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Mar 12, 2018

Senate Risks Financial Ruin Ignores What Most Americans Want - clip

Here Thom Hartmann speaks with Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin concerning a variety of current topics and issues including what's going on (or not) in the US Congress:

You know, I've mentioned before that it would be good for our Republic for us all to see exactly what's in the stock portfolios of US Congress members so that the information could be compared with their votes for or against legislation written by lobbyists and special interest operatives. So much congressional behavior would be explained!

A Possibly Related Post: London, Trump, and the Temple of Gold.

Also in the news: double Scorpio Julian Assange, pal of Russia and Trump's friend political Svengali Roger Stone.

Aug 9, 2016

Matt Taibbi: Trump's All White Male Economic Team Includes "Financial Crisis" Paulson - clip

Have you noticed that Mr. Trump is an expert on filing for bankruptcy as part of his business practice? Want to vote Trump and give the largest tax cuts to billionaires in the history of the planet? Consider this:

Oct 15, 2015

Why The Crash of 2016 Will Happen - Thom Hartmann (plus, Antares)

For your consideration:

Saturn, a New Moon, a Scorpion, and a Malevolent Star

Okay, this is probably of no moment but during the secret Federal Reserve System's planning session held on Jekyll Island, Georgia in late 1910 between "duck hunters" Senator Aldrich, newly arrived German banker Paul Warburg, agents of J.P. Morgan and other financial firms, a New Moon perfected at 9 Sagittarius (rounded up from 8+), a degree area that transiting Saturn will reach in December 2015. 'Addressing problems' is one of the more positive potentials for the midpoint picture this creates in relation to events of the 1910 New Moon: Sun-Moon = tr Saturn though 'more disciplined work habits', 'working consistently to achieve results', and 'increased restrictions on progress' are possibilities. Though thinking that Glass-Steagall would be reinstated in order to reign in big banks is, of course, too much to expect! Perhaps the idea that the current brouhaha over chip cards will contribute to Saturnian restrictions on holiday spending and merchant profitability is more like it.

So as you know, the days immediately surrounding a New Moon are considered 'the dark of the Moon' phase (aka, balsamic) and a good time for perpetrating shady activities within a shadowy environment--the actions you want to hide. Even the name of the Fed endeavor is shady and meant to deceive the public for it is neither 'federal' nor does it hold assets in 'reserve' for it is a private corporation created to take control of the US government, the National Treasury, and the credit system with crashes and bubbles included.

And while today's media notes that only 158 families have contributed 50% of political donations in the early stretch of Campaign 2016 to certain candidates of a Republican persuasion, let us further note that in 1910, membership in the Jekyll Island Club (the private, isolated location of their treasonous drafting of a plan to control the money and credit of the American public) was by inheritance only. Then 100 years later in November 2010, the modern crop of Fed bankers were spotlighted by the Washington Post as, Fed has starring role in 'Return to Jekyll Island' making it obvious that the New Moon of 1910 and the planning sessions their ancestors attended under cover of a 'duck hunt' remains a point of pride and achievement for them.

However, yours truly has found no information on whether any ducks lost their lives in 1910 or in 2010 but the American people have certainly lost livelihoods, savings, and pensions many times before and since 1910 viaFed-induced bubbles, collapses, the overprinting of US currency, and just plain fraud.

Naturally, astrologers recognize the 8/9 Sag degree area as that of a royal star of Persia, Antares, the Watcher of the West, a malevolent and destructive influence (deVore.) Yes, Antares provides success yet indicates their financial venture and subsequent control and manipulation of the US economic system and government is fueled by obsession of the kind that eventually leads to downfall and the loss of all that's been gained through intensity being used even when it's unnecessary. Antares (Alpha Scorpius) is the Heart of the Scorpion and refers to the Celtic myth of the scorpion on the frog's back who caused his own death via his inability to control his deepest, darkest nature.

So with a sense of inevitability, here is the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog (we're the frog):

Dec 10, 2012

New Moon 21Sag45 on Dec 13, 2012 @3:41 am EST

December 2012: Seeds in the Soil, Fire on The Hill?

by Jude Cowell

Around here a New Moon @21Sag45 which perfects on Wednesday December 13, 2012 at 3:41 am est spotlights new beginnings and a seeding of something that will culminate or fulfill its promise at the Full Moon of December 28, 2012--just around the time that the over-dramatizing politicians of Washington DC should be getting their 'fiscal cliff' act together. Plus, with the overly extended Bush tax cuts from 2001 set to expire at 12:00 am est on January 1, 2013, the clock, as they like to say, is tick-tocking while stock markets crouch in wait.

For as you must have heard, IMF chief Christine LaGarde has cautioned Washington politicians over the 'fiscal cliff' anxiety which global markets will react to negatively if our barely functioning functionaries continue their inaction and/or put overly austere measures in place.

So if our representatives in Washington get this wrong, we'll know precisely who on Capitol Hill wants the American people and the US economy to fall back into a recession.

Then may I suggest ahead of their perfidy that if Tea Party members of Congress must be tossed over a cliff in order to get anything fiscally constructive done before the end of 2012 and beyond, I'll gladly volunteer to help with the pooshing if you will, Dear Reader! And let's include a decided ixnay on the Republicans' threatened debt ceiling stalemate, too--especially since we've seen that particular politicized matinee performance in 2011 and it really stank up the place.

No, all their financial and other dramas don't make me feel that my government is broken. But it does make me feel that those Reconstructionists who treasonously interfere with the people's business and have no intention of actually governing because they have only partisan and/or utopian ideological goals in mind are not working for the common good of our nation and should leave town before the sheriff rides in.

Now if only a sheriff were coming!

Yet There Must Be a Happier Space...

