, gurus, thespians, professors, lawyers, judges, and more.

As you see, 2013 Moon @25Cap36 has been catalyzed multiple times by recent transits such as transit Pluto (today @26Cap48) to Moon, another crisis indicator that also suggests the emotional and physical trauma and abuse that so many people are suffering for a variety of reasons. Intense turmoil and overwhelming circumstances are denoted but as with every transit, the influences will pass. However, transit Pluto will be opposing 2013 Sun (29Can48 = '30Cancer' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution") showing that our contest-of-wills/no-compromise political conditions concerning US leadership (Sun) will continue in relation to Jupiterian circumstances, conditions, and people, any of which are noted above. Take your pick!

So until on or about July 5, 2025, check current transits if you wish, for we remain under the influences of America's 2013 Jupiter Return with its chart-ruler, the Sun, making only one applying aspect in the chart, a square to Saturn @4Sco59 conjunct IC (4:50) suggesting a continuation of concentration on business and the need for hard work. Plus, Saturn/4th house indicates links to real estate, mining, natural resources, and, if the American people can be that fortunate despite the plutocatic oppression that weighs so many of us down, to the conservation and preservation of our homeland and its resources:

Mar 28, 2021

Horoscope: US Slave Trade's Prenatal Solar Eclipse

Racism in America: And So It All Began

by Jude Cowell

March 28, 2021: As you know, the first African slaves were traded in America at Hampton, Virginia on August 25, 1619. Meant to supply cheap labor for the plantations of Virginia including Jamestown Colony, the introduction of enslaved, initially unskilled workers triggered the beginning of the racist issues our society continues to grapple with today - or not grapple with as the case so often is.

Tobacco was the lucrative industry of the era and displacing indentured workers of the Caucasian persuasion with slaves created conditions in early America of starvation and deep resentment of whites against folks who were forcibly transported here through no fault of their own.

A 1619 Solar Eclipse Describes Historical Conditions and Events

Below is the horoscope of the 'First Slaves Traded's Prenatal Solar Eclipse' which perfected on July 11, 1619 (Total) in the 18 South Saros Series. 18 South's themes could not be more appropriate to events: 'Endings, partings, separations' (Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad), plus, the eclipse @18Can31 conjuncts 1619 Pollux and activates the star's influences of: murder, rape, cruelty (A. Louis). And with disruptive Uranus in Cancer nearby and rising, break-ups of family units and separation of parents and children occurred and cruelly continued through the years, as you know. Plus, planet Uranus also represents change and/or change of direction as eclipses do. For America in 1619, trading slaves certainly was that.

Now in addition, all solar eclipses in the Moon-ruled sign of tribal Cancer, sign of family, home, and protection, suggests emotional extremes and karmic family ties - ties that were negated by slave traders and most Virginians who participated in the proceedings as a handy way to increase profits (moneybags Jupiter in pioneering Aries at Midheaven leads a BOWL shape of planets with a Mars-Neptune Conjunction of exploitation at IC, the Foundation of the Matter.

See lower left for the only applying aspect of chart-ruler Moon and the fear and anxiety it contains, plus, there's the dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross of direct confrontations and strong ambitions to succeed. With Jupiter at MC ('The Goal') it seems obvious that making money was the point (as if we didn't already know!).

Other interesting chart factors concerning racist and other issues are penned on the eclipse chart should you wish to enlarge the image, check them out, and leave a comment if you dare. Note two Sabian Symbols in particular: that of Venus ("12Gemini"; upper in blue) and that of 18 South's initial degree (lower right, red and blue; August 20, 1096 OS) of "4 Virgo" = "A Colored Child Playing with White Children" (Jones):