May 31, 2006

Do you like Maureen Dowd's writing?

Then try
It's non-fattening, too.

And there's a go-to site for climate science in case you're interested.

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May 30, 2006

Congress huffs, puffs, blows

As Congress Theater heated up today with their apparently recent notice that their authority is under attack by the Bush-Gonzales Boy Duo--and you'd think they might've noticed it 'ere this...after the first hundred or so "signing statements"--Congress got it's huffery-puffery up, and blew in the general direction of Albert Gonzales and the stand-ins for George Bush, one assumes.

Now this would be full o'yux if it weren't so dire for the US Constitution,and for the People it protects, so I'd like to discuss current transits to the US Con's natal chart.

Of late, the transiting midpoint between Saturn and Pluto has been dancing about with US Con's natal Neptune, so we have:

Sat/Plu = Neptune: falsehood; fraud; lies; desire to harm others secretly (this energy goes, in our dualistic world, in both directions); instability; immorality; shattered nerves.

AND>> tr Neptune is wedged between n Sat/Plu, so there's a double emphasis on the above!!! Just great, si?

Alberto G is in fine fettle, but I want to donate a screen door for his patootie to hit on his way out, if only he'd take the huffers'n'puffers up on their dramatic, if insincere, offer.

Now at 9:30 am today on Capitol Hill, tr Mc was conjunct US Con's n Neptune, so you could tell there was some thespianisms, some insecurity, and/or deceit under the spotlight.

Do YOU believe the floater about Al and his crew threatening to "quit" if they had to give back the Jefferson bootie? Go'wahn--no you don't! That was to protect Bush's finger in the pie--and a frozen one at that. Personally I've always preferred the frozen strawberry kind, thanks, but not for $90,000. It is a good idea though, to freeze in separate packets, so things won't stick together--easier to thaw that way, too.

You can tell Jefferson's Ma taught him well in the kitchen.

But where did Gonzales learn his moves? If you've looked at his natal chart (Aug 4, 1955, San Antonio, TX, time unknown) you know he has a triple conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter around 11-12 Leo. That's a lot of puffy Leo for one hombre to contain...similar to Bush's, in fact.

Mercury-Jupiter expands the mental capacities; plus, Sun/Jup is a natural salesman.

But his n Saturn 14Sco44 is in process of being visited by tr Jupiter--an easing of the burdens of responsibilities may be in the offing (screen door..patootie...?); yet his status may also IMPROVE. Sheesh. Next conjunction of Jup to n Saturn will be Sep 9/10 upcoming.

Now if I knew Al G's birth time, I'd know exactly where in AQ his n Moon is placed--earliest possibility is 16AQ10, latest is 28AQ53. This opens up the chance that tr Neptune has, or will be triggering his n Moon...depending on the orb you allow, it probably already has, with more to come:

Tr Neptune to n Moon = brings a sense of rootlessness as well as an inability to make or keep commitments, or to get others to commit. Family ties may erode in some way and/or a mystery or confusion concerning the family or one's background could surface; hard-to-diagnose physical conditions may appear and/or they may be psychosomatic in origin.

There's an increased potential for flood or gas leaks in the home, or one may be a victim of theft (or the perpetrator, hmm-m-m? Puh); or there may be a move to an ocean, a hospital, or near a penal institution (only "near"?)...or to an isolated location (like a secret bunker? They'll never take him alive.)

Well, that's it for here, for now, for them, so I'll not mention careless George losing yet Another official, or dear old Hank Paulson of Goldman Sachs taking over th helm of the Treaury Dept. With the exception of Paulson's connection with China, I can't see it'll be much difference considering how Bush has already outsourced the entire US government to the underworld crime syndicate...not that he was the first by any means.

Yet, still a coup for Bush is Paulson, and the environmental sparks, if Hank's the birdwatcher he purports himself to be, should fly.

Casolaro did try to warn us, didn't he?

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May 29, 2006

his nose not a cucumber

Today Bush gave the annual Memorial Day message at Arlington Cemetery, and said he's "in awe" of soldiers who show up for duty and do their jobs, and that "--America always goes to war reluctantly."

Is he making a Pinnochio Salad with that nose? Going to a cook-out later?

As he pretended to eat crow the other day with Blair at his side--Bush supposedly chastened by his poor choice of taunting words at the start of his war--I almost dropped my dentures at the bad acting. Blair had jet lag and so had no difficulty looking glum and tuckered out, but Bush was his usual shilling self. Fancies himself a thespian, does George.

Each loss is heartbreaking all right, and each photo-op becomes even more obscene from these two.

So add some crusty croutons and pass the Honey Dijon, I feel a 2nd course coming on...(they're lookin' at YOU, Iran.)

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May 27, 2006

Bush: addicted to oil blunders

Here's a laundry list set out in an op-ed by Rosa Brooks in the LA Times...why blame only oil barons when you can justifiably blame ham-fisted George? Rosa Brooks: Bush's $15-a-barrel blunder

The only change I'd make to her argument is blunderS, not blunder.

Turns out, Bush is addicted to "exceptionally grave damage", too, so his warrantless spying is so-o-o necessary as White House Invokes Privilege in Spy Cases 'cos even John Negroponte said it's ok and not undemocratic at all. Why worry?

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May 26, 2006

Hayden's Gunfire Salute?

After studying Michael Hayden's natal chart all morning (Mar 17, 1945 sunrise, Pittsburgh) and the sunrise-over-Capitol-Building chart for today, I was somewhat interrupted by the sensational reports of gunfire in the Rayburn Building where Reps have their offices, and which was the scene of the previous Saturday Night Special delivered to non-cooperative Congressman Jefferson by the FBI with their Freezer Raid.

Today's gunfire...thieves searching for more frozen moola? A gunfire salute in happiness at Hayden's successful confirmation as Director of CIA? Quite a first day for General-Director Hayden, ya think?

Or, as Rep Howard Berman's chief-of-staff, Gene Smith so brilliantly posed, "They said they heard gunfire in the Rayburn garage, but this is a huge building. I'm guessing it's a car backfiring or balloons popping."

What balderdash! Such poorly constructed damage-control!

1. When was the last time anyone heard a "car backfiring"?
2. If it's such a "huge building", how large would popping balloons have to be in order to be heard? Mr Smith pops the balloons of credulity, which may backfire in its silliness.

UPDATE: tv reporting that "a report of a single shot" was called in by an "unidentified caller." Could be a nasty prank, of course, or a planned disruption of Hoekstra's Senate Intelligence Committee which was in process of meeting. The House Reps had slunk outta Dodge or were in process of clearing out--naturally--for the Memorial Day weekend, the little pooped puppies.

>>>RE-UPDATE: 5:00 pm: NEVER MIND!! Rep Jim Saxton takes the blame--says he was in elevator (making his holiday escape, no doubt) when he heard what he thought was 6-10 gunshots--not backfiring, but gunshots. That started the chain of events, he says, which shut down the Rayburn and Capitol Buildings for 5 hours.

>>>Can we take it out of his petty cash snuggled sweetly in his freezer? Perhaps someone should set up a hearing aid fund...or at least thank him for falling on his sword so sacrificially without a whimper?

><>So here's the chart for sunrise with Michael Hayden's natal sunrise chart snugged around.

His confirmation has occurred during a Moon Return for him, AND a Venus Return.
The Moon-Venus combo = devotion, but can also indicate a tendency to be easily led by others. But that's when considered as a combo.

What of Hayden's personality blend? Since the Moon was in Taurus all day/evening on the day of his birth, we may confidently consider Sun Pis/Moon Tau:

The realist + the dreamer; affectionate; appreciates friendship; sociable; charming; great imagination; sensual; capable; concerned.

