Mar 22, 2009

TARP funds now campaign donations for Congress

Have you heard?

After a tiny respite for public relations effect, the US Congress is once gain accepting campaign donations from bailed-out banks which are again their personal piggybanks at taxpayers' expense - and even corporate-welfared GM and Chrysler are donating big bucks to keep our crooked politicians wallowing in the fatcat clover of Washington.

This is the sort of news that makes anyone (who continues to claim that there is no class warfare against the common man and woman) aware at last of Pluto-Chiron's game of oppression which keeps the disenfranchised down. And please - anyone still under the influence of the 'Rs vs Ds' myth - fuggeddabowdit!

Notice who is in we-the-people's corner - it isn't the US Congress with their Capitol Hill Theater productions that amount to little or nothing of merit, their secret meetings to plot against us, or their freakish 'crowning' of Sun Myung Moon (among many other things we would disapprove of if we knew about them. It's difficult to believe they did it, but you can view the video of the crazy ceremony!)

No, I never forget the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Jupiter, planet of money and ideals: "Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests" ('6 Cancer') - in case I'm ever tempted to doubt what Congress' deeply-held "ideals" really are and where their true loyalties lie.

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