Meanwhile, over at Celestial Space you'll find Depali Desai's analysis of this fabulous New Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, fiery sign of The Seeker. Depali's lunar overview is perfect for those wishing to integrate the Jupiterian New Moon influence into their own lives by considering where 21Sag45 falls in the natal chart for that house (and its opposite) denotes an area of life now ripe for new beginnings!

Jul 9, 2012

US July 2012 Progressions Spotlight LIBOR Scandal

July 2012 US Progressions Not a Pretty Picture w LIBOR Implications

by Jude Cowell

In 2006, America's natal Mars turned retrograde by progression. As it 'slowed down' to change from Direct motion to Rx it was what astrologers call, stationary. If ever a non-astrologer (as I assume th author to be!) described America's Secondary Progressed Mars Rx condition and some of its many effects, this would be it.

Here you see a horoscope of America's Secondary Progressions with Mars Rx in SP 2nd house opposite SP Venus in 8th H (2/8 axis of Money, Values, the US Treasury, Corporations, Big Business--you know the affected realms. See the Matt Taibbi interview with Eliot Spitzer, below, concerning the LIBOR scandal; our rage over it will grow as US SP Moon conjoins SP Mars in about two months!) And you know that Mars rules the military, police, and law enforcement--yet the DoJ is AWOL when it comes to corrupt Wall Street and other big bankers and traders yet law enforcement is deployed on the scene more and more when it comes to US citizens' dissent. American citizens being 'policed' with drones is also an outcome of US SP Mars Rx especially with Mars-ruled Aries on US Ic (Domestic Scene; Homeland.)

Please click the chart to enlarge and read a few basic chart factors such as Hour: Moon (changes, fluctuations, and publicity as in Campaign 2012 where image is everything and there's very little substance), and a midpoint picture affecting SP Sun (leader; leadership) which has come into orb with US SP Pluto-Chiron midpoint 8Pis17, the oppressive, corporatist plutocracy duo of vulture capitalists everywhere.

ASC 00Vir38 with Royal Star Regulus rising (success if revenge is avoided--uh oh) shows America morphing from SP Leo rising to the more serious Virgo rising which changes our progressed national chart-ruler from the Leonine Sun (which is never Rx by transit or progression) to Mercury which is, as you see, Rx in the 6th H of Military and Police Service (a growing work sector if you don't mind training to beat down your fellow Americans or occupy other countries), Work, and Health. On the level of Health, Mercury Rx here shows the Affordable Health Care Act under re-view by SCOTUS.

Now this is the same SP Mercury in Aquarius that was apex in a YOD pattern (crisis; turning point) with Neptune sextile North Node which gave us false expectations, and secret arrangements made in order to deceive; Mercury in general describes young people, reporters, bloggers, authors, agreements, trade deals and traders, commerce, speeches, thieves, secrets, and other Mercurial things.

Another disturbing indicator of financial, religious, and political concern is the quindecile (QD; 165 degr) between the duo of Big Banking, Jupiter and Pluto, with Pluto at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. Our natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx is near US SP South Node, a separative Saturnian point which denotes war, brutality, and hard hard work for Pluto/SN has a Saturn-Pluto tone.

Jupiter is Rx by progression since 1905 when many of our troubles began in earnest as global thugs saw the end of their plan coming nearer to fruition. The banking Panic of 1907 was used to justify the creation of the Federal Reserve System (1910 - 1913) and so a time link is described by the Astrology of it all including the indisputable fact that US SP Jupiter Rx @15Can27 conjoins the natal ASC of...guess which entity?

America's five-pointed Death Star, The Pentagon, our bottomless money pit.

Jupiter QD Pluto paints a picture of an obsessive need for power, control, and success with belief systems, opinions, and religion cynically used as forces for manipulation; ruthlessly gaining advantage is emphasized and major societal shifts are upcoming which must include a transformation of mass consciousness and reordering of perspectives. (Reeves.)

Yes, I am very sorry to report to you both that America's SP horoscope, which shows our nation's evolutionary condition (shown here for July 9, 2012)--as our Founding Astrologers must have seen as they looked into the future--is not in a positive state at the moment and threatens to morph our nation--is in process of morphing our nation--into a financially and spiritually bankrupted police state where total surveillance reigns, and privacy and private property are things of the past. But you don't need an astrologer to tell you this, do you?

LIBOR: like Libra's Mars Rx in a Money House

Below is a discussion on the global bid-rigging that's been practiced for at least ten years by 16 big banks (or more) and issues from the bowels of The City of London (which implicates what Eustace Mullins called The London Connection, the House of Rothschild, the Bank of England, and the British government.) The now spotlighted LIBOR corruption, which affects interest rates on loans and credit cards all over the globe, is simply the latest and probably the greatest of the World Banking Syndicate's crash-the-global-economy projects:

Another view of LIBOR is provided by Robert Reich. Another astrological view of LIBOR may be seen in US progressions with Neptune/MC = NN: sharing bad intentions with others; working with those who share your vision for the future; peculiarities (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

Maybe the rotten-to-the-core revelations of LIBOR will be what Pluto creeping through Capricorn, toppling leaders and destructuring systems, is all about...or, maybe it's just what Mr. Underworld was waiting for as his ruinous methods are now uncovered. Can we expect The System to root out its own worms?

Jun 25, 2012

Krugman's The Great Abdication (1931 v 2012)

Historical Eclipses, 1930s v 2012, the Fed, and the EU Debt Crisis

by Jude Cowell

If you've read economist Paul Krugman's NYT op-ed of June 24, The Great Abdication, you know that he likens the current financial crisis in Europe and how its creditor nations have chosen to come to the aid of Spain with the actions taken to similar events of 1931.

The Fed in the US and the Central Bank of Europe are missing their marks and not stepping up to take responsibility as it ought to be taken. Now this is a Political Astrology blog so is there an astrological parallel at all which might link together the failures of 1931 and the misdirected actions of 2012?