Greatest Strengths: vivid awareness of other peoples' feelings (ESP ability?); appreciation of the simple pleasures; warm; ability to realize dreams.

Greatest Weaknesses: possessive; stubborn; old-fashioned; clings to the past; weakness through sensuality; tendency to maneuver situations to satisfy security needs (his own or ours?)

Images: A nature mystic bakes bread in an earthen oven...An artist decorates her home lavishly.

Rising this morning there is "6Gem": "Drilling for oil"> SPECULATION...

pos: achievement through an exceptional concentration or specialization of effort;

neg: long-range or foolish gambling and ill-considered self-exploitation.

(Q: is the "Mining for oil" related to the gunfire in the Rayburn Building? Ha.)

Sun/Mercury points to Hayden's natal Uranus: a flair for technology and applied sciences; adjustment to new circumstances; inventions; erratic thinking; organization and reforms. Sounds as if the CIA is on the drawing board still, but that's no surprise given the Bush regime's ongoing reforms of this nation's very foundations, and of our checks'n'balances system now underfire and losing fast.

Around June 12/13, Saturn will conjunct his natal Pluto (and that of George Bush)--a period when power and control issues are under scrutiny by authority figures. (But who's got "oversight" anymore over this renegade administration?)

And with his confirmation now during the Balsamic phase of the Moon--a secretive time when the true nature of things has not yet been revealed--his tenure at the CIA helm may be harder to hang onto than he now imagines...things begun in Balsamic phase tend to peter out, although Hayden's spying + technological talents may be ripe for success under the dark of the Moon.

Plus, he's got the Bush regime--also on shakey ground--to "depend on"...

Pluto, he of the invisible helmet and cloak (the possibility for which is in the news this very day!) is, after all, at Hayden's (sunrise) Mc/Aspiration Point...power, control, manipulation, coping, and SPYing.


But in 2008, tr Neptune will begin to affect Hayden's natal Mars in AQ--a time of undermining of physical efforts and of male relationships. Deception or confusion dissolves accomplishments, so if he's still in the post 'til then, it may be a time for a LACK of recognition and of "missing the target"...

...IF he's still at the helm.

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"Gerry Mander" by Jude Cowell (c) 2006

Young Gerry Mander went to Congress 1994
when Gerry Mander got his way the Dems were out the door.
Re-draw the maps and shove the bills, we'll win it all, y'see
for I am Gerry Mander of the greedy GOP.

Let's contract with America to throw sand in her eyes
and outsource jobs for CEOs to carry off the prize.
With oily wars and phones to tap we'll raid the treasury
to keep the cash-cow flowing toward the greedy GOP.

Has Gerry found his way around the ethics on the Hill
while letting all the lobbyists write every single bill?
Our rights, our laws, our Constitution just a memory
to grand ole Gerry Mander of the greedy GOP.

Young Gerry's gotten older for it's now 2006
he's helped a few casinos with his gaudy bag o'tricks.
In '94 he raised our hopes and vowed transparency
but now he's just a cipher of the greedy GOP.

2008 approaches and more fraud is in the wings
he speaks of immigration and a thousand other things
except the one we need to hear that our election's free
from any interference from the greedy GOP.

--JC (c)May 26, 2006 1:36 am edt

May 25, 2006

Bush-Blair Justification ad nauseum

The infamously low-approval-rated War twins attempt to justify themselves again tonight at 7:30 pm, from the White House.

Rising is 25Sco04 with Mc 7Vir09--with Bush's feisty natal Mars crossing Mc at 7:40 pm, and Sun 4Gem36 conjunct Blair's natal Mars.

Chart-ruler Mars is inconjunct Pluto 25Sag59Rx--which is conjunct $2nd cusp$, and so Pluto crosses into 1st house between 7:31-32 pm--will the presentation begin a couple of minutes after 7:30? If so, it would give Bush's natal Mars time to move closer to Mc...his feistiness out there for the world to see, with Blair's Sun to Mars triggering in 7th house of partnerships/the public.

So tr Mars in 8th house of other peoples' money/credit/legacies/death, inconjunct tr Pluto in 2nd house>>this is the only applying aspect contentious Mars has during tonight's lectern-op. And since Pluto has connections to Publishing, I doubt this catapult will go over well in the media (except with those on the payroll.)

ASC (WHAT) "26Sco": "Indians making camp"> EXTEMPORATION...

pos: unusual resourcefulness and a gift for finding real opportunity in the least promising of situations;

neg: unambitious acceptance of things as they are.

Hmm-m-m...well, you know the word picture IS the Symbol--"Indians making camp" = "we're not leaving--the US economy would tank, and we'd look even worse than we do now, so we'll just keep on keep on speculating"--George and Tony.

Rudhyar gives a more complete picture: "American Indians making camp after moving into new territory." (I'll's called, occupation.)

But even more to the point is the next degree rising, "27Sco":

"A military band on the march" (*MEJ), while **DR gives it as: "A military band marching noisily on through the city streets." Keyword: POMP...

Keywords: The aggressive glorification of cultural values. (We've been overrun by agressive Martians of the governmental persuasion.)

7:30 pm edt: 'tis a Mercury hour--good for speeches, announcements, or pronouncements--and Mercury is out-of-bounds and as such, able to act on its own.

Mercury 13Gem15:

"14Gem": "A conversation by telepathy"> INTIMATION...

pos: an exceptional capacity for achievement through the more organic relationships of personality in given and pertinent connections;

neg: attempted accomplishmnet through inuendo or underhanded means. (They may be practicing their inuendo as I type.)

One enlightening way to use Sabian Symbols is to consider the opposite degree--the illumination point due to its unconscious nature, and in this case:

"14Sag": "The Pyramids and the Sphinx"> CERTIFICATION...

pos: effective praticality through a gift for bringing real imagination to everyday living;

neg: ridiculous efforts to fill the shoes of giants.

I'm not sure whose shoes of which giants they're attempting to fill, but given the lack of support in the US and in Britain for their misadventures, I'm quite certain that if the cameras pan down tonight, we'll see them standing in huge clown shoes.

2:22 pm edt

*Dr Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology;
**Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala...both books available on Amazon.


May 24, 2006

VA Confidential

Well, I can hardly wait to look at charts and post on the vets' records theft that happened on Jim Nicholson's watch, and on his Thursday-on-the-Hill cameos as he's summoned to explain himself to our pristine Reps and Senators.

But I'm under the spell of the American Idol finale tonight where the wrong contestant will probably win, and I'll be so verklempt, I'll not blog again until the morrow...

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May 23, 2006

Telecom Net Legislation

Capitol Building, May 24, 9:30 am edt:

May 24 is National Day of Out(r)age Against Telecom Legislation, and last I heard, the issue is to be considered on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

If this chart represents the beginning of their legislative day, we can see a few interesting tidbits concerning Uranus (technology; disruption; change; rebellion), and other factors--some of which are connected to the natal chart of George Bush.

This Balsamic phase--the dark of the Moon--signifies the behind-the-door flavor of this legislation, so let's shine the astro-light upon their sneaky machinations, shall we? It's not a good phase to begin something, which hopefully will aid bloggers and other internet-users everywhere--or it could signify that our internet freedoms are ending soon!

First, with Mars 23Can52 rising, the chances of active interventions and quarrels are emphasized, at "23Can": "Meeting of a literary society"> CRITICISM...

pos: accomplishment through an exacting appreciation of common effort and a rigorous revaluation of private acts and attitudes (uh oh--watch out, dissenting bloggers);

neg: a substitution of idle discussion for actual participation in reality (it's easier to blog about reality than to engage in it, eh? Agreed.)

Chart-ruler, Moon (the public) has just one applying aspect--an irritable semi-square to technological, changeable Uranus--which won't seem so minor, if the telecoms are allowed to lower the boom on our internet thereby changing it forever.

Moon is disposited by--and in mutal reception with--Mars--so perhaps a contentious Martian fellow (someone between 25-35 years old or so) will quarrel on behalf of Net Neutrality...?

Hopefully, it's not the "idle discussion" mentioned above, esp since it's been mostly idle discussion since the Reps took over Capitol Hill in 1994...just after the Uranus/Neptune conj which defines the New World Order so well. And these days we're dealing with Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception--and both associated with the worldwide web.

>True legislative discussions were shut out along with the Dems. Remember the Reps' campaign to "make Congess more accountable to the people" (insert: guffaw)? Or their promise to bring a "more open process to the House floor"? Puh! We see how THAT's played out.

Sly, aren't they? I blame the eye o'Newt primarily. I'm from Georgia, Newt claims to be--sir, I know Georgia, and you are NOT "from Georgia." (In honor of Lloyd Benson, who passed away today--more Saturn in Leo action...loss of leaders.)

So here we are>>May 24: At Mc, the WHY Point/Aspiration of the day is the recent Solar Eclipse degree, 8Ari+, the 'inventive flashes of genius, insights, intuitive leaps, and hunches' Eclipse Series, which is, imho, what they want to CONTROL! Bloggers make creative links every day between news stories, opinions, events and their cover-ups, and with other sites and blogs! Link away, m'friends, while we still can.

In first house and rising is Saturn 6Leo26 moving direct, and about to cross Bush's natal Ascendant again...Saturn of control/authority/restriction fame and emphasizing my last paragraph.

In 10th house of Public Status/Career we see Venus 24Aris13--exactly to-the-minute (partile) conjunct Bush's natal Mc 24Ari13--his own Aspiration Point...

"24Ari": "An open window and a >net< curtain blowing into a cornucopia"> MUNIFICENCE...

pos: an irrepressible genius for capturing the richer rewards of life and providing a wider distribution for the higher realities;

neg: a smug and petty self-importance in dispensing favors to others...("Net", "window"..."dispensing favors", "richer rewards"...more money for AT&T and Verizon, etc...BIG opportunity.)

Now if THAT doesn't describe what the telecom companies--and apparently Bush--are trying to do, I don't know what does. We even have Neptune Unaspected, thereby able to act on her own without input from the other planetary energies.

Perhaps Neptune (nets; webs; veils) will rescue itself through online activism (see this morning's post and sign all the petitions you can find!)

>9:30 am, Wednesday is during a Jupiter hour--good for $Jupiter-ruled things, one of which is expansion, and Rx Jupiter is in 4th house--the Foundation of the chart, in Scorpio, sign of the very rich and of SPYING.

Jupiter is also associated with the Republican Party--and Repub #1 = George Bush. (Saturn is associated with the Dems who are hoping to tamp (Saturn) George down.)

As you know, the Jup/Sat cycle is at the waning square stage, partile June 22, so this issue may come to a crisis around then with the vote scheduled for June--when moneybags Jupiter will be expecting even more pay-off...SPYING issues to be cont'd, too.

Now let's consider Wednesday's midpoints where the between-the-lines story is often told:

Sun/Uran = Venus: sudden outbursts within relationships;

Sun/Plu = Uranus: sudden change (there's an impulsive element to the day--no Earth in the chart); fanatic reforms; sudden adjustment to new circumstances (such as arrest)--this could be a reference to the 'arresting' of internet freedoms, for the vermin have so far eluded any true ethics reform or being held accountable, haven't they? They still infest.

Moon/Mars (angry people) = Mercury (communications): premature criticism; irritability; worrisome preoccupations;

Nep/Mc = Uranus: desire to bring ideas to realization at all costs; confusion; losing orientation to the mainstream (esp if you live in rural areas and/or must pay lower internet fees as they're proposing. Is this an attack on equality, or what?)

>>As usual, I've converted this chart to its Sun/Moon Arc Transform...the Conscious/Unconscious blend found by multiplying all postions/placements in a chart by whatever number it takes to bring Sun and Moon in conjunction. I find it gives a basic understanding of the energies/factors of any chart, and I recommend the method highly, if you haven't tried it yet.

This Conscious (Sun) + Unconscious (Moon) chart corresponds to one of da Vinci's Seven Virtues: "Arte-Scienza": development of a balance between science and art, between logic and imagination = Whole-Brain Thinking. Or, left brain + right brain = Wholeness.

Astrologers use this concept intuitively with every peek at every chart! It's the Eagle and the Lark, a la Bernadette Brady, in fact. See if you think these midpoints have any value in this situation:

Sun/Merc = Uranus: flair for applied technology; reforms and adjustments;

Moon/Merc = Uranus: a construction fault; sudden innovative thoughts and plans; irritability about progress (sounds like George wants to monitor and redirect online activity NOW before his poll #s delve into the minus zone); getting on with things hastily.

Uran/Mc = North Node: desire to raise one's position at the expense of others (!); successful elimination of the competition (!!!): upsets, disruptions, and quarrels.

Summation isn't necessary here for if the legislation manages to pass, we'll be seeing how it turns out, won't we? Those who didn't squawk loudly NOW will be wishing they had.

If it does not pass, we'll be celebrating--at least until the next >attack...another function of Uranus which is nearing, as you see in my chicken scratches upon the chart, Fixed Star Achernar--Keywords: "risk of rapid endings."

2:52 pm edt


Net Neutrality: Act NOW!

There's more to do this very week concerning the phone/cable takeover of the internet which is fronted as being "for consumers". The Christian Coalition is against it, too, for organizational and fundraising reasons.

May 24 is National Out(r)age Against Telecom Legislation Day.

I'm against what the telecom industry is attempting for myriad reasons, not the least of which is that being in a rural area I will be >virtually< shut out of many websites and functions.

This is about you doubt it? With Uranus (technology; disruption; shocks; change) now near Fixed Star, Achernar, "risk of rapid endings; crisis", we cannot speak out enough against this oncoming trainwreck which is authored by AT&T, Verizon, and others, and backed by corrupt, against-the-peoples'-interests Congress members...with Hastert being one of the main perps on the issue.

Moby and Michael Stipe are speaking out, as well as other musicians and artists Net Neutrality Debate Attracts Performers and the SF Chronicle has a form you can sign to let Congress know where YOU stand on this crass take-over.

Thursday, May 24, is crucial---SPEAK OUT and UP, even if you have already done so--
our internet freedoms are at stake. "VIDEO delivery and innovation" are not that important--let the communications lobby spend some of the dough we've already paid them, if they want more benefits.

We shouldn't have to fund their efforts in making more dough--which WE would then be paying! And the class warfare aspect of the rural "slow lane" part of the proposal is unAmerican--in fact, the whole issue is unAmerican, and as we've seen of late, we-the-people can seldom depend on the FCC to defend out rights!

So SIGN any petition you can find--before Thursday, because the 700,000 signatures already delivered to Congress may not be enough to sway the sell-outs we're paying to infest Capitol Hill.

11:31 am edt


May 21, 2006

Grumpy, Grouchy, and Jingo

Gen Tommy Franks parroted the jingoistic party line Saturday night in Milwaukee.