Well, since Solar and Lunar eclipses have influence upon the Collective in any area of the globe (and often do), perhaps the themes of the exuberant October 11, 1931 Solar Eclipse @17 Libra in the 5 New South Saros Series will suffice since it marched headlong into the 6 North Saros Series of March 7, 1932 @ 17Pisces (a critical degree.) Together they may provide us a window into how things were going during the last quarter of 1931 and into 1932 with Herbert Hoover as US president and the American people reeling from the Crash of 1929. Click to view the 1929 horoscope and you'll note that in 2012, disruptive anarchist Uranus has returned to its 1929 position in Aries.

Grand Schemes and the Fed: Exuberance Comes Before a Fall?

The 5 New South Solar Eclipse manifested a few months after a Great Conjunction of the Big Banker duo of power, Jupiter and Pluto (the Fed and their directors, the international banking houses) @19Can16 on May 27, 1931, and about one year prior to a Great Conjunction the Fraudster-Speculator-Wastrel pair of planets, Jupiter and Neptune on September 19, 1932 @8Vir25. As you know, the combined energies of Jupiter-Neptune are imprinted forever upon the Obama presidency--first term anyway--since they conjoined and began another of their 13-year cycles three times during 2009 and washed out US natal Moon (We the People) with grander scams, heists, and foreclosures than we care to admit. And we feel them rippling still.

October 1931: 5 New South themes are rather high-spirited (Jupiter was traversing tropical Gemini then as now)--joy, happpiness, peak experiences, benefits, good news. But then came 1932...

March 1932: 6 North themes are quite another matter and relate all too well to current events and the measley actions being taken: relationships to father figures and authority; the need to take responsibility and control; commitments are made due to other people's unreliability (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Or they should be if honest brokers were acting. But instead they're abdicating their responsibilities, as Professor Krugman points out.

Now you may know of many events from 1931 and 1932 which are described by the themes of either of these Solar Eclipses but there are two 6N events in particular which must be mentioned though one is from its earlier manifestation in 1914 @6Pisces:

1. World War I ("to make the world safe for democracy"!! Woodrow Wilson had already secretly pledged America into the war when he campaigned on that absurdly propagandistic slogan--at the direction of war profiteers, aka, international bankers and their agents in the US. Big bankers make much much more money loaning to governments than to ordinary folk. President Abraham Lincoln of greenbacks fame didn't fall for their usury interest rate schemes to finance the 'Civil' War and you know how his story turned out.)

2. The Bonus Army of 1932 when President Hoover ordered Douglas MacArthur and the army to fire on US citizens who had honorably served their country and needed the promised pay earlier than the 1945 date that Congress had irresponsibly set. For as you know, by 1932 the nation was into the Great Depression and families needed to be fed.

But Hoover's Bonus Army Mow-Down doesn't provide the typically glowing image of Pennsylvania Avenue so often cultivated these days to exalt Washington DC, does it?

~:~ Now available (if tech glitches don't interfere--my apologies if they do!) It's a link to the sign-up form for subscribing to my brand new Political Astrology newsletter, Stars Over Washington Monthly! If you wish, of course. FYI: the first issue covers July-August-September 2012--and America's 236th birthday arrives very soon! jc

Apr 14, 2012

Moving "Beyond Outrage"--Robert Reich (video)

America's Kitten-in-String Finances and What to Do About Them

If you've ever read this blog before then you know I'm all about embedding this video from Public Policy Professor Robert Reich concerning his new e-book Beyond Outrage with its practical ideas for what to do about our nation's income inequality and its dire effects upon American lives and the future of our country:

And here's a political hoot: Mitt Romney is reported to be filing for an extension on his 2011 tax return. Perhaps one of his accountants misplaced a few statements from his offshore accounts. Yet we must not judge for it's so very difficult to keep up with all those facts and figures when you're rich as King Midas, running for office, and must depend totally on the help to keep you honest.

While I'm at it, here's another video you might profit from presented by Robert Reich and which features Mitt's Millions:

Born in 1946 with Sun in Cancer, here are previous posts concerning the two possible combinations of Sun-Moon blends of Robert Reich. My apology if my comments after one of the posts are in any way offensive to the Professor or to those who know him especially since he has continued to speak out on behalf of those of us who cannot or will not do so--or wouldn't be listened to if we did. jc

Feb 23, 2012

Financial Coup d'Etat & How to Overcome It (video)

With the financial harvesting of the world in high gear, here's investment adviser and former Bush Sr administration official Catherine Austin Fitts speaking on The Financial Coup d'Etat and How to Overcome It--for it's time to ask, Who's doing this and where's the money going?

"There is no economic reason for poverty." - C. A. Fitts

You'll find more info from the lady herself at The Solari Report blog.


Astrologically I never forget America's natal Jupiter at '6 Cancer' with its very descriptive Sabian Symbol which points, not as much toward the average US worker, but to banking titans, the foreign investors (corporations and monarchs) who helped set up our nation and those who continue to direct it, and toward the Washington politicians whose campaigns and entire careers they bankroll so liberally in order to keep the harvester's wheels greased:

"Game Birds Feathering Their Nests."

Jan 23, 2012

Gerald Celente forecasts 2012 Trends (audio)

Among many topics concerning financial and political matters, in this recent audio interview economist Gerald Celente says there will be "a tremendous backlash against globalization in 2012" which seems both socially and astrologically well-timed to me.

Try Trends Research Institute for more information.

Dec 1, 2011

What do Rs want for America? Social Darwinism, says Robert Reich

As November 6, 2012 Approaches, Republicans Tout Austerity's Misery as Solution

by Jude Cowell

One year of austerity measures enacted in Britain has only contracted the UK economy as foretold and pushed Brits into the streets en masse. The UK government's social experiment has brought no real improvement to economic and social conditions across the pond and a worsening is apparent. Can Washington take a hint? Yes--except for political flies in the ointment who want a different course for the American people that follows the UK's example.

If you feel yourself drifting toward voting Republican on November 6, 2012, please read Robert Reich on The Rebirth of Social Darwinism before you leave the house.

For if you've paid attention to the never-ending Republican 'debates', their views mimic "survival of the fittest" ideals, a fact that amazes me for some of them seem to profess a Christian belief system--and Social Darwinism is hardly what an honest person would choose to promote Christian values such as being one's brother's keeper with Charity as a virtue to which we should all aspire.

What kind of America do We The People want?

Well, the Golden Rule is honored in these parts though it's become quite old-fashioned in Washington DC--certainly on Capitol Hill. Do Unto Others As You'd Have Them Do Unto You? Then voting for a ragmop as long as it isn't Republican will be preferable to voting for those who take an oath higher than their oath to the US Constitution and ignore their vow to serve the populace. Being voted out of power would be suitable for all underminers of America who wish to shove your Granny out on the sidewalk--that's one way to identify them and their true intentions.

What you do with and for Granny is totally up to you once she's evicted with her benefits cut. Plus, you'll be fighting to merely survive yourself in a GOP-infused America which is determined with its drastic austerity measures (and gifts to the wealthy) to mire the American people in their old Robber Baron dream from the late 1880s and 90s.

Professor Reich explains it (including GOP candidates' survivalist ideas and attitudes) much better than I can so hopefully you'll check out his excellent analysis if you haven't discovered it already.

Election 2012 looms large. Capitol Hill catcalls that "Politics is broken" simply isn't an acceptable excuse after all our forefathers did and sacrificed to set up this nation.

Yet America would benefit most from new and improved Politics so let's Occupy Everywhere!


Click to read a previous post with brief details concerning the natal horoscope of Robert Reich.

Nov 29, 2011

Is John Huntsman a Man with a Plan?

Perhaps you've heard that 2012 candidate John Huntsman is the only Republican hopeful with a detailed plan to end banking's Too Big to Fail dilemma.

(Well, it helped create a massive dilemma for 99% of us. Bankers seem fine as-is.)

Ah yes, I remember those halcyon days not so long ago (June 21, 2011 actually) when John Huntsman announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president. It seemed such a long shot and now? It seems such a long shot. But maybe a cabinet position on someone's White House economic team would be available to him. Or a VP slot. After all, he does have foreign policy experience more than most.

Well, it hasn't seemed pertinent to study Mr. Huntsman's natal chart so far but I did type up a few notes in real time during his announcement which initiated his candidacy in case you wish to track his progress...

Nov 4, 2011

Celente: Wall St is Washington, Washington is Wall St (OWS video)

Nov 4, 2011: here's economist Gerald Celente breaking down the financial and political facts of our current lousy circumstances and listing the Obama Economic Team's criminals and Goldman-Sachs agents past and present whom I suspect may actually be Rothschild agents in disguise--operatives and infiltrators of Illuminati proportions:

Let's continue supporting Occupy Wall Street!

For they're marching for you and me. And I know you won't let yourself be fooled by embedded agents provocateurs touted by mainstream media, those who are sent in by police departments and/or others to foment violence in an attempt to give the Occupy movement a bad name and dilute its political strength.

In other words, theirs is a blatant campaign to divert democracy and keep the status quo intact for their bosses and their bosses' bosses.

You may not agree, but my suspicion is that most often (yet not exclusively), local police forces, military troops, private contractors (mercenaries), and others are used as an enforcement arm for higher ups within The Establishment.

That's part of the recent 'upgrade' of the US to a national police state described well by US progressed Mars being in retrograde condition (Rx) since 2006. We see here with OWS and crackdowns on protesters our national Mars (military; war; conflict; police; activism; protests; pepper spray) being used against we-the-people as the Rx turns our martian energies inward. This relates as well to US troops returning home, assuming that they actually do--some say by New Years Day 2012, as the president promised.

And it greatly saddens me to say about my country, but the muscles (pepper spray, tear gas, batons, etc) appear to go all the way up to the White House and, of course, to Congress and the Supreme Court. For three infiltrated branches of government have we which is why nothing ever really improves after every January 20th at noon on Capitol Hill. It's all in the script and the script is Illuminati-written and produced...unless we turn the channel.

Of course, I'm of the Nixon Shoots Kent State Students Dead generation so maybe I've simply seen this very bad, "unAmerican" film before. (Scroll down the sidebar a bit for a link to the Kent State Massacre horoscope.)

Well, what do you think? The echo in here today is almost deafening--seems even my old friend 'Anonymous' has gone fishing! Of course, it is late on Friday afternoon so this mom wants very much to say...

Please Be Safe This Weekend, all courageous Occupiers! And Thank You. jc

Aug 2, 2011

Keith Olbermann: "The Four Great Hypocrisies of the Debt Deal" (video link)

It's times like these that I wish Current TV would allow embedding of their videos but if there's a way to embed them, I haven't discovered it yet.

Instead, here's a link to Keith Olbermann's Four Hypocrisies of the Debt Deal commentary. The page includes, I believe, a link to the transcript, if you prefer.

Plus, here's a standing question for you from an author whose novels exposed the horrid social conditions of his day, and who expressed himself much better on such topics than this gnat of a blogger ever could:

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?" - Upton Sinclair

Yes. It is. Altogether. The power elite have proved it repeatedly and with verve.

But Mr. Sinclair's is not the version of a "Utopian dream" America is currently bedeviled by. We're yoked underneath the shadow side of a dream which, as everyone knows, is nothing but a nightmare that lurks behind those grinning political masks of Washington DC.