He defended his "grumpy, grouchy" friend, Don Rumsfeld as a "patriot", which is almost as difficult as ignoring over 2400 deaths of the soldiers Franks helped send into the turkey shoot that is the Iraq invasion/occupation. But don't look there--look over here, he says: Franks: GI Deaths Is the Cost of Security where he explains how such paltry concerns are blinding us to the picture the administration wants us to hold in higher regard than that of our brave and fallen sacrificial lambs.

Sounds to me like a little propagandistic counterpoint to the recently released film where our soldiers say they want us to see their faces rather than their being just numbers at the bottom of our tv nameless, faceless, and according to Franks, not so important statistics.

With astrology, we can see the "big picture", as he puts it, and we can see the smaller picture, too. We can see the underlying picture, and the surface events which result from it. We can see retrograde Jupiter, the General, starting a war which brings a bottomless pit in the money department, and an unclear, stalemated outcome at best.

What we don't want to see is cynical, jingoistic politics being placed above the human factor, and which forces sacrifices that fall on others for the benefit of a few powerful individuals such as Franks, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, Rice, Wolfowitz, Bremer, Perle, and the rest of the jingo-lovin' backers who just HAD to go to war and meddle in what was already a tinderbox.

My hope is that the new Iraqi cabinet will embrace higher aims by putting their people above their politics--a tall order considering the example the Bush administration has shown to the world. But Baghdad, that former center of civilization and learning, never needed lessons from George Bush on anything worthwhile. And it never needed Tommy Franks' "bigger picture" of jingoism at all.

Meet the Press is coming on now...subject: the new government in Iraq. NOW I'll be learning something. The Defense, Interior, and National Security ministerial posts are still Condi fulfills her role as spokesperson....

back later.

5.21.06 10:02 am edt

UPDATE> Sunday, 8:54 pm: Didn't hear much on morning tv--the usual tripe, diversion from questions, etc. Russert acted initially as if he were morphing into a bulldog, but ended with tail-between-legs as usual.

>Still in process of removing charts from SO''s more involved than I'd hoped due to necessary text changes. Asap I will be posting again using hand-drawn charts, which as an artist, should be interesting but more time-consuming. Such is life, m'peops...


May 17, 2006

Happy B-Day, NYSE! Stocks Fall...

MAJOR RE-UPDATE June 15: NPR's MarkePlace is reporting that the NYSE-Euronext deal may be falling through--NYSE will need to come up with more moola due to its share price slippage, and European politicians are still favoring Germany.

Seems the NYSE Nodal-Half Return is causing some difficulties, as I poreviously posted. If this deal does fall apart, the NYSE will be locked out of the consolidation of world markets. Italy has thrown its political weight behind Germany today, so we'll see if Thane and the NY Boys barf up the pesos.

Am I sure this upcoming "consolidation of world markets" is a good thing? Nope.

Markets were up today though. Hmph.


Read on for more on NYSE's Nodal Half-Return's influence although the "Done Deal" is actually, as it turns out, NOT...

MAJOR UPDATE>> JUNE 1: DEAL DONE, creating the 1st trans-Atlantic securities market. Now other markets must consolidate or be left in the dust. UNTIL it all comes crashing down--and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
I'm leaving the rest of this post from May 'as is'...

Update> May 23: Surely you've heard the NYSE is seeking to combine with Euronext which would make it the world's largest and most liquid global securities marketplace with listings of US $27trillion.

Seems Euronext CEO Jean-Francois Theodore is leaning toward the US offer instead of the Deutsche Boerse offer in spite of shareholders' views. Tsk tsk.

Q: Is the time of the Nodal-Half Return good for the forming of new associations?
A: No.

Will the merger go through? Probably not, or troubles ahead, if so, but the Eclipse factors noted below seem to be ruling the day.

Now back to my original post:

As stocks fall today, Stars O'Wash wishes the NYSE a Happy Bappy Birthday tomorrow--you're 214 years old!

Had a peek at NYSE's Solar Return 2006, and it's obvious that something is afoot in the change/separation department.

You know I've posted NYSE on my "Nodal-Half Returns for May" list, but there's more--the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of NYSE--born 1792--is the 10 South Series:

A worry may suddenly clear; breaking out of a very negative situation where no options can be seen; a synchronicitous solution is suddenly obvious and must be taken up without delay.

Last occurrence for this Series: July 22, 1990, next: Aug 1, 2008. HOWEVER... effect this week: Merry May has transit NN 2Ari+ conjunct this PE degree--and during NYSE's Nodal-Half Return simultaneously! (That's tr NN, a joining point, conjunct natal SN, a separation point...weak associations are broken, but stronger ones may be strengthened.)

My take on this is that someone is leaving, someone new is joining, but it may be hush-hush, so you didn't read it here. The new associations have something peculiar about them, and they may be on the youngish side. One factor found in the Solar Return Chart for Thursday is that the first midpoint to rise in the Solar Return is Uran/NN = Asc: sudden new associations.

There's a sense of renunciation and separation which may last until the next Solar Return, May, 2007. And subversive Pluto in Sagittarius is at Mc...permanent transformations may be NYSE's focus for the next year.

SR 2006 has (29 = crisis degree) Moon at 29Cap41..."30Cap": "Directors of a large firm meet in secret conference."

Well, they do that all the time, but something is afoot, I say. Rudhyar gives "30Cap" as: "A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs"> EXECUTIVE POWER. Slightly different flavor--brings the government into it, World Bank, etc, imho.

>:>Odd fact: "30Cap" is the same degree of the Moon the day of the Taliban's visit to DC (Apr, 2001)...when tr NN was conjunct Bush's natal Sun, btw.

Well, I digress...or do I? Hmm-m-m...

Images for the SR '06 SunTau/MoonCap blend: A royal banquet honors the longest serving headmistress of the oldest and most prestigous school in the land.

Haven't they done with Greenspin already? Plus, the Symbol for the SR Asc degree is: "19Pis": "A master instructing his pupil." And secretive, fluctuating, confused Pisces on the rise, too...intuitive though, is Pisces--ya have to give it that.

Tr Uranus (technology including internet--has hacking occurred? Is the pope in the Vatican?) is conjunct Asc from the 12th house, having just arisen, and Uranus indicates rebellion and sudden changes--perhaps shocking changes.

And it's funny that stocks are falling when Jupiter and Uranus are fortuitously trining one another, but perhaps the Water Grand Trine with Mars of late has the 'need for protection and safety' influence affecting Jup/Ura's usual bullishness.

Not being a financial astrologer, I couldn't say...and there are certainly many other factors to consider. But I have wondered recently if the US can't leave Iraq because of the huge inflation it would bring on...any thoughts, you stock market purveyors?



Be sure to visit the Stars O'Washington Favorites List--blogs and directories some of which even appreciate SO'W: May's South Node action noted & re-noted

Euphoria Drowsiness Vertigo Dry Mouth

After receiving FDA approval in 1985 (and being withdrawn for "commercial reasons"), synthetic THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, is to be unleashed upon the market again.

There is Money to be made from chemotherapy patients who, if cancer doesn't take them away, the chemo will, so in a backhanded compliment to marijuana's legendary ability to fight nausea and vomiting from chemo treatments, Cesamet is available for sale sale sale.

Now my college days are long over, and you would be hard-put to find a Flower Child who hadn't inhaled once or twice, so I confess to finding the US government's continual posturing against marijuana's medical benefits to be laughably dishonest and a big fat goof-fest of 'stone'walling (insert: ironic cackle.)

Can anyone think that Bandar's Balcony Hasn't Been the scene of something more euphoric than Cuban cigars? Puh.

This week's announcement from $pharmaceutical$ company Valeant, who purchased Cesamet from Eli Lilly & Co in 2004, is part of a masterful circumvention of synthetic truth packaged for sale to those who Could just grow a little in their backyards to ease their misery.