(Oh, and let's tell the president that the big banks who were 'bailed out' with taxpayer funds in 2008 are expected--by we-the-people, if not by him--to pay it all back with interest. We could definitely use the dough. No one ever seems to remind Mr. Obama that as US president, he is supposed to be our advocate, not theirs!)

Ah yes, I remember the glory days of 2008 when I kept harping here on SO'W about the transit of constricting Saturn to US natal Neptune in Virgo...Neptune, planet of dreams and aspirations, in Virgo, sign of Work, Health, and Discrimination. "Dreams made real"? Unfortunately not--unless you're one of the ruling elite class now robbing us blind once again while forcefully establishing your long-held 'dream' or 'vision' of a totalitarian New World Order.

Here's a brief quote from one of those posts concerning the historical record of this 'grim reality' transit:

Saturn's last tango with US natal Neptune was a three-fer transit:

Oct 23, 1979; March 29, 1980; and July 13, 1980. Events from this time period, or situations in which things were happening then may come back to haunt, or need further attention in some way.

"In some way"? Well, that time period implicates the 1980 Reagan presidential campaign (and October Surprise against all decency) as do many other negative factors we now experience in finances and foreign affairs, and I guess we can say that the current 'debt deal' and 'default' tableaux of our self-dramatizing, fear-mongering Washington politicians fits in with the Reaganomics Trickle Down/Voo Doo model of economics quite well being, as I continue to believe, of a piece.

View the Reagan Inauguration 1981 horoscope w details here.

Planetary Returns Illustrate History Repeating

One more thing for those who speak astrologese: if you scroll down the sidebar a bit to 'Politics Then and Now' you'll find a new addition of the Herbert Hoover Inauguration horoscope of March 4, 1929. In the chart you'll see that Jupiter is in Taurus--near where Mr. Moneybags is now--and rebellious Uranus is in early Aries (as now), signifying the radical Utopians forcing corporate-backed demands which will crash the US government while holding hostage US workers, veterans, the elderly, ill, disabled, poor, and disadvantaged children...the ones they think can't fight back.

Of course, many people are putting the "holding hostage" label upon current Debt Deal proceedings but that implies paying ransom for people you want back. Yet as we know, they don't want us back, they want us gone.

So here are the dates of both planets' returns to their Hoover 1929 degrees and you can see by the first one that the time period has already begun and points directly at the Debt Deal from Hades which Mr. Obama signed--privately--into law today.

Jupiter Return/s (7Tau38) of the Hoover Presidency:

1. July 19, 2011
2. October 11, 2011 Rx
3. March 3, 2012

Uranus Return/s (6Ari01) of the Hoover Presidency:

1. April 20, 2012 (just after Tax Day)
2. October 12, 2012 Rx (an 'October Surprise' on tap?)
3. February 9, 2013 (just after the 2013 inauguration of whomever the Bilderberg Group okays to play US president.)

If Astrology serves, it looks to me as if the rest of Mr. Obama's presidency will be unfavorably compared to the irksome, financially disastrous presidency of Herbert Hoover more often, not less, than it's been before. And what did Mr. Hoover do? He didn't do!

But he did contract and restrict (Saturn) spending when he should have invested (Jupiter) in America the Beautiful on behalf of the American people to whom our nation belongs.


You may also be interested in a few notes on the most recent transit of Saturnian austerity to US natal Neptune which occurred in August 2009, only eight months into Mr. Obama's presidency.


Thanks for the video heads-up, Kieron!

Jun 30, 2011

Jon Stewart on the US Debt Ceiling Crisis (video)

Wednesday June 29, 2011: Thank goodness! Someone without an election campaign to finance, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, deals with the tiresomely political stalemate and one-upsmanship between Ds and Rs concerning the US economy and the August 2nd debt ceiling deadline.

Here in Athens, Georgia I suspect it's proving difficult for some of my aquaintances to take much of it very seriously since in Washington DC the issues are being treated as an opportunity to hold a 3-ring circus and score points against a Democratic White House. And did you hear that Treasure Secretary Timothy Geithner may be stepping down (or absconding) later in the year?

Actually, Secretary Geithner is denying it.

Personally I can't help but feel that if the GOP delights in making Capitol Hill look so completely idiotic and childish to the rest of the world because 'lawmakers' can't leave the golf course and come together long enough do their jobs and raise the debt ceiling without all the ideological crap piled in, then the Rs' campaign to 'make Obama fail' at the expense of all but the topmost tier of Americans is merely par for their cynical, zealous, corporate-worshipping course.

And if they don't shape up soon, may gophers and ferrets purloin every one of their balls.

Jan 24, 2011

CA Treasurer denounces State Bankruptcy as "baloney"

An open statement has arrived in my Inbox from Sacramento, CA:


January 21, 2011
Contact: Tom Dresslar/916.653.2995

Treasurer Lockyer Criticizes Effort to Let States File for Bankruptcy PDF

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer today issued the following statement regarding reports about a possible move in Congress to let states declare bankruptcy:

"To the folks in Congress cooking this baloney: Don’t bother. States didn’t ask for it. We don’t want it. We don’t need it. Bankruptcy would devastate states’ ability to recover from the recession and make the infrastructure investments that create good jobs. It would inflict severe injury on taxpayers. Advocates of this preposterous idea want one thing above all – to see government go up in flames and, with it, the lives of a certain class of working people they don’t like.

"The people making this dangerous suggestion – and those who lend it credibility it doesn’t deserve – confuse states’ near-term budget deficits with long-term funding obligations. The latter, including pension obligations, are serious problems. We are dealing with them by reducing benefits and increasing employees’ contributions, among other moves.

With respect to our budget shortfalls, we have the tools to fix them without taking a wrecking ball to our economies and taxpayers. Thanks, but we’ll pass on the Gingrich Kool-Aid."


Ha! "Gingrich Kool-Aid"!

Jan 22, 2011

Feeling Rich? Perception Matters

Jan 21/22, 2011: Public Radio's MarketPlace has an interesting interview you may wish to read or listen to which concerns the fact that it isn't level of income alone which makes a person admit that he or she is "rich." It's just as much a matter of perception: the perception of what it means to be rich that affects our ideas about wealth and taxes, and our self-images of where we are on the wealth ladder so skewed toward the benefit of the upper .01%.

Say, for the first time in months, I've been snooping around the MarketPlace website this morning while listening to the program on the radio (in northeast Georgia, that's Saturdays @11:00 am est) and the site has blog action in place on various money-related, economy-related, and culture-related topics.

Ah, that good old disenfranchising Pluto/Chiron midpoint of the Plutocracy pair of celestial bodies; one associated with the death archetype (Pluto), the other with wounding, healing, and blind spots (Chiron), and both deeply transformative on their own levels when used in horoscopic work.

Class Warfare is Pluto/Chiron's favorite chess game so if you feel your dreams have been checkmated and thoroughly trounced recently, the primal violence and pillaging tendencies of Pluto/Chiron's over-arching plan for complete take-over may be the basic reason why.

And as you know, 00AQ+ is the position of the Sun near noon est each year that the US holds a public Inauguration ceremony to swear in a new president in Washington DC. And for Barack Obama, orating announcer Mercury was in that degree as well and retrograde.

But let's not discuss again Inaugural 2009 Mercury's condition with its indications of brilliant communications, deals, negotiations, and speeches - and possibly of bills that may be reviewed, re-voted on, and repealed.

Instead, let's talk about the fact that the transiting midpoint of Pluto/Chiron, which was at Midheaven in the Inauguration 2009 chart (the Goal/Aspiration Point), has been squelching and directing our Inaugural Sun 00AQ+ (the president) for months now, off and on. So has Neptune/Pluto (the Robber Barons)!

Therefore, President Obama's continued habit of surrounding himself and populating the White House with such Pluto/Chiron actors from the bubble-wrapped-from-all-harm investment world of Wall Street (London, Brussels, Beijing) may be shown as Pluto/Chiron = the President of the United States, for it's time for the chips to be called in and the offer that can't be refused to be enforced.

As in, 'the big picture demands a certain course of action; little option to do otherwise' (*Uranus/Neptune = Pluto; Noel Tyl.)

So with transiting Pluto (power, manipulation, wealth-hoarding, violence, atomic/nuclear power, death, destruction, transformation, assassins and spies) now approaching the Ic (7Cap04, End of the Matter; The Drain; The Root) of the Atomic Bomb Drop on Tokyo, Japan (Aug 6, 1945 9:15 am JST; historical record) chart, let's pray that the global power elite aren't planning a nasty surprise to mark the much-touted end of 2012.

Other transits and progressions will offset and counterbalance this tendency, of course, and I hope such milder energies prevail over the destructive agenda of god of Hades and the Underworld, Pluto (aka, The Pope, The Dragon, and representing the Merovingian bloodlines allegedly coursing through the reptilian veins of super wealthy global elites who want all the Earth's resources for themselves and their hatchlings. Forget you.)

Do I believe that course men will end the planet with nuclear bombs? Nope. I believe that God will call an end to our planet's madness. But the Pluto/Chiron-ers and other arrogant win-at-any-cost types can certainly cause lots of damage and misery in between.


*Uranus/Neptune is the planetary pair of The Enlightenment and Illumination and together are an astrological signature for the New World Order/Illuminati crowd. Their third and final Great Conjunction of Oct 1993 marked a new, modern phase of the NWO with its key Sabian Symbol: '18Cap' = POLITICAL to read more.

Transit Pluto to Atomic Bomb/Tokyo/1945 chart's Ic 7Cap04:

1. Feb 27, 2011
2. May 22, 2011 Rx
3. Dec 25, 2911
4. Aug 28, 2012 Rx
5. Oct 9, 2012

Fives 'hits' stretches out the transit's effects from prior to Feb 2011 all the way to Oct 2012 and beyond (until tr Pluto passes appr 12Cap04.) These days, a lot can go wrong - and right - during a one-year-seven-month period, and we'll be hearing more and more propaganda in the media on nuclear topics as Time limps and careens on.

Jan 21, 2011

JP Morgan Profits Big from Food Stamps (video)

Giving 'a finger in every pie' new depth of meaning, JP Morgan is the largest processor of Food Stamps in America. What could possibly be wrong with this picture?



New Blog Feature in Sidebar: just under my Tweet feed, you'll find 'Freemason US Presidents and VPs'. If you're unaware that some number of US presidents were followers of The Craft (or associated in some way with Freemasonry), you may wish to be initiated into the knowledge. Rosicrusianism is harder if not impossible to document as is Illuminatiism but their muddied hoofprints do turn up here and there in America.

Sep 10, 2010

Obama presser w/ his natal Neptune rising 9.10.10

Update 9.10.10: just read Paul Krugman's piece Things Could Be Worse which addresses the economic measures of the president as mentioned in his presser today, R v D tactics and what would happen if Rs take control in November midterms, and compares our financial crisis 2008 with Japan's response to their own financial crisis of the 1990s. A good read.

And if you missed it, here's a White House link to the president's text, the video, and a list of questions and answers.

Original post begins here:

Looking at the horoscope of this morning's presidential press conference scheduled for 11:00 am edt White House, the Ascendant degree 8Sco05 brings President Obama's natal Neptune 8:36 into view as the WHAT? point of the chart/presser.