And naturally the FDA had to release a "marijuana not recommended for medical purposes (but buy Cesamet at your local pharmacy if you can get a doctor brave enough to write a 'scrip for ya) disclaimer. Sweet.

Question: does the FDA have a shred of credibility left amongst the sane?

So...Avoid Lung Smoke--buy Cesamet--when your high-handed government won't allow you to have the Real Thing (we put grandmas in jail for it, too--don't think we won't. We got the power. You don't.)

12:21 pm edt


Yellow-Cake Helicopters? has Jeffrey Klein and Paolo Pontiere's Was Presidential Helicopter Deal a Pay Off for Italy's Pre-War Yellow-cake Intel Role? for you.

It just gets stinkier and this connected to the administration's restoration of diplomatic relations with Libya?

12:51 am edt


May 15, 2006

Wallflower BellSouth Not Even Asked

Read the denials from BellSouth about not turning over your phone logs to the NSA--they weren't even asked, their review shows. This is according to an AP article which is refusing to be linked to-->"BellSouth Says It Gave NSA No Call Records"...doncha believe 'em?

Why would they have to do a "thorough review" anyway? How many BellSouth managers or CEOs have access or authority to release customer records--esp in such great numbers to AnyOne? Did the right hand review the left or vice versa?

No matter how big your corporation, if the Federal government called, wouldn't you remember answering without having to do a "thorough review"?

Is someone trying to pull Bush's fat outta the fire just a little? (It's already scorched and blackened, and it stinks.)

Isn't a "thorough review" for what isn't there like attempting to prove a negative? Doesn't work.

My suggestion is to go over their corporate accounts--even the offshore ones--with a fine-tooth comb, and the other books, too, to find the check/s from the Federal government just brim full of taxpayers' pesos.

Isn't that like following the money? Now That's something that Always works.

5.15.06 10:46 pm edt


Melting of Melting Pot Continues

Ending his 17 minute (by my count) speech with a flourish of "One nation under God--good night, and God bless America"--a shout-out to his religious base which has been wavering on the GOP...Bush's intoning ended as 27Sco was rising:

"27Sco:> "A military band on the march"...which could refer to the troops he intends to deploy to our southern border.

This is the very same border he's ignored for 6 years--the one he gave the "come on up" invite about after he grabbed office.

At the time, I posted elsewhere that perhaps he was inviting an influx of immigrants in order to eventually enlist them to fight his wars. Many scoffs did I receive for that little Kassandra-esque intuition, but it does look more and more to me as if the military industrial complex now running this country is thinking ahead on their enlistment quotas which are embarrassingly low and lowering.

But I assume that's just me.

Anyway, when the Bush intonement ended at 8:19 pm, his natal Mars was at Mc--and he was speaking of those who use immigration issues for political he was, imho, doing so himself. And he had just modulated his voice on the "and a home of their own" to give it a slightly misty tone. A few seconds later he went on to mention the master gunner Marine who became a US citizen...Hey, others could do that, too! What an idea!

Natal Mars and transit Mc = "10Vir"> "Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows."

The 2nd cusp (values; money) was snugged close by Rx Pluto 26Sag12 and Moon 28Sag30...Sag being the sign of the immigrant, and the Moon/Pluto combo being:

Zeal; exaggerated new plans; upheavals; intensity of self-application.

Sat/Uran was upon the Sun (leader), so we have:

Sat/Uran = Sun: egocentric drive against controls; rebellion; separation in order to find one's way; inflexibility.

And Ven/Plu = Neptune: instability in relationship.

At the Foundation Point of the chart, 8:19 pm, the Endings Point, was "10Pis"> "An aviator among the clouds."

Sounds just like him: exaggerated plans to opportunistically use immigration issues for political gain...and flying so high above the rest of us while hoping to outrun the shadows of a failed presidency.

Remember: tr Saturn conjuncts Bush's natal Asc in early June once again, and will soon be hitting his Mercury, Pluto, and Venus in 1st house of Self.

More on these bowling pins soon...

5.15.06 9:24 pm edt

When you can be sure to check out Lynn Hayes over at Astrodynamics for excellent astro-knowledge. Her take on Bush's Saturn to Ascendant transit is a must-read!

Bush Intones Tonight

At 8:00 pm, edt, from the Oval Office, President Bush speaks on immigration issues and announces, they say, that he's sending appr 6000 National Guard troops to help patrol the US-Mexican border. This is the same George Bush who recently cut funding for the National Guard, and has, as you know, sent most of them to Iraq, btw.

Now that is NOT, he assures Mexico, "militarizing the border" (as he militarizes the border), and it may open the states-pay vs Feds-pay argument esp with the recent funding-cuts. Vincente Foxe chatted George up by phone Sunday to express his concerns, but I guess he's satisfied that George knows what he's doing. Yuh.

Or maybe he thought he was calling a psychic hotline...?

Well, be all that as it may or may not be, here are the Minor (mental plane) midpoints for George tonight--Direct and Converse. Converse progressions go backward in time and are indicative of even deeper-buried thoughts and motivations than the Minor Direct show.

><>Minor Direct:

Moon/Asc = Neptune: falsehood; malice from or about women; unconscious inhibitions; peculiar dislikes; self-delusion possible; feeling "wiped out."

Sat/Uran = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; an act of brutality or violence; harm through force majeure; desire to overcome a difficult situation by extraordinary efforts; rebellion.

Mars/Asc = Mercury: desire for discussions; verbal disputes; a sharp tongue; intolerance; angry letters; telling someone off.

Ven/Jup = Mars: preoccupied with opportunity; trying to make things happen successfully; strong powers of wishing.

Merc/Jup = Mars: oratory; execution of plans; speaking and acting in coordination with associates; making one's point effectively; energetic opinionation.

Merc/Asc = Sun: desire to discuss vital questions with others; defining one's position.

Nep/NN = Sun: the inability to explain one's ideas or to come to an inner understanding with others; being let down or disappointed by others; seeking contacts or else feeling misunderstood.

><>Now the Converse Minor midpoints:

Mars/Jup = Saturn: difficult decisions; termination of a relationship (the US from Mexico? Karl from George? Cheney from his gun?)

"Merc/Asc = Sun" comes through as above, and Conv Minor Jup/Nep = natal Asc: living in an unreal world; speculation; sharing great hopes with others.

As his speech begins tonight at 8:00 pm, Bush's natal Mc (Aspirations/WHY Point) is in the 5th house of speculations/risk-taking. Can anyone doubt that this is a president with his back against the (border) wall and his debateable political capital spent?

He's hoping to look "engaged" and as if he's trying to make a difference, but as we've seen, when George makes a difference, things can go downhill pretty quickly. Hope not, esp since I know people in AZ, TX, NM, etc need some help with the situation.

So where is the Minor Pluto/Chiron midpoint tonight? Conjunct the natal Ascendant of George Bush...he's thinking of Plu/Chiron themes.

Pluto/Chiron = Plutocracy; class warfare; racism; corporations vs the individual.

At 8:00 pm I'll put up Solar Fire's Animated Chart feature as Bush intones and watch the planets in real time circling over the White House. You should try it sometime!

If anything post-worthy transpires, I'll be back--things like planets crossing an angle as Bush makes some astoundingly outrageous statement or parrots his usual propagandistic balderdash.

Yes, getting Conservatives "on board" for a guest-worker program may seemingly be his main focus, but protecting his own ass-ets is the name of the planetary game here uncovered.

Cheeky monkey may be 'mooning ' us again, too--the May 11 Full Moon is rising as the speech begins--so something relating to the Full Moon "24Scorpio" applies:

"Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man"> will be on diplay as Bush orates.