Neptune in Scorpio describes a generation (1955/57 - 1970) when man's natural desires were exploited and when some people experienced spiritual regeneration. Sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll met with emotional intensity, confusion, and clairyoyant abilities. Scorpio is a sign of money and big business as well as mystical explorations. Money and business issues are on tap today.

Neptune rising indicates much intuitive awareness of the environment and of the self in relation to others: this ASC and Mr. Obama's natal Neptune are trined by the Moon 18Lib47 in 12th house with Moon conjunct and reflecting US secondary progressed Mars Rx; '19 Libra' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding." (Jupiter or) Neptune near an ASC = the actor.

Will the president mention those who have robbed our Treasury? Or is he one of them? Will the cost of years of war and its dire effects upon our economy factor into his way forward? Depends on your political persuasion, I suppose, and whether Mr. Obama is a creature of Wall Street. Looking at the Goldman Sachs advisers around him, it's difficult to consider him independent of Wall Street interests.

At Mc, the WHY? point of the chart is 15Leo02 with Mr. Obama's natal Sun 12Leo33 just past; his natal Mercury 2Leo20 is in 9th house, along with the current Solar Eclipse degree 19Can24 (July 11, 2010: things at first seem worse, then clear with successful outcomes. Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Sun 17Vir48 conjunct 11th cusp 17Vir49 has just barely moved into the More visible 10th house of Public Status and Career; Mercury, retrograde until 7:09 pm edt Sept 12, is in 10th house and has been crossing and will recross Mr. Obama's natal Pluto 6Vir59, a time when info and activities relate to the gaining of more personal power, finance and investment, organization and work methods, and self-discipline. Travel may be on the president's agenda and valuable information may be garnered.

Now today at 11:00 am is within a New Moon phase when things are being seeded but the way forward is not yet clear. Foggy Neptune rising may indicate some confusion in Scorpio concerns but with great acting talent as well.

The 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling contains the ongoing conjunction of Jupiter 29Pis49 Rx and Uranus 29:03 Rx, both backed into murky Pisces which oddly enough, is a sign related to the military. The fog of war and Jupiter/Neptune's tendency to speculate, one imagines.

8th cusp of Big Finances 6Gem59 has a trio just inside 8th house: transiting Pan 8Gem06 Rx (panic, pandemic, Pan-American, etc), US natal Uranus 8:55, and gold-loving Midas 9Gem02 Rx.

Asteroid Minerva (which I always relate to the Hegel Society because that's the title of its journal; Minerva = to be accomplished) comes in on the South Node 9Can20 which now nestles amongst our nation's natal Jupiter and Sun; asteroid Pandora, of curiosity and going beyond boundaries fame, conjoins US natal Jupiter 5Can56 in 8th house of Big Finance.

Venus 1Sco29 conjoins the natal Sun of the New World Order (Oct 24, 1992, Uranus/Neptune conjunction #3 of 3) and has left Mars 27Lib08 behind; both are in 12th house of karma and political backdoor deals.

Saturn 5Lib15 and determined Sisyphus are traveling together at the moment and begin the 11th hour today in 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, and Associations.

Pluto 2Cap48 Rx in 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values is still apex planet of the T-Square formed by Jupiter and Saturn's opposition (just barely within orb according to my Solar Fire software program)...Jup/Sat = Pluto: immense effort; separation; violent changes; restriction; unafraid of any trouble or work in order to attain desired aims slowly but surely (paraphrasing Ebertin.)

Pluto and NN continue closing in on one another as mentioned in a previous post and will join on Nov 9, 2010 with the Moon 3Cap36 at 3:13 pm est, DC. What occurs when the dragon Pluto joins its head (NN) and is triggered by the Moon, I don't know. I do know that Pluto/NN indicates the common destiny of a large mass of people (Ebertin.)

In 4th house of today's 11:00 am presser chart has Neptune 26AQ44 Rx and Chiron 27:31 Rx, still causing US natal Moon (the people) grief and loss. The spiritual level of Neptune/Chiron is the best use of this energy with Neptune as the vortex to the Divine and Chiron as the shaman and the Christ archetype that unites the heavenly with the earthly: spiritual rewards result.

There are several indications of victimization in the chart: Sun rises with Fixed Star Denebola (to go against society; out of the mainstream), Mercury rises with Zosma (the victim or the savior), and NN rises with Facies (ruthlessness or the victim; Brady's Fixed Stars.)

Asteroid Cupido (the family; the syndicate; corporations) 26Cap55 sits atop the Mc of the Inauguration 2009 chart and conjoins US natal Pluto 27Cap33; also at 27Cap33 is the veiling Dark Moon w'mat2, a point I use as an indicator of hidden things and/or depression. All of these fall in the 3rd house of Communications which also contains two interesting midpoints that are conjunct the presidential Sun on Jan 20: 00AQ+ (also Mercury Rx in Jan 2009 for Obama): Neptune/Pluto 29Cap46 (industrial titans, the resource plundering Robber Baron signature, esp the oil and gas industries) and Pluto/Chiron 00AQ09, the oppressive plutocracy duo.

Another interesting midpoint that involves public contact (such as a press conference) is Neptune/NN (illusions used with the public) which today conjoins Jupiter's position in the 2009 Inaugural chart...

Neptune/NN = Jupiter: laying oneself open to exploitation or the desire to exploit others; placing great hopes upon an association or partnereship; experiencing disappointments or disadvantages through other persons (Ebertin.)

Whew! Sounds to me like President Obama has another uphill battle to appeal to our better nature which includes our congenital American optimism. Let's check the applying aspects the presser chart's ruler/s to see how things might proceed...

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and co-ruled on a higher octave by manipulative Pluto:

Mars first applies to a trine with Chiron 0A24 indicating that this may be a great moment for President Obama to make a breakthrough or at least regain momentum in the debate with its 'lucky breaks' vibe (particularly with males ages 25 to 35, give or take a year or so.)