"24Sco": APPEAL...pos: an almost spectacular ability to enlist the higher potentialities of everyone for some practical need of the moment;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: indiscriminate and carefree gullibility.

So if you find yourself running out to 'enlist' in the Guard, just blame it on carefree George's spectacular orating ability and the the power of suggestion!

5.15.06 6:40 pm edt

May 14, 2006

Was Rove Indicted Friday?

If so, then it's a sashay down Memory Lane at SO'W with Stars Over Washington:Karl Rove's natal Saturn if you want to see just how we spell R E L E A S E around astrologese.

5.14.06 8:12 pm edt


Cheney Got Wimwams? Solar Arc Directed

At 4:29 am edt this morning, an AP article was posted entitled, Cheney the Focus of CIA Leak Court Filing.

At 10:56 am edt, the article was deleted and replaced by Cheney Notes Add Twist to CIA Leak Probe but do yourself a favor and avoid this link unless you're willing to stare into a pair of cold, *reptilian eyes. Questions...

Did someone think better of antagonizing someone? Too much truthiness on display?

Cheney went from being the FOCUS of a Court Filing (by prosecutor Fitzgerald, of course) to just a scribbler who added a quirky, perhaps jaunty "TWIST" in the margins of a newspaper Op Ed. Funny how the flavor of the headline morphs, isn't it? It's almost as if words have meaning, if you will.

But on to wimwams...what are they and can anyone have them?

If you're the target of Patrick Fitzgerald's prosecutorial eye, you too may contract a case of wimwams--or nerves. So how is Dick doing today besides throwing his weight around with the press?

With his Solar Arc Directed Chart (SA)--a way of progressing one's chart to see what actors or events one may meet on the bumpy road of life (hence I've written "Environment" upon it and quite illegibly so)--snugged around Mr Cheney's natal chart, we may see today illuminated in a solar way for Mr Cheney.

First at the top o'the chart is SA Moon (the public; publicity) having just crossed natal (n) Mc, the WHY/Aspiration Point in any chart. Mc is the cusp of the 10th house of Public Status/Reputation and Career. Moon crossing an angle indicates Change/Fluctuations relating to this house (or department of life.)

Opposite is the IC/Foundation Point of the chart which is about Endings/Partings. You see that deceptive, illusory Neptune crossed his n Ic about 4 1/2 years ago by Direction. Complicating things is the SA Moon in 10th along with the SA South Node (SN), a separative point showing unconscious factors. Having SN in 10th is one indication of Cheney's need to be alone--underpinned by his n Moon in secretive Pisces.

Not shown but pertinent is Tertiary Prog'd Moon 3Pis43 which has just crossed natal Descendant (partnerships; public affairs). Tertiary (Tert) Moon hitting a chart's angle is used for timing purposes and signifies something important going on--and being the Moon, again Change is afoot.

SA Mercury (thinking; commmunications) is in 9th house of Publishing at the high frequency, crisis degree of "29".

Outside the charts you see I've badly written a few of the transits for 4:29 am, DC--Chiron, the Wound is very near n Sun (which could also have a health connotation with his n Sun in 6th house of Health), and Mars, the instigator, is in 11th house and soon to reach exact midpont of SA Saturn/Uranus...

...Sat/Ura = Mars: tremendous upheaval possible in rebellion, through calamity or anxiety about how things will proceed; challenges leading to a fight; an act of violence; injury; accident; deprivation of freedom.

Now let's talk--not about ducks--but about the pile-up in n 2nd house of Values...

...outside, I've written in a couple of asteroids: SA Hidalgo (where one expects to be in control; self-assertion in defense of one's principles; power), and SA Atlantis (abuse or misuse of power; ethics; sense of doom)--

and these asteroids are bookends to the tangle inside--of SA Chiron to n North Node (meeting the Wound--and exactly conjunct Hidalgo 2Lib18), and tr SN in process of conjuncting n NN--the very Nodal Half-Return previously discussed in April at Nodal Half-Returns upcoming with other charts noted.

>SA Pluto (power; coping ability; manipulation) at 8Lib22 is conjunct Cheney's natal PE--Prenatal Eclipse, or the Eclipse Series into which he was born. His PE is in the 15 North Series = joy through commitments; news concerning responsibilities.

This gives Sun/Moon = SA Pluto: biased attitude or changed circumstances which lead to critical phases of development; separation to start anew; potential new perspectives in relationships.

One transit I neglected to write outside the chart is tr Sun 23Tau25 conjunct n Uranus = stubborn pride causes difficulties in groups and organizations; others show greater interest because of unique personal qualities; attention may be focused on the media and on computers. (I'm guessing the blogosphere was all aglow this morning with Cheney-Probe-itis. I was busy working on these charts, so I wouldn't know!)

Another congested area is 11th house of Groups/Associations with SA Uranus to natal Chiron which emphasizes the VP's Chiron-Uranus reforming tendencies--Chiron-Uranus is the system-buster, as you know from December's Stars Over Washington:Chiron/Uranus Types in Government so refresh, if you must.

And SA Mc is sitting upon natal Pluto...Mc to Pluto = past mistakes can be opened to public view and threaten ruin; the ultimate power position is probable.

SA Saturn is coincidentally conjuncting US natal Sun which also means it's conjuncting George Bush's n Sun at the same time, the two being at 13Can+...

...Saturn to Sun = sense of difficulty; confinement; discipline; loss; possibly grief.

SA Mars will soon conjunct n Mercury in n 6th house--energized thinking; making plans. That's in about a year or so.

(And natally, you see that the midpoint of Pluto/NN is sitting upon his Ascendant, which personalizes Pluto/NN (powerful associations; common destiny of a large mass of people) with Asc = the desire to gain influence on the public or the need for influence or control--this is his personality and may be applied to the events of 9/11, imho.)

One more note about SA Neptune in 4th house--at 4:39 am today, the transiting Moon 6Sag18 was between SA Nep/NN = lack of adaptability and community spirit; disappointments; feeling ostracized or misunderstood (awwwh-h-h-h! Sad, really.)

Pardon if I've mentioned this before concerning Cheney's natal chart, but the Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn on May 28, 2000--the cycle which is in process of its square phase (obstacles; blockages)--is conjunct n Uranus...

Jup/Sat = Uranus: Terribly upset with the status quo; forceful change of direction which may upset many dimensions of life. (This little ditty is part of my contention that Cheney was too involved in the attacks of 9/11 for our own good...see Cheney and 9/11 in which Cheney's natal chart is progressed secondarily (physical plane) to 9/11/01 and we find Pluto/Chiron (Plutocracy) at the Mc/WHY a very telling and "timely" fashion, if you will.

So it's not Dick's favorite Mother's Day of all time, I'd imagine, and the fires are
barely under control (he's hopin') least as far as the media is concerned.

All the better to smokescreen us with, m'dear.

And while there's much more info to be found in these charts, to tell ya the truth--and with fake truthiness aside--I'm plum tucked out just thinking about Cheney and his draconian personality and the troubles he hubristically brought upon himself and the rest of the world simultaneously.

And magically changing a headline won't ever make That Go Away.

5.14.06 2:22 pm edt

Update> May 20: just checked the link to the Cheney article, and the cold reptilian eyes have been deleted--the article is accessible, but the Cheney photo is mercifully gone, you'll be glad to know.


May 12, 2006

Sun 2 Chiron + Chiron 2 Sun: Thomas Paine

On Saturday, May 13, a rather curious double transit transpires involving the natal chart of Thomas Paine: tr Sun to Chiron just when tr Chiron conjuncts natal Sun!