Next Mars applies to a probelematic quincunx (inconjunct; 150 degr) with Uranus (who describes those now behaving in a Piscean fashion before moving back to an Aries demeanor) which functions with originality yet acts under great pressure; there is an element of trying to prove something to others or to oneself with a hastiness factor; one must learn to act independently of others who challenge the way things are being done. One thinks of GOP challenges to Obama's policies on every score.

Third and last is Mars' conjunction to the Moon (8A21) which may indicate anger and/or activism on behalf of the people who may not hear of the topics and outcome of today's presser until later in the day (8:21 = 8 seconds, minutes, hours, days?)

Pluto makes two applying aspects: s sextile with Venus (1A19) and a trine with communicating Mercury (2A59.) Venus sextile Pluto has an ability to reconstitute old forms and may indicate help from Pluto with evaluations; motives of others are easily understood and compromise is required.

Mercury trine Pluto gives a deep understanding of cause and effect and excellent financial management skills; corporate finances are indicated as well as journalism and propaganda aiding the presidents through the helpful opportunities a trine (120 degr) provides.

So it's possible that the president's plutonic masters will be happier with his message and remarks today than the nation's Mars-stimulated people will. Activism will ensue.


there be typos: please pardon, will have to edit later because the president is speaking now...

Aug 21, 2010

Is the "Make Home Affordable" program a scam?

Hi Ho Silver, the Bankster Gang rides again!

Chase Home Finance needed better PR for its brand and wanted a bunch more empty houses on its ledgers so it set up the Make Home Affordable program which seems to be a grand stalling tactic where homes are foreclosed on no matter how many times you send in the papers and documentation they ask for - they can't seem to hold on to the boogers.

Click to read one man's conclusions as he journeyed into mortgage madness.

Wonder if the sheriff, President Obama, knows about this?

Well, we know that watery Neptune's fraudulent streak still affects US natal Moon (the people) in Aquarius so deception and home losses continue, with more floods on the way, too. Wonder how Tennessee is doing since its 1000-year flooding in May 2010?

Aug 9, 2010

New Moon in Leo tonight; Fed to meet Tuesday 8.10.10

Tonight's New Moon 17Leo25 perfects at 11:08 pm edt, the start of a new cycle of activity for the month. Be sure to check out Mandi Lockley's Lions in the Dark post concerning the Leo New Moon.

And tomorrow, August 10, 2010, the Fed is to meet to talk about how things are going and to plan their next move, if any.

Therefore, the following partial text is from Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1933 Inaugural Address. The bold is my own emphasis in view of Tuesday's Fed meeting:

“Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted. True, they have tried, but their efforts have been cast in the pattern of an outworn tradition. Faced by failure of credit, they have proposed only the lending of more money. Stripped of the lure of profit by which to induce our people to follow their false leadership, they have resorted to exhortations, pleading tearfully for restored confidence. They know only the rules of a generation of self-seekers. The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. There must be an end to a conduct in banking and in business which too often has given to a sacred trust the likeness of callous and selfish wrongdoing. Small wonder that confidence languishes, for it thrives only on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection, on unselfish performance.”

How history repeats with slight tweaks!

Today, August 9, 2010, is the 4th time that transiting Pluto opposes US natal Venus 3Can06 (Sibly) - yet the DOW closed slightly up today. The next and final opposition will be on October 18, 2010. Then lumbering, transformative Pluto will move on to oppose US natal Jupiter, not a transit I'm looking forward to since pessimism abounds, and aspirations must be tamped down - including political ones.

The 3 hits from manipulative Pluto to US n Jupiter 5Can56 are:

1. January 17, 2011
2. July 8, 2011
3. November 20, 2011

As you see, 2011 is our Pluto-to-Jupiter year.

Of course, other helpful transits and progressions will be occurring simultaneously along with difficult ones. And as for the November 2010 midterm elections, the Pluto oppositions to Venus may indicate opposition to lady candidates, or perhaps they show a relationship (opposition) between lady politicians and puppet master Pluto, the Dragon who guards the wealth.

This could be, since on November 2, 2010, tr Venus is Rx in early Scorpio (co-ruled by Pluto), Pluto is within orb of opposing our nation's natal Venus, yet tr Venus sextiles tr Pluto. A Venus-Pluto sextile may indicate control in relationships with possibly a dominant-submissive vibe. No, sextiles (60 degrees) aren't always 'good' - there's a potential for death to be used as an asset such as past memories that are used to motivate others to help in the present, perhaps to the point of using blackmail.

Another societal difficulty we're currently mired in is well-described by the ongoing transit of deceptive Neptune, planet of inspiration (and fraud) to US natal Moon 27AQ10 (the people) which was first exact on March 13, 2010.

There are two hits remaining, one of them week after next:

Wednesday August 25, 2010, and the last exact hit (thankfully) will occur on January 14, 2011. This is a dispiriting contact bringing us a sense of rootlessness and we may expect foreclosures, homelessness, and possible refugeeism to continue. Water damage is almost a given with oceanic Neptune on our case, and the BP-Gulf Oil Gusher is part of the transit, too. Plus, more cases of fraud may be unveiled which is no surprise given how slack society - and society's 'false leaders' - have become.

A Trickle of Good News?

Yet what do 'they' always say is one of the good things about Astrology? It tells us when transits and their influences will end. And these difficult influences will end, m'peops!

They will end.


Blog Note FYI: posts may be more sporadic than usual for a few days since my phone and internet service provider is in the neighborhood all this week so my service has been 'off-n-on' today. Right now, I have internet but no dial tone!

Another Note: lately I'm studying the 'Jefferson chart' for the US which is why I add 'Sibly' when planetary positions are from the US Sibly chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT); the Jefferson chart is for same date, 6:30 pm LMT. jc