Amazingly, transit Sun 22Tau52 = natal Chiron 22Tau52, and tr Chiron 9AQ46 = natal Sun 9Aq43, 10th house of public reputation/honor (the wider world) while Sun to Chiron is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house of karma--where secret deals are made.

(Go forward in time: see this bi-wheel chart here.)

First we may wish to consider the significance of the Sun/Chiron combination:

Chiron connecting to any planet "Chiroticizes" it and pushes or forces the planet's energies to new levels of awareness of its destiny. The Sun is related to destiny and purpose, so this particular connection is very important in any chart.

The situation is quincunxial in nature: that is, it signifies a special life purpose which involves what is usually an impossible adjustment which must be made--the "square peg in the round hole" feeling with back-against-the-wall issues which are crisis-ridden and often dire.

And since America is in dire straits in so many ways, this double emphasis occurring in one of our Founding Fathers' charts may be instructive concerning our circumstances, I'm thinkin'. Let's see if that is so...

As Chiron relates to the synchronicity principle as an acausal state (it cannot be explained on the physical level) we'll check out the Sabian Symbols for the various affected degrees, and we'll note that natal Chiron is, in fact, spot-on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000. This indicates that something about this double transit relates to that time and to the Jup-Sat cycle in general (now squaring off again--crisis stage), for be-here-now Chiron indicates an intersection of past with future...

And so Chiron transits point out when the archetypal nature of an experience can suddenly reveal itself. There is frequently an AHA! reaction--a peak experience described by the contact of Chiron to a natal planet with accompanying insights pertaining to the unfolding of a life-changing event--even "unfinished business from the past"!

Now I know Tom Paine died lonely and discredited because of his religious views (Age of Reason), but I think we in 2006 can forgive him that esp when you consider his invaluable work on behalf of American independence and his uplifting of the common good. And it is the common good which is in such short supply as the US military industrial complex continues its insidious coup of our formerly free nation and of our government.

The cycle of Chiron also relates to woundings, awakenings, and realizations of how our life commitments seek to manifest in the outer world--and with Old Tom being long-gone, it seems it is up to us to carry on his work on America's behalf. His wounds--which are also gifts--are on display, thanks to astrology.

Particularly, the contact of Chiron to Sun shows where there is a strong sense of destiny unfolding, and it seems obvious to me, if I have explained myself with any amount of clarity or tact here--that this relates to our nation this Very Day.

Using both the 9/10 AQ and the 22/23 Taurus degrees in the Jones version (MEJ), and in the Rudhyar (DR), with one interpretation amplifying the other:

(MEJ) Chiron-Sun "9AQ": "A flag turned into an eagle that crows"> DRAMATIZATION...
The loyalties of human beings are the foundation of any possible society, and any individual prospers as he springs to action in their defense.

Pos: accomplishment through utter self-dedication; Neg: vindictive pride.

(DR) "9AQ": Keynote> The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of these values.

All that is Implied here is the vitalization of a powerful symbol, and its embodiment in a living reality, i.e. in a person able to fly in consciousness to the highest spiritual realm. The archetype is given a living substance and wings. The Image has become Power.

To "see" the new archetype, to perceive the new standard of value with one's mind is not enough. The seer must become the doer. The impersonal is dynamized and brought into focus. We have here the ACTING OUT of the vision. >><<

(MEJ) "10AQ": "A popularity that proves ephemeral"> ...the swing of the pendulum between an endorsement and a repudiation of (an individual's) efforts by his social group....A courageous self-confidence and an unflagging faith are worthy of recognition, but only in their moment of significance. APPROBATION...

Pos: a gift for bringing the issues of life to a dramatic consummation at a time of crisis; Neg: prodigal opportunism.

(DR) "10AQ": "A man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this ideal"> Keynote: The need to deal with human beings as persons rather than as screens upon which one projects one's dream and ideal.

...the relationship between *mental-spiritual vision and living reality, between persons and the ideal they appear to incarnate. The "Star" on the movie screen is not the actual person. What has this episode of popularity actually done to the person? It is Person vs Archetype...a critical need for SELF-EVALUATION.<<>>

MEJ: Sun-Chiron "22Tau": "White dove over troubled waters"> GUIDANCE...

Pos: a skillful reconciliation of difficulties in the light of over-all potentials;
Neg: an ineffectiveness of mind through habitual woolgathering.

DR: "22Tau": Keynote: The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis. (Remember Paine's The Crisis--a series of articles written during the Revolution...from 1776-1783.)

This Symbol refers to the rhythm of a cosmic, God-ordained cycle that reveals a need to face crisis in the right spirit--in complete obedience to God's promptings--in
order to receive a new Dispensation.

MEJ: "23Tau": "A jewellery shop filled with valuable gems"> PRESERVATION...

Pos: a happy gift for shaping all vision to larger dimensions and directing all aspiration to more than trivial ends; Neg: a greediness which betrays the soul with trifles.

DR: "23Tau": Keynote: The social confirmation of natural excellence.

With this Symbol we are concerned with the social process which brings about a CERTIFICATION OF PERSONAL WORTH.<<>>

>And the midpoint picture created with Jupiter/Saturn = Sun: taking destiny into one's own hands; major changes according to plan; becoming gripped by the status quo if no plans have been made, and having to make the best of it. <<>>

Well, just as Chiron travels between the inner (Saturn) and the outer (Uranus) realms and unites them, so birds travel between earth and heaven as they migrate across the skies.

And synchronistically enough, Saturday also happens to be International Migratory Bird Day!

With Thomas Paine's past loss of the public's good will due to his promotion of reason above spirit, is it time to re-evaluate the still-dripping wound caused by the Reason vs Religion Split from which mankind still suffers?

Is it possible this Split is a false argument? Shouldn't one support the other if rightly understood?

Many people believe this wound is the basis of our current ills (along with greed and avarice, of course...let's not forget Washington's favorite past times...and that of a few other people you and I could name.)

There is also tr Pluto (power) opposing natal Neptune (ideals; dreams) which indicates ruling powers being challenged by those who hold conflicting ideals. So if you haven't noticed that neocon war hawks are in process of undermining America's original ideals...hello? Anybody there?!

And if you consider Saturday's double transits of Sun to Chiron/Chiron to Sun for our Tom, it could be realization time that to reach higher realms is a possibility for those who make the honest effort and open themselves to the spiritual energies which are all around us like doves over troubled waters.

5.12.06 7:40 pm edt

Thomas Kindig's Left Justified is a fantastic resource for 'examining the roots of constitutional government'.

May 9, 2006

May 8, 2006

Income $26,859--$120,100? Punk'd Again

Republicans can't get enough of that middle class money--somehow it seems to (over) spend better for wars, prostitutes, their own midnight pay increases, etc...

Republicans Set Aside Middle-Income Tax Cuts to Focus on Rich

5.8.06 11:40 am edt


May 6, 2006

A Whisper from Old Tom Paine...

Thomas Paine of Common Sense fame, has, like everyone else, a natal chart.

Born in Thetford, England on Jan 29, 1737, he found home and purpose in America.

Having had once an Uncle Thetford, it amuses me to study Paine's progressed charts, and as I stated earlier today, his Minor Progr'd chart may have a smidge of info for current-day America...the nation he helped to shape.

Setting the chart for both Thetford and Washington, DC, here are the midpoint pictures for his Minor chart--the >mental plane< which describes thoughts struggling from the Unconscious into Consciousness>>so here's a window for them to whisper through direct to you:

Sun/Mars = Uranus: adjustment to new conditions or circumstances; sudden events; military call-up (I think Tom's safe, but he may be the only one of a certain age);

Sun/Mars = Mc: the character of a fighter; success;

Moon/Merc = Sun: good intellectual powers; realistic thinking; contact with the public (yikes!);

Uran/Asc = Sun: a restless colleague; nervousness; an environment which is full of danger; cooperation in the sphere of technology (whoo):

Moon/Mc = Mercury: soul-stirrings governed by the application of common sense (!) or reason; mental contact with a female (busted!);

Sat/Uran = Mercury: necessary changes; the ability to hit back hard under provocation; organizing resistance (I wish);

Merc/Uran = Venus: ability to tune in or resonate with natural rhythms;

Plu/Asc = Saturn: being subjected to coercive measures; suffering from forcible suppression; emotional pain caused from the illness of others (GOP tactics make me sick, too);

Perhaps more enlightening is his Minor Plu/Chiron midpoint conjuncting Minor Midheaven--the Aspiration/WHY Point, so in this case, I'd call it the pay-attention point...since Pluto/Chiron = Plutocracy, racism, class warfare, etc, as previously posted upon...

and Paine's Minor Nep/Plu now conjuncts America's natal Saturn: the gradual decline of one's powers and faculties; grievous emotional suffering; (and last, but not least)...

>dark forebodings.

Well, don't know about you, but I've suffered from the last since Bush couped the White House.

And if Tom could be here now, he'd be having them, too. But I doubt he'd be whispering.

5.6.06 9:45 pm edt


Link to "Cheney and 9/11" post of April 10 where Pluto/Chiron = Mc: Cheney and 9/11

"He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach himself." Thomas Paine

So many charts, so little time!

What a week it's been in Washington and elsewhere. I don't know about you guys, but there's so much to post upon, I'm stalemated here!

One note concerning my previous posts on May's SN transit to North Nodes and Saturns of various charts--see: Stars Over Washington: Nodal Half-Returns upcoming...

...transit SN is also now upon Tony Blair's Saturn, and you know what a week the old boy has had.

SN (separation) from authority/control (Saturn)...Karl Rove has it goin' on now, too, so we'll see about Mr Rove's authority in the next week or so. As posted, he's already let go of some of his control--supposedly "let go", if you listen to the White House.

Here are some of the charts/posts on my drawing board--not sure which will appear next:

NYSE/use of Financial Astrology; Rumsfeld's woes; What's ___Thinking Now?...the use of Minor Progressed charts of historical figures (minor = mental plane) to see if they'd say anything relevant to us if they could! I tried this--it works, it's just deciding WHO will be spotlighted.

So what would Washington/Jefferson/Lincoln/Paine/Franklin and others say about today's goings-on?

Or how about Napoleon or Machiavelli, the dastards?

Planning to post later this afternoon--stay tuned, m'peops...

5.6.06 12:12 pm edt

May 4, 2006

Cheney Warms Up Russia for Bush G8 Gig

George Bush seems intent on attending the G8 Summit in St Petersburg, Russia in July, so what does Cheney do?

From Lithuania, he accuses Putin of all manner of things--of restricting the rights of citizens (did you know Cheney concerns himself with such?)..."no legitimate interest is served" by turning energy resources into implements of blackmail," and other hypocritical little ditties designed to pave the way for Bush in July.

Whaa-a-a-a-a? Cheney said that Russia's "other actions" have been "counterproductive and could begin (Could Begin!!?) to affect relations with other countries."

He even had the temerity to mention border issues..."undermining the territorial integrity of a neighbor..."! Kinda like inviting Mexico to send 'em on over, Red Rover? He complained about "interference in democratic improvements" such as free elections--as if America has room to talk!

Well, admittedly, he made these accusations from the relative safety of Vilnius, Lithuania, so I assume the VP has a state-of-the-art security force to royal-taste-test his soup. Check the croutons, too, would be my advice. (He'll be there 'til the end of the week.)

Russian Liberal (!?!) Democratic (?!?) Leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky said he believes Cheney was trying to "discredit Russia in the run-up" to the G8 Summit--as if Russia needed help with discrediting itself. Seems everybody's a comedian!

Of course, if I step back, I can see how Cheney's performance is part of the World Domination Theater, dahling--the G8-ers in complete agreement on the sly and puttin' on a show for the Middle Eastern skybox, for after all, Oil and the control of it is still the name of the game, is it not?

And if Cheney is warming up the audience before Bush hits St Petersburg, George's usual chilly reception awaits him--with his nibs as the punchline...doppleganger notwithstanding.

Here's the article, if you care: Cheney Lectures Russia About Reform

5.4.06 11:37 am edt


May 3, 2006

Moussaoui "Martyrdom" Nixed by Jury!

Yayy-y--y-y-y!!! I was hoping and praying this would be the outcome--never give the sadists what they want! Serves them right.

He'll be formally sentenced to life in prison, no parole, tomorrow morning with the Sun at 14Taurus (conjunct by one degree the US Inaugural Ascendant, btw), and Moon at 5Leo+, conjunct Saturn.

Sun "14Tau": LIVE AND LET LIVE (and the jury did just that.)
Moon and Saturn "6Leo": THE RELATIVITY OF SOCIAL VALUES (East vs West?) And "6Leo" is opposite the Medina Degree, as you know.

Image for Sun Tau/Moon Leo personality blend: On a perfect summer's evening, a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream is held in the palace garden.

Makes me wonder why I continue to have the "government is only theater, dahling" feeling...once again.

5.3.06 5:31 pm edt


May 2, 2006

HoSec "a good news story"??

Fresh Air has an illuminating interview with former Inspector General of the Department of "Homeland Security"--or HoSec, as I derisively call it--Clark Kent Ervin.

Appointed in January 2003, Mr Ervin was not reappointed after 18 months--he actually had the conscience to tell the truth to Ridge and others about the woeful LACK of preparedness the HoSec boondoggle has perpetrated upon the American people who are paying for their own scamming and their vulnerability.

Check out the interview at NPR, if you missed it, plus he's written a book, of course: Open Target: Where America is Vulnerable to Attack.

Mr Ervin agrees with this reluctant astrologer that Ql-Qaeda hasn't been deterred from further attack because of the Bush administration's (wimpy) efforts at "security", but are planning a whopper which takes time to plan properly.

The attitude at HoSec when Ervin was there--and no doubt, the attitude which continues today--is that HoSec should be "a good news story"--in other words, propaganda continues to carry the bucket for Bush--and with HoSec designed to create yet another money pit for the trillions to slip into, no one the wiser.

Got natural disaster? Tough, 'cos the dismantling of America is proceeding nicely, thanks for asking. Oh, hey--let's make FEMA go Pouf! and set up another joke of a $government$ department rather than admit to what might be a vote-dissolving political problem--that FEMA didn't belong inside HoSec after all. Oops.

It's apparently not how you rescue, it's how you look to be thinking about rescuing.

Yes, the recent call to "dismantle" FEMA is just a small part of the plan--to leave Americans defenseless with another thread of our used-to-be safety-net destroyed, our borders dissolved, and our port security one of the biggest jokes on the planet.

Al-Qaeda must chuckle evry night around the campfire, thanks to George Bush--exactly the president they preferred.

It's almost as if our government wants to Help our enemies--and so, I ask, as I asked so many times on Slate's The Fray the last few years--Whose side is Bush on? Someone please tell me.

Your Mother Jones has a 2005 article on Ervin by Michael Sherer titled
  • Not Mild-Mannered Enough
  • it and weep for America.

    Because, sorry to say, we may as well get started early.

    5.2.06 3:18 pm edt

    Look for HoSec's chart from my Nov 2005 posts, if you wish.